Prophetic Words


By Lana Vawser
There is only one strong, safe, and secure place for me; it’s in God alone and I love him!He’s the one who gives me strength and skill for the battle. – Psalm 144:1 (The Passion Translation)
“Blessed be the Lord, my Rock and my great strength, Who trains my hands for war
And my fingers for battle;” (English Standard Version)
I had a vision where I saw many daughters of God that have been in “the fight of their lives” in this season. Many daughters of God have been knocked on every side, surrounded on every side, pressure and pressing unlike they have experienced before. I saw many of the daughters of God that were battling with a level of darkness they had not faced before. It was such a season of extreme battle, and many of these beautiful daughters have often fought in secret. Many have often battled with everything that they have and there has been such a deep weariness that came in the constant battle. Many have felt alone in the battle, but in the darkness, the battle and the pain, they have looked for Jesus. They have looked for Him and found Him in the midst of the darkness. They have been comforted, strengthened and matured by the Lord in the midst of the darkness that has surrounded. In the relentless battle they have faced they have continued to keep their gaze upon Him.
The Lord showed me that in this wrestle, in this battle, something PROFOUND has taken place. The Lord spoke so clearly to me and said:
“The warrior within has been called out. The warrior within has been birthed. I trained them in the darkness. I trained them in the darkness in the revelation that I am their safe place. I am the only secure place, I am the One who has sustained them and brought life to them in the midst of the battle. In the midst of the intense battles, I have taught them to hold onto My Word, I have taught them that the most powerful reality to live by is My reality and the Words that flow from My mouth. Now I am raising up this company of women who have fire in their eyes, a roar in their mouths and fire in their bellies. I am raising them up with such a fortified strength in Me and our intimacy that NOTHING will stop them. They will not be stopped. They have been chased and tormented in the darkness by intimidation, fear and lies, but this company of women I am now raising up are moving forward with an incredible boldness and fearlessness because they have seen Me in a way they have never seen Me before. Many of them still do not realise the depth of what I have done within them in the battle, but the SUDDENLY has now arrived where they shall arise in strength, fire and move further into their mantles in this Esther season.”
“In the midst of the darkness many of My daughters have found it so hard to see, their vision has been clouded, their clarity has been stolen and their vision for the future has been skewed by the darkness. But now I am releasing an impartation of eye salve upon these ones to SEE. I am purifying and sharpening their vision. I am raising them up with fire in their eyes. The fire of My love. They are rising up now with such conviction of My love, My goodness and My justice that they will SEE the world, others and circumstances through the lenses of My love and My fire of burning love. The darkness tried so hard to steal their vision, but in the fight of their lives, I have taught them to LOOK FOR ME in the midst of the battle. To see what I am saying, what I am doing and a deep sharpening of their sight has been taking place and suddenly it is going to increase through the impartation that I am releasing upon them.”
“In the midst of the battle the enemy tried so hard to steal their voice, to muzzle them but as I have trained them by My Spirit to live by every Word that flows from My mouth (Matthew 4:4) they have grown in awakening to their authority in Me. As I rise up this company of women that have been in the darkness, they have been so trained in that place and rooted in My Word, they are now moving forward stepping further into the authority that I have given them. (Matthew 28:18) They are moving forward awake and alert to the heavenly reality that ALL authority has been given to them by Me. They are moving into a place of such weightiness of My Spirit upon My Word that is decreed out of their mouths that a tidal wave of My freedom is being released through them and will continue to. Where the darkness and the enemy has fought so hard to keep them bound in the darkness, I have been training them, freeing them, delivering them and now they will be positioned and arise to a place of seeing My Spirit release MAJOR deliverances and freedom upon multitudes. Chains will break all around them as I roar through them. The roar of the darkness was so loud, so intimidating and intense for these ones, but now they shall see ME roar THROUGH THEM with such fire and intensity and MASS healings, deliverances and freedom will take place.”
The vision continued and I saw this company of women running like wonder women with fire and boldness in their eyes, absolutely no fear and totally convicted by the protection, power and authority of Jesus, into the enemy’s camp. They did not look back, they did not look to the left or the right, they ran with resolve and strength that was not their own. It was HIS. As they ran in the empowerment of His Spirit I could see darts being shot at them to try and stop them but the darts did not touch them, they were not harmed, they were strengthened because they were running in the empowerment of the Spirit. Their were multitudes of angels that were assigned to them and running with them. They were not running into the enemy’s camp on their own authority, they were following the assignment of the Lord.
