Prophetic Words

Hi Friends,

Over the last week the Lord has prompted me very strongly to re-release these two prophetic words. May they bless, encourage and strengthen you for such a time as this.



Recently I heard the Lord speaking over many “I am reinstating the warrior within you” and I felt strongly to look up the definition of “REINSTATE”.

REINSTATE: “To restore someone or something to their former position or state”

SYNONYMS: “restore, put back, replace, bring back, reinstitute, reinstall, re-establish” (Google)

As I sat with the Lord I had a vision and I saw SO many had been in such an intense battle over the past few years. The enemy thought he had taken these ones out completely. These ones also felt like they were but a shadow of who they were previously because of all they had endured, but then SUDDENLY the prophetic decree of the Lord and His power came into their lives.


In a moment I saw the Lord deal with spiritual amnesia that the battle had caused and there was a SUDDEN comeback. I watched as they arose with greater strength, and the fire in their eyes and their heart burned stronger than ever. The fire of awakening to their authority in Christ and knowing what it means to live IN HIM and the power of His name birthed a ROAR in Him that had not been released through them before. The resolve, the boldness and authority in their eyes was blazing stronger than ever. These ones have battled with a spirit of fear, witchcraft and intimidation in such intense ways in this season but NOW says the Lord the season has shifted, the battle has broken and I am raising you up as My bold ones to go forth on new assignments and to destroy the works of darkness from the place of deep communion with Me. The enemy thought he could take you out, the enemy thought he could take you down, but the Lord is breaking the spiritual amnesia.

I heard the Lord say: “I am REMINDING YOU AGAIN of who you are. I am taking a stand for you on your behalf and I am clearing the way for you. I am making a way for you to enter into your new day where you are picking up new assignments that I am giving you and you shall carry My fire, My authority and My divine intel in a way that you have never seen or carried before. Where the enemy came to take you out, where the enemy came to destroy you in that season I have used what the enemy did to try and kill you to raise you up in and with a fortified faith that will not be shaken. In the battle you have received a fire of faith that cannot be taken from you. You couldn’t feel it in the battle, but now you can feel it. You can feel the fire in you of faith that will not be shaken, it will not be stolen, you can feel the roar building within you and I say unto you today that you have been forged and formed in a fire that not many have endured, but I am raising you up now to lead in these war days of what it looks like to walk in ferocious faith like never before.”


Two weeks ago I had a dream and for hours I heard the Lord saying over and over “double, double, double, double, double, double, recompense” over and over again. As I sat with the Lord from this dream I realised the Lord has spoken seven words. The sense surrounded me so strongly of the seven year cycle and a season of completion and the entering of a new season.

To those who have been knocked down, you feel the warrior within you almost got completely knocked out of you, the Lord is releasing His prophetic decree over you today. He is reinstating the warrior within you and there is a DOUBLE RECOMPENSE upon you. The Lord is encouraging you that there is now a new season upon you that you HAVE stepped into where you will see the divine recompense of the Lord. The Lord is bringing forth that swift recompense, recovery, restoration and restitution.


The Lord reminded me again of the ‘new assignments’ He had spoken about and I heard Him say:

“Get ready for new assignments” – He is releasing new assignments right now and where you may feel like you are not prepared because of what you’ve been through or because of the battle that you have endured, I hear the Lord say “YOU ARE PERFECTLY PREPARED”. Through all you have endured as you have stayed close to the heart of Jesus, as you have stayed in the place of holding onto Him, He has forged in you the preparation needed for what you are stepping into. You will now begin to see the FRUIT of what was forged in you in the fire and the assignments He has calling you to step into will be stepped into with great EASE and you will find the slipstream of His grace, His anointing and His power. I heard the Lord say “You will see it fits like a glove”. You have been fashioned and formed, purged, strengthened and fortified in what has been for many of you the most intense battles of your lives the past few years. The enemy tried to take you out, but God had a greater plan. He has fortified you in Him. He has birthed faith that is ferocious within you. He has taken your roots into Him and you burn now with the words within “IN HIM”. He has delivered you, He has strengthened you in the fire that you thought was going to kill you. Here is your comeback. He is reinstating the warrior within you.

