Prophetic Words


Australia, you are about to ROAR!!!!!
I had the words on my heart “Australia you are about to ROAR”. I sensed the Lord saying that Australia is being positioned now and into 2015 to begin to ROAR with the goodness and love of our God.
Prophetic voices are going to spring up from Australia with such boldness and authority that is not only going to change the atmosphere in this nation but nations words are released to.
The ROAR of testimonies of His goodness and what happens when His Glory falls as proclaimed
There is a great shaking happening in Australia right now to bring Australia into alignment with her destiny. God wants Australia to move now from TRANSITION to POSITION and He wants us to partner with Him. It is time for Australia to LISTEN to what He is saying and GLISTEN in her destiny to be a nation that foreruns/leads and is a nation where the Holy Spirit moved in greater power than ever before and has been prophesied for decades.
It is time for Australia to step into what she has been called by God to do. This is the time where Australia is going to begin moving into all that the Lord has been speaking over this nation for decades and decades.
The words “Prepare Ye the way of the Lord” were burning on my heart. The prophetic voices are emerging with a cry in their heart to make way for the King of Glory as He is about to move in this nation in a way that we have never seen before. The King of Glory is about to do something so new in this land that the world will turn to look at Australia to begin to lead in this new season.
Wisdom, creativity, Kingdom keys, abundance is going to be released from within Australia that will bless the whole world. There will be such abundance flowing from this nation especially in 2015 that other nations will feast from its abundance and see the overflow flowing from this nation begin to birth greater fruit and breakthrough’s in their nation to see the King of Glory come in, in greater ways.
2 Chronicles 16:9 – “The eyes of the Lord roam throughout the earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those who are wholehearted towards Him.
It is time to take the invitation from heaven. Leaving behind all that hinders and stepping up to the line of wholehearted living before Him. Allowing the shaking and the sifting that He is bringing into the hearts and lives of His people to bring us to the place of being able to embrace the new thing that God is doing and will do in the nation of Australia.
There will be such tremendous demonstrations of God’s glory and goodness to sweep over the land of Australia, that will demonstrate the love of God in this nation like never before, but also lift high a banner of God’s kindness over this nation. Australia is not only arising to take her place, and step into her destiny and be visited and occupied by the fire of His presence and Glory like never before but to be seen as a nation of great favour.
What many spoke over Australia to say would “never happen here” is about to happen. God is going to part the Red Seas in Australia in 2015 and what would seem impossible is about to be made possible as the people of God step up and accept the invitation of wholehearted living an deep intimacy with Him, and cooperate with Him in what He is doing and going to do in this nation.
Many have been tired and discouraged but areas of dryness and “hard ground” in Australia feeling revival is never going to come, but the truth is, is that it is about to happen on a scale we have never imagined. The “tipping point” is being reached in this season in Australia and we will begin to see the release of all the years of faithful sowing, faithful interceding, faithful words declared and decreed over Australia.
I saw the faithful “chipping away” happening within the nation of Australia through faithfully serving the Lord and believing His Word. It is time for Australia to come out of a time of spiritual captivity and be released into the freedom and free flowing of the Holy Spirit in each corner of the nation to explode in revival fire and rivers of His Spirit to gush all over the nation and into the world.
The prophetic and intercession are going to “marry” in a deeper way in 2015 as the intercessors and do prophetic voices begin to see their partnership birth greater fullness of His promises and breakthrough in this nation. Australia is being shaken and it is the shaking of transition to bring her into alignment with what God wants to do. It is up to us, as the Church of Australia to get on board with what He is doing and about to do. To embrace and continue to seek His face.
Australia is going to see increase in revelation and sight of who He is and who His people have been created to be, stepping into becoming who they were destined to be, as they accept His invitation from heaven to come deeper and come up higher. As His people accept this invitation they will step into greater levels of signs and wonders and the gift of “sight” to not only unlock the hearts of those who do not yet know Him, but to unlock the marketplace to see His Kingdom come through creative ideas and heavenly wisdom that will bring abundance into areas of finance, art, education, family.
God is wanting to use all those who love Him to bring forth His kingdom in Australia and prepare the way for one of the greatest encounters with Him this nation has seen. Each person has a part to play in his grand plan and design for the nation of Australia.
I also saw God wanting to raise up His prophets in Australia to begin partnering with government and places of great influence to release his Word and wisdom to bring His Kingdom to this nation. The Joseph’s and Daniel’s arising to begin to bring forth his wisdom to the nations leaders and government. To see God position His prophets to release Kingdom keys to nation leaders that will not only see breakthrough demonstrated but a clear demonstration that HE LIVES and LOVES!! I saw encounters with angels as they came to release scrolls of wisdom to His prophets to release to leaders and those of great influence that will birth a great unlocking that will see portals exploding releasing heaven on earth and atmospheres changing. Signs and wonders exploding in the marketplace.
As the people of God accept His invitation to wholehearted and abandoned living, deeper intimacy with Him and partnering with Him in what He wants to do in this land in whatever He commands, Australia in this season will not only move into her destiny but move into a place of such influence, that THIS TIME in Australia will be written about for decades to come of what happened when God’s Glory touched and exploded in this nation in greater ways than ever before.
People of God in Australia, as you partner with Him, Australia will move into a huge revival and end time harvest where souls will come to know Him in extravagant proportions as His glory is displayed. As the people of God partner with Him, they will see that they are about to be part of seeing this nation move into some of her greatest days yet.