Prophetic Words


I have had the sense on my heart the past few days that a greater revelation of what heaven has designed and intended for you in this season is going to be seen clearly and heard loudly.
It is going to be different to what has been expected, more twists, more turns and what could seem to be “delays” are really lead ups to an explosive glorious abundant heavenly display.
“New day” is what many are hearing from the Lord for this season. That is exactly what it is, a new day season, that what the Lord is doing and releasing is so fresh, so new and vibrant in the lives of His people, that everything is beginning to feel brand new. The budding of new hope, expectation and adventure.
Embrace the journey and know as you follow His pace you will truly see more and more of His face.
December, you will see what heaven intended as you continue to surrender and delight in Him. Provision, heavens blueprints and design are all beginning to blossom at this point in time. December will see you extended, but as you are extended rely completely on Him and you will see in the extension, you have truly ascended.
December will be a month to remember as you step further into what heaven has intended and many things that have been broken this year will be suddenly mended.
Unexpected blessings will be received that were birthed in the heart of God and His intention, will see hearts desires and dreams fulfilled but saturated with promotion.
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