Prophetic Words


Numerous times in the last few weeks I have been having dreams and encounters regarding the justice of the Lord.

The most recent dream I heard the Lord saying “There is an unprecedented demonstration and manifestation of My justice upon the Church in this new era”

We have moved into the era where we shall see the greatest demonstrations of the justice of the Lord being made manifest in the earth like we have never seen before. In my most recent dream the Lord continued to speak about to the gavel to come to bring down injustice and to overturn.

Some of the greatest injustices’ that have happened in the lives of believers and in the earth are going to be overturned in this new era. I heard the words “I am bringing down the GIANT OF INJUSTICE”

These giants of injustice in the lives of believers and in the earth have been making more noise than ever before and that is because the gavel of the Lord is coming down swiftly. The Lord showed me that this move of His Spirit bringing forth an unprecedented demonstration and manifestation of His justice is going with great acceleration.

The Lord will not just be dealing with ‘one area’ of injustice, the Lord showed me the domino effect of injustice that has taken place in the lives of believers and in the earth, the Lord is now about to demonstrate His power on a scale we have never seen before where there will be an accelerated demonstration of the JUSTICE of the Lord overturning the injustices all at once.

I heard the words “Lifelong injustices will be SUDDENLY overturned”

“There will be DAYBREAK DEMONSTRATIONS of My justice” – when the Lord spoke these words the sense surrounded me so strongly of MAJOR injustices in the lives of believers and in the earth being SUDDENLY overturned in a day. These major demonstrations of His power to overturn major injustices is going to restore the fear of God in the church and cause the earth to tremble at the Majesty and power of God. The Lord is going to demonstrate in powerful ways that He is the One who sits on high and He is the name above all names. He is the Mighty Victor.


“The One who rules in heaven laughs. The Lord scoffs at them.” (Psalm 2:4)

There is going to be mighty demonstrations of the justice and dealings of the Lord against those who stand against the Lord and breed injustice. There will be a mighty demonstration of His power and His justice that will usher in the greatest demonstration of the fear of God that has ever been seen. The Lord is going to demonstrate His power that no one stands against the Lord Almighty. He is the God of life, the God of justice, the God of hope, the God of freedom and He is the God who is the defender.

The Lord showed me that there are MANY in the body of Christ who have been dealing with great injustice that has been caused to them from fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. The Lord showed me how He has been drawing these ones close to His heart and leading them deeper into Luke 6:28 “Bless those who curse you, pray for those who abuse you, to the one who strikes you on the cheek, offer the other also, and from one who takes away your cloak, do not withhold tunic either.” But many have been in the spirit living under and being affected by the “injustice” and the Lord now coming in as the Mighty Defender to deliver His people from these affects.

“The Lord is your mighty defender, perfect and just in all His ways, your God is faithful and true; he does what is right and fair” (Deuteronomy 32:4 – GNT)

The Lord is coming and standing in the injustice that was caused and laughing at the injustice. As the Lord laughed over the injustice, His laugh was a laugh of victory. I could feel the Lord’s compassion and love for what His people had walked through in the injustice and in the pain, but at the same time His laugh was SO LOUD that it filled me with joy. His laugh declared “The enemy thought he could stop you and steal from you in this injustice but I am bringing you into a land of harvest like you have never known. I am moving powerfully in your midst now to bring forth the greatest overturning of injustice in your life. I am releasing My justice over the injustice that was caused to you and I am bringing forth a TENFOLD RESTORATION and a DOUBLE PORTION of JOY! I am establishing My government in your midst and you will now be set free from the shackles of this injustice and you will RUN into all I have for you and know joy like you have never seen before.”

His voice continued to surround me:

“I am turning the page on injustice”

I then saw a very large book in heaven and the page is being turned and on the new page was the gavel of the Lord and the strategies of the Lord to bring forth His justice upon the earth.


In this vision I saw Jesus standing over this book and He spoke:

“Come and see”

I watched as many in the body of Christ heard His invitation and began to position themselves in that place of intimacy with Him to hear and see the divine strategies that He is implementing in their lives and in the earth to see the injustices overturned.

The sense surrounded me that not only was the Lord about to demonstrate His power in an unprecedented way in the lives of believers and in the earth but there was also an invitation upon the Church right now to position themselves close to His heart to receive the divine intel of heaven in specific strategies to pray, to decree, to implement, to build that will partner with Him to see these injustices overturned.

It was the place of the people of God taking their place in governing like never before. It was the place of the people of God being awoken to their authority.

The vision then shifted and Jesus turned to the Lion of Judah and He opened His mouth and He began to roar. As He roared and those positioned close to His heart and in the place of receiving what was written in this book in heaven, they began to ROAR. There was a SYNCHRONISED ROAR that was being released into the earth and as I listened closely I heard the sound in the ROAR was “I AM CHANGING HISTORY!!!!!!!”

This declaration was coming from the mouth of God that He was changing history in the lives of His people and in the earth. What has been will no longer be. The injustices will no longer remain. But then what struck me was the roar of “I AM CHANGING HISTORY” was flowing as a declaration from the people of God too.

In the partnering with Him in how He is changing history in the lives of believers and in the earth, the people of God were being positioned in Him to OVERTURN and to CHANGE AND SHAPE HISTORY like never before.

That is what is at stake! That is what is happening! God is OVERTURNING and He is CHANGING and SHAPING HISTORY and bringing down these injustices that have raised themselves up against the plans of God in the earth.

The battle for many has been over them taking their place with the Lord to see these injustices overturned by the power of the Spirit. This is where everything changes.

The urgency of the hour is loud. It is critical that we as God’s people are living close to His heart and listening to His voice and stewarding well that which He is asking of us because where He invites you and I to partner with Him to see these injustices personally and in the earth, overturned, is the place in this new era where HISTORY CHANGES and you get to be part of it.


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