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This morning I heard the words “This is a strategic moment, where I am imparting new parts of My heart.” 
Instantly I saw the people of God in the fire. I saw many were fighting the fire of God for many reasons, a major one was because of the intensity of the pain or fear, and then there were others that were embracing it because they knew the Lord was doing something deep. 
Between the two groups I saw beautiful Jesus, again, dressed as a surgeon with the scalpel of love in His hand. He has been showing Himself to me a lot lately as a surgeon, I believe because of the season of pruning, purifying and presentation we are in. 
The Lord was moving between the two groups. To the first group He stood before them with such love and a river of life flowing from every part of Himself, and was encouraging them to embrace the fire, He was with them and promised to never leave them. He went on to say that this process was necessary for what was to come. His words of love assuring them there was nothing to fear. Even in the ‘not yet embracing of the fire’, He stood with them, unmoved, ministering to their fearful hearts and inviting them into the fire that would change everything, it would lead them into the ‘alignment’ needed that the second group represented (right alignment) to receive a precious, strategic impartation. 
I then saw Him move into the second group and He moved through these ones, one at a time, working deeply on the heart. As He dealt with the heart, I saw a GLORIOUS level of being UNDONE before Him opening up. A deeper realm of being undone by His nature, His love and kindness. As this undoing was happening, He was unravelling wrong mindsets, unravelling religious boxes, undoing boxes He had been placed in. Undoing limitations and boxes of fear and unbelief. Undoing ‘assumptions’ and ‘preconceived ideas and expectations of how He was going to move’. 
This deep UNDOING and UNRAVELLING was done in such love. As His love enveloped His people in the fire, I heard them crying out in repentance and singing songs of praises to Him. Their repentance and worship was paving pathways of fire for a great revival, awakening and outpouring of His Spirit and power in their lives like they had never known before. 
As Jesus worked deep on their hearts, I began to see Him take parts of His own heart and He placed it within theirs. They began to cry and cry as greater IMPARTATIONS of His heart were transplanted into theirs. He was imparting His heart for different nations, different people groups, cities all linking together in the divine dance of two hearts that began to beat in deeper ways as ONE. A great extension was taking place. 
There were moments of DEEP tears and groans of intercession, there were deep moments of longing and contending the people of God were experiencing as they saw through heavens lense to what He was releasing on the earth. 
As Jesus worked on their heart, they were crying out for a powerful move of God in the very areas of His heart that He was imparting. 
Once the impartation was “in place”, I saw Jesus breath upon their hearts and LIFE blossomed everywhere. I saw fruit exploding from their hearts. 
The VERY AREAS the Lord is imparting new parts of His heart into His people for nations, people groups, cities, revival etc, that was the next area the people of God were going to see a move of the FULLNESS of His power and LIFE! 
ABUNDANCE of FAVOUR and FRUIT is and will open up in the areas of the Lord’s heart that He is imparting in this season right now. 
Do not look at the impartation process and the intercessory process you are walking now, as bad, it is glorious! The Lord is opening up new areas of what is on His heart to you in this season and it is strategic for what He is doing on the earth. It is happening IN THE FIRE! 
The very areas of His heart He is imparting to you now are the very areas favour, fire and fruit are going to fall upon, to USE YOU, to bring radical transformation, change, demonstrations  and manifestations of His love and power to all around. 
Embracing the fire, embracing the process of a new level of undoing right now is CRUCIAL! He is positioning and aligning you for a deeper part of His heart, a new extended impartation of what He is doing and wanting to release THROUGH YOU. 
This new and deeper impartation of His heart is crucial and connected to you moving on higher levels than you have before and moving further forward into your destiny. 
The power of God is going to fall heavily upon you in the fire, deep power encounters in the impartation of His heart that will awaken you and set your hands and feet to increase in areas you have ministered in before and new areas you have never stepped into, to release the greatest and most powerful move of God and His love through you than you have ever experienced.  
Get ready to be undone by Him in a whole new, fresh, amazing way! Undone by His power and love and the privilege it is to carry His heart. 
Stay aligned! 


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  • Julian

    The fire is necessary to forge you into what you need to be for the power of The LORD to flow through you to do that which has been decreed as your purpose. To move mountains you need to move them through Him. You need to be aligned to the point where your only words and actions are those He commands you. That is when your life in Christ begins.

  • margaret Lee

    Amen, dear Lana,thank you so much for the prophetic revelations! I felt the hand of God touched me last night while I slept.I was a bit nervous at first, but later I realized it was His hand! Yes, dear Lord Jesus, I am receiving hope and grace to my heart. Thou Art is the lover of my soul, and I want to welcome the manifestation of Your presence so that others will see the firing love and compassion of Christ through my life.

  • Marilee

    Yes Lord, I was just thinking as I woke up today that many are married to the Lord, but they act like they are not and do their own thing.
    I am finding people to be extremely open as I pass out a message about the bride of Christ with a website included to explain what the Lord requires.
    Many have not read the Bible, but b/c the times are so severe, they now are listening and open. I even had a Muslim man take it and am becoming friends w/ a lady from Turkey who is also Muslim. It is quite exciting. I have to put aside what I want to do and listen carefully.
    There is a free movie about ministering called, The Last Reformation. Look it up and the web. This is produced by a man form Sweden. He was very distraught after getting saved that nothing was happening in his life like the book of Acts. Now plenty is happening and he is very teacher friendly in his presentation. It is definitely charsmatic.
    I think you are in MI this weekend. I will continue praying 🙂

  • Soughtafter Emmanuel

    The word you post are such treasure that I am sure you don’t know what it does to those who receive them, He has handpicked those who desperately need them, thank you for your obedience and great rewards from the Master.
    Since your move to the USA you’ve probably posted at most 6 word, I would like to ask since we all know in part whether He just stopped speaking or you just haven’t got the time any longer to post what He says or has that part of your ministry ended since He’s moved you to greater things. Need for understanding.

  • Heidi Bass

    Wow, this word from Lana ‪is amazing, God has had me seeing 111, 222, 333, 444, and a tsunami of truth and love come over churches/America since beginning of the year.
    I’ve been declaring Jeremiah 33:3, unity, reversal, restoration, revival, renewal over America as we come into divine alignment & order getting our hearts right with God. As I do, I’ve been going into spiritual and natural labor pains for God.
    I’ve seen visions of Lion of Judah, March coming like a lion & open doors & keys since my 6-day Bethel trip. Sat night at Refiner’s fire I was sharing before worship about my time at Bethel, seeing Lion of Judah, and
    March coming in like a lion not a lamb. I felt like we were supposed to do a prophetic roar, but didn’t say anything as worship was starting.
    Last night at Burn 24-7, Sean Feucht ‪starts talking about lions & releasing prophetic roar over America to shake up the
    establishment in churches and politics. We Roared for several minutes. Shawn Bolz ‪also released a word about God shaking things up.
    Lance Wallnau has been posting on God sending a wrecking ball.
    Then I read Lana’s post today, about Jer. 33:3, open doors, keys, & lions roar over America! This is wild, God is going to reverse, revive, restore, renew America, and it all starts with our hearts!