Lana is spot on. She is my source of confirmation, daily. Her posts are perfectly aligned with the word God is sharing with me. I love reading her posts and look for the “God-winks” through her words/posts. I am extremely grateful for her willingness to step out on faith and share his heart: what she…


Lana I can’t even put into words how blessed my mother and I have been through the words God gives you to share. It truly is like manna to us to get us through the week and always confirms so perfectly what God is whispering already to our hearts. Thank you so much❤️


Your Spirit guided word is always so refreshing and has confirmed what I have been hearing and even receiving through dreams. This has strengthened me to pray fervently, encouraged me greatly to keep going and to remain on track. It has changed me. Thank you for your faithfulness and service to so many in the…


I have lost count of how many times a word from Lana has come at the exact time God has been telling me the same thing. My family has been through a protracted period of dealing with a severe injustice and yet God has spoken so loudly through Lana’s posts and I have been enormously…


Lana Vawser has been a key part of my growth in the prophetic and there has been so many times where her release of the word of the Lord has literally been what I needed or what I praying for confirmation about . Her zeal for the Lord is infectious. I so appreciate her ministry…


Lana! I thank the Lord for your faithfulness and obedience. Your words resonate on a timely basis with what the Lord is saying to me and others. Your recent book a New Era is a COMPLETE BLESSING!!


Lana, thank you for your diligence to press in. Over the last year my husband and I have joked many times that you are our family’s personal prophet because of how pertinent to our lives every time!

Evangelist Louise

Lana my friend and sister in Christ Jesus .You have been sent into my life by the Power of the Holy Spirit. You Prophesied over me on a Webinar a few years ago !!! And have been a light in my life.


I know God gave me a promise years ago and that there is a call on my life, the last 6 months have been the fiercest battle i have ever faced. I Was led here n got the confirmation to stand.


God asked me to have a drink with him in a dream one night, but then I woke up. I was sad I didn’t have that drink with him. Until I read Lana’s book. That propelled me into another level in God! ????