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By Lana Vawser 
This morning I had a vision where mountains and giants were screaming and rising up against God’s people. Delays were attempting to derail what God is doing. The ROAR from the mountains and giants was SO loud and I could hear the cries of many of God’s people “Are we seriously going through this AGAIN?” There was such a temptation for many to fall back into despair and start losing hope again. I want to encourage you DIG YOUR HEELS into the WORD and into your PROMISES because this IS THE YEAR OF BREAKTHROUGH! Nothing has changed, if anything, the momentum is increasing, the manifestation is doubling in proportions in its release.
I kept hearing the words “This is the LAST ATTEMPTS” – the enemy is having a “LAST SHOT” to try and prevent some significant divine alignment, release and increase, but it’s going to FALL to the ground. Keep DECREEING His Word because those mountains and giants are coming down!
I had a vision where I saw Jesus walking into the midst of the war zone, in the midst of the raging battle and there was SUCH COMFORT all around. The Holy Spirit SO present, that He is there, He is comforting, strengthening and the security of God for His people was SO strong. The atmosphere screamed “JESUS HAS GOT THIS!!!!!”
In the midst of the war zone, I saw Jesus walking up to each of His people and He was holding in His hands a pair of shoes. They were NIKE runners.
He smiled and said “LOOK! IT IS YOUR SHOES OF VICTORY!!!!”
The sense was SO strong, these shoes have ALWAYS been ours in Christ Jesus. The shoes of VICTORY have ALWAYS been ours, but I felt the Lord reminding His people of their victory in Him. He smiled and said “Step into your shoes of VICTORY”. He was looking for the AGREEMENT of His people to DECREE the victory that is already theirs!
The MANIFESTATION of VICTORY was going to be seen SIGNIFICANTLY in their lives as they stand in agreement with Him!
I wondered why the Lord was holding runners that were NIKE brand.
The historical context of the word NIKE means VICTORY.
Today, the company NIKE have a slogan “JUST DO IT”.
Instantly the Lord speaks to me:
“In this season of ACCELERATION I am awakening My people to the revelation of their VICTORY in Me. That they are VICTORS! They are going to RUN with VICTORY in this season. The giants and mountains are screaming “STOP, MOVE BACK, DON’T PROCEED, YOU CAN’T DO THIS”, but I am decreeing the opposite.”
There is a supernatural increase of His empowerment and grace, the winds of His Spirit. You will NOT be held back, He is breaking off the weights, you will RUN with EASE. As you WAIT upon Him, you will RUN!
“Yet those who wait for the LORD Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary.” – Isaiah 40:31
“There has been such a season for many of you of being hit, knocked and feeling like you can barely walk. AGREE with Me and DECREE My VICTORY do NOT MOVE or ENTERTAIN ANY OTHER OUTCOME but MY VICTORY!!!! You are going to RUN, RUN, RUN into a NEW LAND of MANIFESTED VICTORY!!!”
(Disclaimer: No affiliation implied – the company NIKE is not held to any interpretation of this vision/prophetic word.)


  • Elsie Bouwman

    A few hours ago, I cried for part of an hour. As I was crying, it was like looking at all the multitude of times the Lord held me strong, how can I be crying now? The thought did come, must be so close to manifestation of victory for it to get to this crying now. Thank you for the confirmation of the victory has always been ours. Nike shoes, a familiar sight because we had three boys who had them in the 90’s. Never dreamed that I would have my own Nikes. Thank You, now I can run in them; run and run and run and not be weary!

  • NECI Eden

    Believers we must take back what slew foot, devil, has stolen. Be encouraged saints.. credit score low, car stopped working, but I decided no matter what happened I was trusting God and claiming my inheritance. We are not the tail my driveway sits a Nissan down payment, fully loaded, bank never asked me for proof of income. When we get sick and tired Jesus stands on our behalf to our Heavenly ELOHIM… I pray you will take the words of encouragement from Sis. Lana and stand in VICTORY!!

  • Tanisha

    Okay Lana … this word was definitely for me. Not only was I just saying today “Really? Big Daddy are we really gonna go THIS again?I’m not backing down from YOUR WORD .. I know my family is looking at me like I’m crazy because I know the difference between fact and truth, but c’mon somethings gotta give here l” …. then I just laughed and went on with my day.
    Check out the link of the Nike Runners. My christmas gift to myself :-).
    If you could feel my hugs right now while I sit here and just bask in all the encouragement and love that The Lord is making sure His children are aware of. I am so grateful I had a chance to meet you personally when you were here in Torrance, CA.

  • Kim duncan

    Lol…..but on a serious note I was just looking at a pair of Nike’s for myself when I was buying school shoes for my son. I didn’t buy any but I was tossing in between Asics and Nike. Great word Lana, bless you and your household in Jesus Name, amen

  • Kathy K. Woriax

    I am sooo ready. As soon as you said Nike I thought of their logo, “Just do it!'” That’s exactly what I’m going to do, just do it. Thank you for your faithfulness to the Lord in releasing these gold nuggets to us!

