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As I sat with the Lord today, I heard the words "I am playing My ace card". As I heard these words, I then saw the hand of the Lord holding an ACE CARD and He placed it on what looked like a ceiling. He placed the tip of the ace card on the ceiling and from what I saw next, it was like the ace card was not as it is in the natural – light, but SO heavy, carrying weight.

As the tip touched the ceiling, the roof cracked and exploded open. The Lord continued to pull the card down from the top of the ceiling to the floor. It was as if I was watching a building with many levels being broken through. One level, after another, after another bursting open.

It was not the weight of the card that held the power, it was the force behind it – HIM! His hand!!!

I then heard the words "I am PLAYING MY BEST CARD!" The Lord is releasing the ACE card. What He has been planning and working behind the scenes, divine surprises that He has held close to His chest, He is now revealing. The "ace card" that He is releasing over HIs people is bringing SIGNIFICANT BREAKTHROUGH to ceilings that have kept them contained. These "ace cards" that He is releasing is will come in many different forms in the lives of believers, but there will be one common theme BREAKTHROUGH and the demonstration of His power. These "ace cards" are specifically going after areas where the enemy has caused a lot of hindrance, a lot of delay, a lot of turbulence and created havoc, these "ace cards" are going to bring sudden increase and tidal waves of provision, increase and life. These "ace cards" that He is now releasing are the trump cards. They are the victory cards. The "game over" cards. They are the "He wins, we win" cards. Explosions of victory are going to be seen individually and corporately.

At the end of vision, I saw the Lord suddenly flip the ace card over and on the back it said one word "UNEXPECTED!!!". I was reminded again of the dream I had of the Lion of Judah coming on the mountain top, He was coming to deliver and bring breakthrough to His people and He was surrounded in a blue light and in the dream as I asked the Lord what the blue represented the Lord spoke to me and said "I am coming OUT OF THE BLUE!!!"

These "ace cards" are coming in forms that are not expected. They are being delivered to the people of God in packages that they would never have imagined, they are coming when the people of God don't expect, but the breakthrough and opportunity that they are and will release is bigger and better than could have ever been imagined and will take the people of God further forward they could have ever imagined.

I wondered what it represented in the vision when the Lord broke through all the levels of the building, level after level with the "ace card" and I then Him say.. "these ace cards carrying an impartation for deeper encounters. Deep, deep, deep calls to deep. Walls and ceilings that have hindered intimacy are going to be broken and smashed by the revelation of My love and goodness that will be seen in the delivery of these 'ace cards'. What these 'ace cards' open up for My people individually and corporately will not only be the victory and breakthrough they have been waiting for, but will catapult them deeper into depths of intimacy with Me that they ever experienced.

"I am playing MY ACE card, get ready to be positioned in a whole new place!"


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