Prophetic Words


I had a dream last night where I heard the Lord saying so loudly “A door of restitution is now opening before you.” I knew the Lord was making a decree over God’s people and heralding another threshold being crossed over and into.


1. the restoration of something lost or stolen to its proper owner.

SYNONYMS: return, restoration, handing back, replacement, surrender, yielding, recovery

2. recompense for injury or loss.

The Lord spoke to me to prophesy this DOOR OF RESTITUTION is opening before you. I felt the Lord saying over and over “The NEW DAY HAS dawned. What HAS BEEN will NO LONGER BE!!!”

The Lord is waging war on the enemy and the things that have come against you. Fierce restoration and the fierce payback of God is upon you.

The Lord is decreeing that NOW You shall see His justice like never before. The enemy is being paid back for what he has thrown at you, how he has come against you and the way he has stolen, killed and destroyed (John 10:10).

The door of restitution is opening before you and you are now walking into a greater realm of the compensation, restoration and vindication of God. You will be restored to MORE than you had before.

The divine alignment of God is upon you! Walk through the door of restitution that is opening before you BY FAITH! Settle for NOTHING LESS than what He has said. What has been taken from you, what has been stolen and hindered, God is RESTORING BACK TO YOU in more miraculous and supernatural ways than you could ever imagine.

EXPECT things are being brought back by the hand of God!!!!

It’s time to walk through that door into a whole new season of divine restitution.

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