I heard the Lord say “You are going forth to LEAD A CHARGE” and the ROAR of the Lion of Judah that is coming forth from within you is going to see seismic shifts as His power, His prophetic voice, His presence and His Word goes forth. Warrior you are arising in this hour with greater empowerment of the Spirit and His power to build, shake and shift that which He has assigned to you.



The Lord showed me many women on the verge of retreating right now. There has been incredible battles and intense opposition and the weariness has increased for many.

The Lord spoke to me to release this prophetic word with a strong encouragement:


I heard a sound in the spirit that sounded like the sound of an alarm and a shofar all at once. It was the sound of URGENCY but the urgency was not one of fear or something bad, it was the sound of EXPECTANCY!!! It was the sound of URGENCY to NOT MOVE right now but keep standing because your breakthrough is IMMINENT. The enemy really wants you to retreat right now because your breakthrough is IMMINENT.

The Lord showed me the supernatural strength that is coming to you, the resurrection life that is going to fill the areas of your heart that have given up, that have lost hope and lost life, the Lord is going to breathe upon those parts of your heart caged in despair, trauma and disappointment and SUDDENLY bring them to life. Resurrection life and strength is going to fill the weary parts of your physical body, it is going to restore to you what has been lost and the supernatural strength of God is being released to you right now to RUN with Jesus before than you ever have before.

Don’t give in to the pressure. Don’t give in to the lies. Don’t give in to the temptation to HIDE, because the hand of God is coming upon you in greater ways to release His favour and position you in your destiny and inheritance like you have not experienced before.


I heard the Lord say:

“The battle is over your destiny, this is an Esther season.”

The Lord is going to position the daughters of God in places that are far beyond what has been dreamed of or imagined. He is going to do EXCEEDINGLY ABUNDANTLY MORE than you could ever hope, imagine or dream (Ephesians 3:20)

Many of you have been fighting battles for a long time and the Lord showed me that the battles are over THIS SEASON you are in right now, because this is an ESTHER season.

The plans of God are unravelling and will continue to unravel in your life that are going to take you to new places. The enemy has fought hard to keep you in battles that you have battled your whole life, battles of the past, but God is now BREAKING those chains, He is BREAKING those holds and He is moving you into a completely new beginning.

You will be called upon in various avenues, various realms and various places in this season, many will be unexpected but as you move into them with Jesus, following the leading of the Holy Spirit, you are going to experience JOY like you have not experienced before. You are going to see in even greater ways what you were created for. What you were created to do. The adventure and plans that He has for you. It truly is beyond your wildest dreams.

Many of you have been in the fire for so long you have become used to the pain, but I felt the Lord say, that now you shall know the blessing of PROMOTION. You shall now know the blessing of seeing God move on your behalf in power and release you into greater fullness of your calling and destiny. Do NOT shrink back, this is the time for you to STAND and for you to TAKE YOUR PLACE.

God is going to use many of you powerfully in this season in governmental realms. Many of you will be used in SIGNIFICANT ways to release the justice of God and to bring a shift and change to homes, cities and NATIONS. This is the time for you arise, it is NOT the time for you to hide.

The government of God is going to be established in greater ways through you unlike you have seen before in SO many different ways. The wonder women of God are arising to take back the ground the enemy has stolen and to bring such culture shifts and release the WONDER, POWER and LOVE of God into the areas where the Lord sends you.


The Lord spoke to me that there are many FIRSTS in this new season. There are many NEW things that the Lord is going to have you place your hands to in this season.

Fear will try and hold you back, but don’t give in, stand tall and KNOW that the Lord has gone before you and He has provided everything for you that you need to move into and accomplish many “FIRSTS” in this season.

There are such beautiful new beginnings upon you and there is a MAJOR move of the creativity of God that is going to be released through you.

Get ready to step into things you have NEVER done before with Him.


The Lord showed me that in the raising up of the daughters of God right now, the Lord is increasing revelation upon them and boldness. Where fear has caged many for SO long, He is been breaking that fear and replacing it with boldness and the fire of His love and presence.

The Lord showed me in this season many daughters of God will be called to stand and SPEAK what the Lord is speaking. Speak without fear. For the Lord’s hand will be upon you. He will confirm what He is saying through His Word to you. It is imperative in this season to be seeking wise counsel in what the Lord is speaking, to stay accountable, to stay covered.

