Prophetic Words


Recently as I sat with the Lord, I heard the Lord say, “FROM BOXES TO BLANK CANVASES.”

I then saw many in the body of Christ who felt like they were living “contained”. I saw many living in a place where expectations they had placed upon themselves, expectations of others, circumstances, lies they had believed were keeping them “contained”. It was very clear to me in this vision that the heart of the Father was for these ones to FLY in this hour.

They were not created to be contained, to be “boxed in”, to not “fit in” but they were born to stand out and shine.

There was such a strong sense in this vision of this being the time of arising and shining; and shining in the authenticity of who the Lord had created them to be.

There was such a strong sense that this was a time to arise and flourish in their identity in greater ways than ever before, to flourish in their unique expression of who Christ is within them and to walk in greater authenticity.

I could feel the deep weariness that these ones had been walking in as these boxes and containments were sucking the life out of them and who they have been created to be by the Father.

His voice spoke again, “IT IS TIME TO FLY! IT IS TIME TO FLY.”

The depth of freedom I could feel in His voice was exponential. This was a breaking of limitations by the power of the Holy Spirit in a way that many had never experienced.

This was life-changing deliverance, healing, and commissioning to fly higher on the winds of the Spirit in exponential ways. There was a very strong sense that the Lord was reintroducing HIs people to themselves.

There was such a strong sense in this vision that many have forgotten who they are because of the lingering effects of different seasons they have walked and are walking.

The constant battles. Disappointments, expectations, lies, strongholds of fear of man, living under the heavy weights of all these different things had slowly been sucking the life out of them and many had felt like they don’t even know who they are anymore. I saw Jesus in this moment, taking these ones by the hand and He was taking them deeper into the season of being reintroduced to themselves — as they were created to be by the Father. The dream of the Father in them, walking in whom they were created to be, unfolding and flourishing in accelerated ways.

I heard the Lord say “FROM BOXES TO BLANK CANVASES.”

I saw these boxes that these ones were living in — Jesus was bringing such deep deliverance and freedom.

These boxes were breaking in explosive ways and where these boxes were, suddenly there were blank canvases. I saw Jesus standing with these ones before these blank canvases and He began to paint and draw, and He was showing them on these canvases how HE sees things and how HE sees them. The sense of realignment and flourishing in original design and identity was exploding all around.

There were so many tears in this moment. Jesus’ eyes were filled with tears, tears of joy, tears of love at the beauty of these ones and how deeply loved they are by Him and by the Father. I could feel His heart bursting with love: this was a moment and season of the deepest encounters with the love of Christ and the love of the Father. I was surrounded by the JOY that was set before Him that He endured the Cross.

There were so many layers of that JOY that I could feel in that moment and the love of Christ for these ones was so weighty. The sense surrounded me that this was going to be the deepest and most sacred season of knowing His love, being known by and so delighted in by Him. Such flourishing strength and joy was going to explode and blossom within their hearts as they encounter on a deeper level just how loved
and treasured they are by Him and so much that has hindered them, would be no more.

At the same time I knew that these blank canvases were also an invitation from the deep place of intimacy with Jesus into seeing the new landscapes, designs, plans and blossoming in new ways of operating with Him in deeper realms of freedom.

I saw Jesus painting new assignments, deep wells, new lands that for some were completely unexpected, things never thought of; but contained within these things was the most explosive joy in deep partnership with Jesus and the Holy Spirit and watching His Spirit move. But at the same time, as they partnered with Him in the new ways and what He was painting on these canvases, it was bringing them to life again.

As they partnered with Him, not only was life flowing through them to bring change and transformation to others but life was flowing INTO THEM, bringing them to life again. There was such joy and such depths of dreaming again with Jesus, all was being restored and more.

There was such a deep sense of new beginnings that the Lord was bringing to these ones. The heralding of His voice thundering over their season, “BEGIN AGAIN,” was a declaration that was causing all things that have been out of alignment and crooked, to suddenly come into divine alignment. Where many felt like so much time had been lost, there was a supernatural extension and expansion of time by His hand, that would see greater fruitfulness in the season than ever before. I was struck again in this encounter that the Lord is not bound by time, time bows to Him and there was supernatural expansion, acceleration and extension happening in these new beginnings for these ones. The intentions of the Lord for their season would be fulfilled in greater ways than they could ever have imagined.

“BEGIN AGAIN” thundered again as the Lord showed me some of these precious ones had laid things down for many different reasons, but the Lord was saying, “BEGIN AGAIN.”

The Lord is inviting them into a place of encounter with Him before the blank canvases to see who they are again, to see the new things He has for them in this season, but also, things that have been laid down and dropped, things that felt like they died or failed, that as they are picked up again, as they “BEGIN AGAIN”, Jesus is painting a beautiful picture of the increase and fruitfulness that will come forth in the obedience to “pick it up and begin again”.

I saw Jesus look at them and smile and He spoke, “It will be different this time so much different.”

I then saw on every canvas despite the different paintings, pictures, writing and designs, there was the same imprint deep in the centre of every canvas and it was EPHESIANS 3:20, and I knew the Lord was speaking in ALL these deep moments of transformative encounter with Him and His love would burst and flourish forth the promise and declaration of Ephesians 3:20.

“Never doubt God’s mighty power to work in you and accomplish all this. He will achieve infinitely more than your greatest request, your most unbelievable dream, and exceed your wildest imagination! He will outdo them all, for his miraculous power constantly energizes you.” (TPT)