Prophetic Words


Recently I had an encounter with the Lord in the library of heaven. I stood in the hallway and lined on either side of the hallway were angels holding trumpets. 

Suddenly on the Lord’s command they lifted their trumpets and began to blow them heralding a LOUD invitation to the body of Christ. 

I knew straight away that this was an invitation into new STRATEGIES being released by the Lord in the library of heaven. I looked above the door and it said “NEW WINE” and then it would change to “NEW WINESKIN”. 

This heralding of the trumpets so loudly declared that “NOW IS THE TIME” – the Lord is releasing clarity and vision for the new wineskin and for the new wine He is going to release.

Jesus then spoke to me: 

“Lana, in order to enter this room, all agendas, all old wineskins and strategies must be laid down. The old wineskins and strategies were not bad, they were breathed on by Me, but now a new era has been entered into and to enter in, My people must come in empty handed, hearts open and willing to embrace change. For I have been decreeing that these are the days of Psalm 24:7-9. I, the King of Glory am about to step in and come through My people in a way never seen before, but to see with clarity the new wineskins for this era there must be a surrender to My way, to My changes and knowing things will not look the same.” 

My heart was enlarged with excitement and anticipation of what God is preparing His people to carry. So weighty, unlike anything we have experienced before, but there was also a weighty fear of God that I felt to embrace whatever His strategy and wineskin is and to embrace it fully without fear. 

Jesus then says to me: 

“Lana, it’s time to come in” 

I closed my eyes and I laid down in my heart all preconceived ideas, positioned my heart in surrender that said “whatever You want, however You want it Lord… I am Yours. It is all for YOU!” 

We walked down the hallway in the library of heaven, and Jesus leads me to the door labelled “NEW WINE/NEW WINESKIN” 

He held my hand and as He opened the door and we stepped in, over the threshold, I was almost blinded by the light. The GLORY was SO bright. I began to weep as He drew me in. As we walked deeper into this room I felt my whole body bending forward as the weight of His Glory filled the room. I could feel His tangible Glory resting so heavily upon me. 

He led me to the middle of the room to a LARGE table. He sat down and I sat beside Him and in the middle of the table was the Word of God. He placed His hand upon the Word and He looked at me and spoke: 

“Lana, all the revelation I am releasing for this new era comes from HERE. In this new era where there is a new wineskin and new wine, it is imperative that My people stay deep in the Word and continue to ask for discernment. For many will come with their “revelation” of the new wineskin and it will not be grounded and founded in My Word. Counterfeits will arise but the true revelation and revelation of the wineskin and strategy for this new era will be found within My Word and My nature.”

“Lana, those that embrace the place of surrender and yielding to Me will partner with Me in the rising of a new and pure wineskin. This pure wineskin will be embraced by those who have been in the fire and have come to the place of wanting my heart and My way above all else.” 

As we sat at this table talking together, I hear the sound of a heart beating SO loudly. I look to Jesus and He says to me “Lana, the new wineskin is going to release the sound of My heart like it has never been heard before. My heart beat will sound LOUDLY that will release life, shaking, alignment, increase and pave the way for My Glory to increase and be seen in these Isaiah 60 days.” 

“There will be a cost in carrying the new wine, but the Glory that will be carried by My people and seen in the earth will far outweigh the uncomfortableness of change.” 


As I sat with Jesus in this room, my heart was bursting. I could hear every fibre of My being crying out “Have Your way! Your way alone Lord! Your way King of Kings! Your way, King of Glory!!” 

Jesus grabbed my hand and He spoke again: 

“The governmental anointing and mantle will significantly increase in the body of Christ in this new era over the 5 fold ministry. There is a new paradigm that will be birthed in this new wineskin and the increase of My governmental anointing and mantle will be placed upon many to decree, release and extend My Kingdom and to see My government established upon the earth, bringing transformation and reformation to every sphere of society. The governmental anointing will increase and raise up even greater “influencers” that will go forth empowered by My Spirit to shift atmospheres and being reformation and revival to many places, even some of the hardest areas of society. You watch how My Glory is going to break in and break forth and change things and in some places, overnight! There will be miraculous demonstrations of My power to bring rapid overnight turnarounds in many different areas of society and culture. That time My daughter, is fast approaching and My people must be ready!” 


As the Lord continued to speak I could feel many hearts being fearful of the “change” or what the new wineskin will look like, what it will cost them and what it requires. 

Jesus spoke again: 

“Embracing the new wineskin and what I am releasing is going to usher My people into their greatest days of partnering with Me to see My Kingdom extended and Glory revealed. They will move in realms of empowerment of My Spirit and power like they have never known. There will be signs and wonders that they could have never imagined. The power of My Gospel will spread further than ever with many coming to know Me. There will be such a mighty demonstration of My power through them, that they will step further into the place of awakening, of being fully alive and filled with My purpose and what I have created them to do. For the enemy would attempt to keep them from partnering with Me in the harvest and greater display of My Glory coming, through fear. This is a time to embrace quickly all I am releasing and not be stubborn and hold to comfort zones and old ways but to know that I have prepared My people, I have provided all they need. It is a deeper level of trust but what I am leading My people into is greater than they have ever dreamed. It’s such a deep place of joy in Me and seeing Me move. It’s a place of embracing My heart and My Word like never before and seeing My goodness extend across the whole earth. It is time for My people to arise and shine and move in the directions I am moving, in greater ways.”

“There is no grid for what I am about to do because it has never been seen before, so it requires living close to My heart and deep in My Word, but oh the joy that will fill the hearts of My people as they see Me move and step in, in a way that’s never been seen and have “finally” moments of stepping into a greater fullness of what I have written over their lives.” 


The room began to shake and Jesus decreed with such authority…


Suddenly Jeremiah 33:3 was booming all around: 

“Call to Me and I will answer you, and tell you [and even show you] great and mighty things, [things which have been confined and hidden], which you do not know and understand and cannot distinguish.”

The invitation has been released and decreed by the Lord for greater strategy and revelation of the new wineskin. There has been a shift that has taken place and the revelation is now increasing and being released. 

The books of heaven are open and He wants to share more with His people, but we must yield, surrender and ASK! 

There will be monumental encounters with Jesus, dreams, visions and mighty revelation of His Word that will release His strategy, direction and clarity for this new era. His wisdom being released. The revelation of the new wineskins increasing and the way to steward the new wine. 

It’s time! It’s time! It’s time! 

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