But opportunities are coming for many ofd the daughters of God to stand tall and speak the heart of God. To speak His heart of love, to speak His heart of purity, restoration and justice that will bring SIGNIFICANT shifts in MANY places.

The enemy has been bombarding many of you with so many lies in this season, because he is trying to keep you caged, because God is RAISING YOU UP in greater ways to stand and SPEAK His truth and signs, wonders and confirmations will follow the TRUTH of His Word and heart of love and goodness that you speak.


The Lord showed me that a tidal wave of creativity is being birthed through the daughters of God. The way you are going to see the Lord speak, use you and move through you in such beautiful and creative ways, giftings will take on new expressions and anointing and many new gifts will begin operating in your lives that you didn’t even know about.

The Lord is going to be downloading in significant increase, blueprint revelation of creative strategies for you and through you where you will see the favour and anointing of God fall so heavily upon. Many will be drawn to Jesus through these creative expressions and MANY will come to know Him, MANY will be healed, delivered and set free.

The enemy has tried SO hard to shut down your creativity and keep you in a cage, but the Lord is decreeing a TIDAL WAVE of creativity is upon you and going to flow powerfully THROUGH you.


In this Esther season, the Lord spoke to me that it is IMPERATIVE that the daughters of God stay close to Jesus in the garden of intimacy. It is IMPERATIVE to be hearing His voice and following HIS leading above all other voices.

The most IMPORTANT place is the place of intimacy with Jesus. Staying close to Him in the Garden.

He spoke to me so beautifully and gently:

“The garden of intimacy with Me is more important than ever for the daughters of God in this season.”

I suddenly saw this beautiful garden of intimacy and Psalm 91 was being decreed all around. It was full of life, love, protection, strength, rest and peace.

Your place of intimacy in the Garden with Jesus is going to become more fruitful and full than you have known before as you draw close to Him. The revelation and the encounters you will have in this season will bring you back to life and fill you to overflowing. The weariness will fall off. The shame will fall off. The regret will fall off. The trauma will break. The pain will be healed. The confusion will dissolve and your body will be strengthened by the power of the Spirit.


I have been prophesying for a year or so now about the Lord highlighting “stewardship” and He is teaching His people in greater ways how to steward His voice, His revelation, favour and what He is releasing with greater maturity, purity and integrity.

The Lord showed me that in this SUDDENLIES season things are about to significantly increase in acceleration.

I heard Him say:

“There are going to be such an increase of SUDDENLIES YOUR HEAD WILL SPIN”

Instantly I heard Amos 9:13-15:

“Yes indeed, it won’t be long now.” God’s Decree.

“Things are going to happen so fast your head will swim, one thing fast on the heels of the other. You won’t be able to keep up. Everything will be happening at once—and everywhere you look, blessings! Blessings like wine pouring off the mountains and hills. I’ll make everything right again for my people Israel.”

But in this major increase of SUDDENLIES upon the daughters of God it is CRUCIAL to stay in the place of SURRENDER to Jesus. In that garden place as the SUDDENLIES increase, the opportunities abound, the positioning takes place, the phone starts to ring, the breakthrough upon breakthrough’s take place, it is imperative to stay close to Jesus and listening to His heart and HE will teach you to steward in great wisdom what He is releasing to you and through you.

Things are rapidly shifting and changing, but one thing must remain.. YOUR FIRST LOVE! JESUS!

It’s all FOR HIM and for His Glory! Where He’s about to position you and what He is about to do through you, remember your first love. Remember Him and who He is. Don’t get caught up or lost in the acceleration, but stay in the place of surrender and close to His heart. A whole new realm of knowing, receiving and experiencing the wisdom of God is upon you.


I heard Him speak again over the daughters of God:

“The pages of destiny over your life are now turning”

Things are shifting. Changing. Accelerating.

A completely new breakthrough, shift and new beginning is being birthed in your destiny. Go with it. Go with the flow. Go with His flow. Raise your sails of faith to the sky and catch the wind as the song by Jonathan and Melissa Helser so beautifully articulates.

Embrace what He’s doing.

This is your Esther season! He’s been telling many of you about this season for a long time and you have been in a LONG season of preparation. Now you are moving into another realm of your destiny, it’s a completely new beginning and you HAVE BEEN PREPARED and CALLED for such a time as this. (Esther 4:14)