I heard the Lord say “The dangerous ones are arising bringing fear upon the enemy’s camp”
They are dangerous because of their deep intimacy with Jesus, their conviction of the Word and what He says and the boldness/fearlessness within them because they have been forever marked by His love and the power of His Spirit. No longer are they caged in fear, but living in the victory that is already theirs in Christ. They were running into the enemy’s camp with the strategies of heaven and the Word of the Lord and there were MAJOR displays of the victory of God. They were going in carrying a BREAKER anointing and significant breakthrough and the triumph of God was being displayed. The enemy was being completely overcome and these daughters of God were gathering the spoils. So many spoils it was more than they could carry.
I heard His voice booming so loudly in the Spirit that was releasing MAJOR SHIFTS:
“The battle and the darkness tried to BREAK YOU, but now I decree over you that you are carrying My BREAKER ANOINTING!! Where I send you, where your feet shall tread, where you shall follow the leading and prompting of My Spirit in the assignments I give to you, there shall be unprecedented demonstrations of My breaker anointing manifesting in signs, wonders and miracles. The darkness and the enemy caused you to lay down your sword but not only have you picked up your swords again My daughters but you shall be sent forth in My breaker anointing to see Me REDEEM, RESTORE and REBUILD through you.”
He spoke again:
“Where the battle and the darkness slowed you down, now you shall move in My acceleration. There will be breakthrough after breakthrough. It’s time to arise! It’s time to fly! There shall be no more delay, but significant increase of breakthrough, acceleration and manifestation of Amos 9:13-15 in your life.”
“Things are going to happen so fast your head will swim, one thing fast on the heels of the other. You won’t be able to keep up. Everything will be happening at once—and everywhere you look, blessings! Blessings like wine pouring off the mountains and hills. I’ll make everything right again for my people Israel:” (MSG Translation)
The Lord showed me that in the “fight of their lives” that many daughters of God have been through in this season, the assault for many have taken place in their bodies. I heard the Lord say “The scales of justice are now being balanced. I am breaking the assault that has come against you so intensely in the darkness and I am bringing healing and wholeness to your body. Not only shall you see major healing in your bodies by the power of My Spirit, but you shall now carry the fire of My healing in your hands. You shall carry the fire of My healing in your hands.”
Instantly I saw a MAJOR increase the healing anointing that reminded me of the anointing that Kathryn Kuhlman carried and operated in. This company of women that were almost taken out in the darkness in their physical bodies, SO much fire was now increasing upon their hands that there would be MASS healings that would take place as they prayed for others. This major increase of anointing and fire of healing upon their hands was a major key in ushering in the greatest outpouring of the Spirit of God and demonstration of His power in the earth in this harvest season. The enemy was being paid back, time and time and time again by these daughters of God that were positioned with the fire of healing in their hands to see the Lord heal many through them and many come to know Jesus.
As the vision ended I heard the Lord say:
“It wasn’t for nothing! It wasn’t for nothing!”
I knew He was talking about the battle. The compassion of God for these ones who have been in the “fight of their lives” in this season, now they shall see, it wasn’t for nothing. Now His Glory and goodness would be seen manifested through them like never before. The name of Jesus lifted high and glorified through their lives in greater ways. Not only was the Lord restoring them, adding to them but they were truly taking their seat in this Esther season being sent forth to bring major change carrying His Glory.
“Arise [from spiritual depression to a new life], shine [be radiant with the glory and brilliance of the Lord]; for your light has come,
And the glory and brilliance of the Lord has risen upon you.” – Isaiah 60:1 (AMP)
If you are one that has been in the “fight of your life”, I want to encourage you, God is now raising you up. You have been trained in the darkness. You carry the strategy of heaven. You carry the fragrance of Jesus, not smelling like smoke. Your greatest days are upon you right now, the warrior within you has been called forth. The Esther anointing upon you is increasing.
It’s your time! He’s raising up a company of women who have been trained in the darkness.
That’s you and all of hell can’t stop you because you are arising in Him, with Him and for Him!