Prophetic Words


This week the Lord spoke to me that He is now releasing the stakes in the ground for 2020. There is a major release of the vision and boundary lines of God for next year being released right now. God is through His divine strategy being released “marking out the new territories’ that He is leading His people into, in 2020. 
Amid this release of divine strategy the enemy is ‘twisting’ and ‘lying’ attempting to hinder the vision that God is releasing. It is IMPERATIVE right now that God’s people are asking for the spirit of wisdom and discernment to see the truth of what God is speaking and releasing. The enemy is attempting to keep many of God’s people caged at a ‘lower level’. It’s a level of ‘settling’, it’s a level of ‘compromise’, it’s a level of living in fear and anxiety of ‘what may come’, rather than being positioned before the Lord in expectation and excitement for what He is speaking and releasing.
Right now, cry out for the spirit of wisdom and revelation to discern what the Lord is saying and bind the spirit of confusion and religion that is attempting to hinder your vision.
“If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives it generously to all without reproach, and it will be given to him.” (James 1:5 ESV)
The turbulence is intense right now because of the major upgrade of vision taking place. God is laying the foundation for the vision for 2020 right now and the enemy doesn’t like it, but as you FOCUS and get quiet before the Lord, He is releasing the clearest and biggest expansion of strategy you have ever carried.
As He releases these strategies part of the FOCUS is to DECREE what He is speaking. SPEAK IT and you will SEE IT! What you SEE and DECREE, you will see! What you DECREE and SPEAK, you will see.
I kept hearing the words over and over “DARE TO DREAM”. The STAKES and strategies that God is releasing for 2020 are bigger than you can handle and bigger than you can imagine. He is enlarging your territory and He is stretching your faith muscles. These STAKES He is releasing for you to put in the ground, do not, not place them in the ground through your faith and your decree because they seem impossible. God is going to demonstrate His power like you have never seen before and it is requiring you walking in greater levels of faith. He is encouraging you to DREAM again. He is encouraging you to soar. He is breaking off all the disappointment and hopelessness of the past season and He is inviting you into the greatest season of your life, partnering with Him to see a mighty move of His Spirit. It is not too late to dream. It’s not too late to begin again with the Lord. He is picking up the pieces of shattered dreams and He is not only breathing on them again, but He is enlarging them to bigger than they originally were. Do not be afraid of the strategy God is releasing. The strategies He is releasing and the stakes He is giving you for 2020 will see you step into the greatest joy in Him that you have ever walked in and lived in.
I kept hearing the words “Dare to BELIEVE AGAIN!!!!”
A friend of mine shared with me this week of hearing David Wagner share recently that “God is bringing death to disappointment”. This is exactly what has been resounding loudly in my spirit for the past few months.
The enemy is fighting hard against the revelation of 2020 that God is releasing because it is going to be the greatest year of expansion that you have seen. It will be the greatest year of “taking territory” that you have experienced and the territories are thundering increase.
I heard the Lord say “Can you hear the earth shaking sound of UPGRADE”
The transition many are walking right now is bumpy, it’s uncomfortable, it’s difficult in many ways, but God is bringing earth shaking UPGRADE into your life in 2020. It will look different, it will be full of surprises and twists and turns but it will leave you with testimony after testimony of the miracle working power of God. You will fall even more in love with Jesus in 2020 as you see His nature, the power of the Word and His plans for you (Jeremiah 29:11, 1 Corinthians 2:9) on an unprecedented level.
In all He is releasing, in all He is asking you to dream in the vision of His heart that He is releasing you MUST be DECREEING what you SEE. Then you will SEE what you DECREE!!!
“You will also declare a thing, and it will be established for you; so light will shine on your ways” (Job 22:28)
The STAKES He is releasing to mark out your territory and new territories for 2020 will see a DIVINE ESTABLISHMENT on His government in your life like you have NEVER seen before.
The Lord showed me that as He is training His people in deeper levels of the power of decree and teaching His people in greater ways to live by faith (2 Corinthians 5:7) as the power of His Word is demonstrated by the MANIFESTATIONS and in some ways SUDDEN manifestations that are going to take place, there will be a BOLDNESS that will be upon the lips of God’s people like never before.
God is reintroducing His people to the POWER of His Word like never before. Many have lost their voice in this season because of disappointment and hope deferred but as this is broken off and healed once and for all and the mighty manifestations of His Word that are going to take place, the VOICES of God’s people will be RESTORED. Disappointment has stolen way too many voices, now we shall see BOLDNESS upon the lips of God’s people like never before to see the greatest explosions of the supernatural into the natural realm that we have ever seen.
He is training you in greater ways on the power of your DECREE! The expansion in 2020 is greater than you can yet see. FOCUS! He’s releasing the STAKES for new territories! The decreeing of those stakes will keep the enemy out. Don’t allow him in through placing anything on your lips OTHER than what the Lord is speaking.