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Lana Vawser has been a key part of my growth in the prophetic and there has been so many times where her release of the word of the Lord has literally been what I needed or what I praying for confirmation about . Her zeal for the Lord is infectious. I so appreciate her ministry for it has served as a great means of training for myself . I am eternally grateful to her obedience to the Lord and her willingness to share her heart. I love you all so much.


I have lost count of how many times a word from Lana has come at the exact time God has been telling me the same thing. My family has been through a protracted period of dealing with a severe injustice and yet God has spoken so loudly through Lana’s posts and I have been enormously encouraged. I am so very thankful for her gift and her willingness to speak whatever God shares with her. Thank you seems like so very little in comparison to what I have received.


Your Spirit guided word is always so refreshing and has confirmed what I have been hearing and even receiving through dreams. This has strengthened me to pray fervently, encouraged me greatly to keep going and to remain on track. It has changed me. Thank you for your faithfulness and service to so many in the Kingdom of God. *Blessings to you*

Susana Wong

Lana I can’t even put into words how blessed my mother and I have been through the words God gives you to share. It truly is like manna to us to get us through the week and always confirms so perfectly what God is whispering already to our hearts. Thank you so much❤️

LuAnn Nicosia

Lana is spot on. She is my source of confirmation, daily. Her posts are perfectly aligned with the word God is sharing with me. I love reading her posts and look for the “God-winks” through her words/posts. I am extremely grateful for her willingness to step out on faith and share his heart: what she sees the Lord saying and doing. She has been my spiritual sister and doesn’t even know it. I am truly grateful for their ministry. I literally sat in the row directly behind you two during your recent trip to Orlando and felt the Lord’s presence over you. I look forward to the journey and although we are continents apart, we are connected through him. Thanks again… Jehovah-sneaky is doing a great job in you both. Love you. <3

Donna Lucier

Lana and her family are such an incredible gift to the body. From reading her posts, many have been encouraged and walked into encounters and their destiny partnered with heaven. My life has radically been encouraged and I know so many others have:)


I’m not sure how long I have been following Lana, but every time she released a word, it was exactly where I was. Sooo encouraging to know God did see and hear and to know that others were going thru the same thing. It certainly, edified, encouraged and comforted me.


Lana clearly knows her identity as a daughter of God, the father of Fathers. Her words are dripping with the father’s heart. They are always timely and an encouragement to the greater body of Christ! I am constantly forwarding the prophetic words that she shares to friends and family! They always have an impact! She has the ability to see into the enemy’s war room and supersede that by sharing and focusing on the plans of God! She is truly and encouragement to me personally and those I share her words with! Thank you Lana!

Josh Ronaldo

Lana’s ministry has been a catalyst God is usinng to change my life. Last year, God used Lana’s book “Desperately Deep” to walk me through the steps necessary to remove everything blocking me from a deep relationship with Jesus. Each day as I read the chapters, made declarations and prayed the prayers she wrote, the Lord ministered healing and opened my spiritual eyes! It was amazing- dreams, visions, signs- my spiritual world opened! I grew up in a five-fold ministry family but had fallen into slumber after a series of hurts and misgivings. Lana’s book is easy to understand and a powerful tool! The prophecies she posts on Facebook are like she is tapping into my conversations with the Father, and so encouraging. Love and thanks!

Abby Mc Millan

Thank you for your heart for God and for people. I always look forward to seeing what you share from God’s heart. Your ministry is so greatly appreciated! Blessings to you.


Dear Lana, I am the Convener of a meeting for young girls in Nigeria called Hadassah Forum. I go received this divine mandate 2014 precisely with a divine instruction to study the book of Esther. The Lord said to me that He would use this as a sickle to preserve the destiny of many young women from the corruption of the world. I was extremely excited when i came across your prophetic words about the awakening that is coming upon women. I felt fire rush through me and i began to see the urgency in the Spirit about the rescue, restore and preserve agenda of God for these last days. I was so blessed by those words of encouragement and prophetic insight, so much so that many other instructions from God started falling into place. Thanks

Tina Osezua

Lana you have explained marvellous insights into.Fathers heart and what is going on in the spiritual realm. Your words from the Lord have been accurate, some have been confirmation what God was saying and gave me great encouragement to keep going. God richly bless you and your wee family and team.


Your word that you send almost on a daily basis it encouraged me to continue the good fight because he is in control no matter what we are going through Thank you so much for your ministry

Anne Vice

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