Prophetic Words


A spirit of fear with its torment and lies has stolen so much breakthrough from many of God’s people. 

Fear has lifted up false images of what “could be” or “what is to come” and fear has changed the view of the landscape ahead but it’s FALSE. It’s FOGGY! It’s a LIE! 

I see the Lion of Judah roaring over them that is releasing a strength and awakening of faith to partner with God’s Word and promises more than ever before. There is a DOUBLE RESTORATION being released for all that was stolen. 

The landscape before you is filled with increase, promise, joy in Christ, boldness, mountain-moving faith, refreshment and the deepest rest in faith you have EVER known!!

I hear in His roar “THE TORMENT WILL BE NO MORE!!!”

Do not despair over what fear stole, NOW the Spirit of God is awakening you to an increase of faith – ferocious faith that will CHASE the enemy away, he will run in fear as you submit to God and His Word even more ferociously (James 4:7-9) and you will see DOUBLE restoration and recompense come to you for all that was stolen!

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