Prophetic Words


Recently, I heard the Lord speaking over many in the body of Christ who have been in the depths of contending over promises the Lord has given them for their family and their households. I began to see the most violent battle taking place over these families and over households. What struck me was that it was not just ‘one battle’ it was ‘battle, after battle, after battle’. I saw many of God’s people feeling very ‘beaten down’ by the attacks and they were lying down on the floor but in their hand was the Word of God and they were clenching tightly to the Word. There was such a sense in the atmosphere of “yes this season has been rough,  yes I feel like I’ve taken hit after hit but I will NOT let go of what God has spoken.”
In this vision the ‘knuckles’ of these ones were highlighted to me and they were white. Instantly, I felt the Lord highlighting just how tightly these ones were holding onto His Word, they would not relent. They would not let go. The enemy may have come with punch after punch, but these ones were holding so tightly to the Word of God with resolve. Moments would come and go with the temptation to let go and to give up, to walk away, to not ‘count the cost’ but then suddenly I saw John 6:68 burn within them “.. Lord, to whom would we go? You have the words that give eternal life” (NLT). The revelation of Jesus and His Word would again revitalise them and give them strength to continue to follow Him and to believe what He has said and promised despite the ferocious battle.
Amidst this intense battle, I heard the Lord break through the discouragement, pain, weariness and heaviness with His voice:
“I am faithful to fulfill what I have spoken over families and homes”
His words of love, life and truth began to pierce through and bring such strength and hope into their hearts.
“I have not changed My mind. I am not a man that I should lie. I am faithful to fulfil that which I have spoken.”
I then heard His voice get louder and He spoke:
I was surrounded by the love of the Father so strongly. The Lord has seen the battles many of you have faced. He has seen the ferociousness of the attack against what He has spoken over your families and households and He has been with you, He is with you and He is going to do what He said He is going to do. Not only is He going to fulfill His promises to you, but He is going to manifest these promises with increase in a way that you have never seen before. (Ephesians 3:20)
I began to see the opposition that has come against families and households and it looked like “block’ after”block “ after”block “ but the Lord is speaking over those of you who have experienced”block “ after”block “ that you are CROSSING OVER.
Your season going forward will not be one marked with “blockage after blockage” but it will be marked as “BIRTH AFTER BIRTH”. There is an ACCELERATION of MULTIPLE birthings of what the Lord has been growing and what He has promised, that will SUDDENLY begin to manifest.
I went from seeing “blockage after blockage” to “domino after domino” falling. I heard His voice again “I have set you up for victory. I have set you up for success in Me. Yield to Me. Rest with Me. Stay close to Me. Continue to hold to My Word, believe and see how the winds of change that have been blowing will now bring to the surface that which I have been doing behind the scenes. This is the time where you will see what happens when I roar. The enemy’s roar has been so loud in your homes, in your minds, in your hearts, but MY ROAR is the ROAR that triumphs and in multiple birthings you shall see the fruit of My ROAR.”
“Renounce agreement with anything that does not align with what I have spoken. This is the time to be ferociously focused on what I have said and trusting in My goodness. I am faithful and I am going to bring forth what I have spoken with the greatest increase you have ever seen by the power of My hand and the goodness of My heart.”
“You are blessed because you believed that the Lord would do what he said.” (Luke 1:45 NLT)
The words surrounded me “From blockage to building, from blockage to building”
Not only is the Lord marking the season going forward as one as ‘birthing after birthing’ but there in the fulfilment of that which God has spoken there is going to be a mighty release of heavenly assignments and movement of His Spirit within family units to go forth and to BUILD what the Lord is building in a way that we have never seen before.
The Lord will be moving within the family unit and through the family unit in a way that we have never seen before. Revival is going to burst forth in and through the family unit in supernatural, explosive, unprecedented ways. The enemy has come so fiercely against the family unit because of the FIRE that is going to be released through the family unit.
The Lord is changing the script. He is rewriting the script over families, back to the original design of what HE has said. The enemy has fought SO hard to change the narrative through his lies and his deception, but the Lord is branding homes with RESTORATION. The Lord is branding homes with RECOMPENSE. The Lord is branding homes with REVIVAL fire. The Lord is branding homes with INCREASE. The Lord is branding homes with ENCOUNTER. The Lord is branding homes with the HABITATION of His Spirit unlike any have seen before.
I hear the Holy Spirit saying:
“Consecrate yourselves. Consecrate your homes. Consecrate your family. Consecrate unto Me for I am going to do WONDERS among you. Make room for Me. Make room for Me. Spring clean your homes in the spirit through prayer, repentance and making room for Me. Create space for Me. I am coming, I am coming with revival fire unlike anything you have seen before.”
I began to see the Lord releasing “keys” into the households and to families. He then spoke again:
“Partner with Me by faith, believe. For some of the greatest unlockings of fruitfulness, manifestations of breakthrough within your homes and families are about to burst and blossom forth.”
His voice then thundered loudly:
This is a time to be ferocious in protecting your homes through prayer, through obedience, through declaration of the Word, through intercession. There was such a strong sense that surrounded me of “GUARDING HOLY GROUND”. A divine spring cleaning of the home. Drawing close to the Lord and being led by the Holy Spirit in “guarding the Holy Ground” of the home and whatever that looks like for each person.  It was such a deep call to consecration and I was surrounded by the invitation upon God’s people to align with His divine wisdom, HIs heavenly boundaries and “getting your house in order” for the King is coming.
The move of the Spirit of God that is upon families and households is truly unlike anything we have ever seen before. It’s time to be positioned. Make room, the King is coming. Encounters with the Majesty and holiness of the Lord on the lounge room floor, make room, make room, make room!!