Prophetic Words


The Lord has been speaking to me for the last year about bringing the body of Christ into a new level of normal in faith and a higher level of living in holiness.
The Lord showed me that right now both of these things are happening. The conviction of the Holy Spirit is coming upon believers to raise their faith to a whole new level to not tolerate, accept or live under things, circumstances and beliefs that are lower than the standard of the Word of God and what has been purchased for us by our beautiful Jesus. The Lord is calling us to a new level of normal living by not what we see but by faith (2 Corinthians 5:7) to live in the manifested victory of Christ like never before.
The conviction of the Holy Spirit is also falling upon believers in the realm of holiness. The Lord is highlighting areas where there has been compromise, complacency, sin, and ‘grey areas’ and calling His people higher into the place of walking in holiness. Repentance is key.
The conviction of the Holy Spirit is a good thing and is to be embraced. The Lord isn’t convicting and correcting to condemn, there is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus (Romans 8:1). The heart of God is for His people to walk in all that is theirs in Christ Jesus and the refining fire of the Holy Spirit is bringing a purging and aligning right now that is going to increase dramatically in this new era.
The Lord showed me that there are certain things that He is highlighting now and will continue to highlight in this new era that will be ways He is calling His people to “make room” for Him and be consecrated to Him. Some of these things look “small” in nature. They aren’t ‘big’ things and they could be things easily ‘overlooked’. Some of these things aren’t ‘bad things’ or ‘sin’, they simply things the Lord is asking His people to let go of in this new era to make room for a great move of His Spirit.
Do not overlook these small things. Don’t ignore the nudging of the Holy Spirit in the small things, because it is in your obedience in those things where there will be some of the greatest breakthroughs. In some of the things you deem as “small” or even could be seen as “insignificant”, He is going to meet you in His power in those places and you will see a mighty move of His Spirit.
This new era and move of God demands our complete focus. It demands our complete alignment, consecration and surrender because He is moving to prepare His Church for what He is going to do in the earth.
He is going to challenge hearts, He is going to call His people higher and this is a time where hearts are being tested and in the testing the ‘first loves’ are being revealed. The purifying fire of His love is exposing idols of the heart and other affections of the heart, to bring correct alignment to draw His people deeper into the place of the beautiful, glorious divine dance with Him as the first love.