Hi, Wanted to share a testimony re: physical healing post watching “23-3-18 Prophetic Dream – Sovereign Move of the Restoration of God”…. Earlier that day I watched this video, and then that night I watched the entire thing again in a dream as I slept. In the dream when the video ended, suddenly Lana provoked my attention and began to speak. She said to me: “sometimes when I am busy doing one thing, I get this feeling in my heart that The Lord is about to speak to me concerning another thing, and I have that feeling in my heart now. This is what The Lord has to say to you. You sustained an injury to your pelvis during surgery and He is coming to heal you now”. Lana then extended her hand towards me through the computer, and as she did, the presence of God began to swirl around my abdomen. As this was happening I woke up to His presence in my room. When I got up later that morning, I noticed that all the pain had gone and I had been healed. My post surgery recovery took 4 days instead of 6 weeks 🙂 If you deem appropriate, you’re more than welcome to post this as a testimony. Thank you for your faithfulness as a family, it is such a profound blessing to receive of the fruit! Love Bell & Family