Prophetic Words


I have had an urgency in my spirit recently and it is a glorious urgency. It screams “HE’S COMING!” in a way we have never experienced before.

It is important to POSITION yourself and LINGER in His presence, especially right now.
God is showing up in amazing ways, but we haven’t seen anything yet!

There are some unexpected, divine-set ups and encounters, a fresh baptism of the Spirit and fire of His love that is increasing exponentially and I feel His heart thundering…


I kept hearing Acts 2:2:

“Suddenly they heard the sound of a violent blast of wind rushing into the house from out of the heavenly realm. The roar of the wind was so overpowering it was all anyone could bear!” (The Passion Translation)

These powerful set ups and encounters with the Lord and the power of His Spirit that we have moved into and are on the precipice of, in deeper ways, are about to release you from the STUCK places and ACTIVATE you in the NEW places He has for you: but you MUST position yourself! TARRY!

Stay awake, positioned, present, leaning in and seeking. He is moving now and you are being UNSTUCK, ACTIVATED, EMPOWERED and IGNITED in a powerful and glorious way that will prepare you to carry what He is releasing in greater ways and carry the fire of His love and reformation like never before.


The way He is about to show up, these powerful encounters, are going to catapult you deeper into the well of worship than you have ever been.

You will hear the sound of His heart, hear the sound of heaven and experience the supernatural realm of His Spirit in significant ways.

There is a REVEALING AND BEHOLDING of Jesus and His beauty upon us that we have never entered into before. Behold the Lamb! Behold the Lamb!

I saw in this new depth of worship of Jesus that will erupt as this revealing of Jesus increases so dramatically, there is an impartation of conviction and hunger being released to live in the revelation and manifestation of the glorious truth of Ephesians 5:

“For He died for us, sacrificing himself to make us holy and pure, cleansing us through the showering of the pure water of the Word of God.” (The Passion Translation)

A deeper hunger for the Word of God, and to daily be washed with the Word of God, is and will continue to erupt in the hearts of believers. The revelation of your righteousness in Christ because of the sacrifice of Jesus is going to overwhelm you in a new and fresh way, and many lies and condemnation you have been facing will SUDDENLY fall away.

God’s about to show up!