  • Becca Carpenter

    When you wrote ‘The shoes of VICTORY have ALWAYS been ours, but I felt the Lord reminding His people of their victory in Him.’- that spoke strongly to me. No matter whether we see the changes we expect & have prayed for in this current crazy world, we always & forever still have VICTORY through Him. We must walk in it. Be the change; see the Godly.

  • Daniel Hoskins

    I’m going to be honest, I usually despise beginning of the year prophecies, as most of them are just flat not true. But I know what the Spirit is saying and I know whats happening though it has been such a long hard road I have literally begged God to cut my days short. This is a true word and it is the first moment in a long time that I have felt hope poke through this veil. Thank you. This really is the time that the Church stops talking and starts doing, ….tirelessly, with strength and energy that comes from nowhere. Even if someone is stuck in their bed from physical pain and depression and has been laying there for four years and all their promises and gifts have been laying there with them. We really are going to get up and run.

  • Aundrea Hernandez

    I Receive This Word!! Confirmation, Yet Again!!
    Sunday, I felt as if I was about to go through another round, as certain ones have tried to hold me back. Father brought “Clipping Wings” to mind, so I researched. A mild clip on a wing can impair a bird’s flight greatly, rendering the bird unbalanced in air – restraining and reducing it’s freedom. Moments later, i “stumble” across an article, “Don’t Let The World Clip Your Wings” – a Christian post – did not realize it until i came to this …
    “The Bible says, ‘They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings as eagles. They shall run and not be weary. They shall walk and shall not faint.’” Isaiah 40:31 HaHa!!

    • Karen

      Hi Andrea, I had not even read your comment when I posted above. Another thought on running shoes is that our feet are shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace. Isn’t that amazing? And like Joshua, the territory we walk is given to us which is to say that as we walk in our spiritual territory that God gives to us to overcome through intercession, that we not only stand in the gap, but it is given unto us. You may have heard of prayer walking…I call it prayer treks, but we can and do impact every where we are if we will seek God, stand on His word, and trust Him though we may not see the results. Trust that the results are in God’s hands…and run the race, pressing forward to the calling of God.

  • Laura McMurtry

    Hello Lana I want to encourage you to look at the physical location of where Nike Corp is located in Washington Co Oregon for further prayer. When I started reading this word from you and saw the word Nike, in the spirit God reminded me about where Nike headquarters is located in Oregon around mountains…..Perhaps there is a final principality here the Lord is showing you that is finally being brought down…

    • Karen

      Hi Laura, After reading your comment I recalled a visit to the Parthenon in Tennessee where it houses a close to 50 foot statue of Athena who is attended by a six foot statue of Nike which is held in her hand. I was quite oppressed in that room and had to sit for a while when taking it in. Athena is also a type of Jezebel, or false religion that undermines the true faith in God through Christ. The other familiar to Athena is the python which in itself speaks of false prophets and prophecy. Even Elijah was badgered by Jezebel until he heard the still small voice of God and then came out to overturn her rule. So it is with us, I believe. We are in a season of evil being exposed, no doubt, and the victory over it is the Lord’s.

  • Esther Mutua

    Thanks my sister for this timely Word. Everything the Lord told you about this season is true! I’m running in my Nikes and the Lord is giving me victory momentarily. Glory to his NAME!!!

  • Karen

    Dear Lana, I am receiving so many confirmations from you. Here is a funny little event. I felt inclined to by some new sneakers, Reboks actually, but had put it off for months until about 10 days ago. I had an errand to do on Tuesday this week and decided to wear them. I put them on but I could feel something in the toe of the right shoe. I took the shoe off and shook it and what I found was a dime. How that got in there I will never know. Then I noted the color of the shoes, clay, champagne, and rose gold. I spoke to me of humility, celebration in the spirit, and abundance. This fits in with your message of ‘runners’.
    Isaiah 40:31 But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as…

    • Karen

      Here is the passage of Isaiah 40:31
      But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

  • Alicia Lutz

    Hi Lana,
    My name is Alicia Lutz. I LOVE your posts. Thank you for your obedience. When I read about NIKE I thought I’d share a kind of funny story about NIKE. I’d learned that NIKE in Greek meant ‘Overcomer’ then one day about 25 years ago I was in a donut shop because we were going to have a garage sale. The owner had on a T-shirt with a NIKE swoosh on it, so I began to ask him if he knew what NIKE IN GREEK meant? As I was telling him what I’d learned a man was walking in the door and I KNEW HE WAS GREEK and going to CORRECT ME. He came up to the counter after hearing everything I’d just said to the owner and said, “No it doesn’t; I’m GREEK! NIKE in Greek means; GOD IS OUR VICTORY!” Ha! I said, “that’s even better!”

  • Dan Drake

    This has been mightily encouraging & confirming for me. If you knew the refining journey I have been on in the last 4 1/2yrs, you would be wowed! So much of what you spoke is confirmation strength to what God has spoken(but the enemy has totally tried to take out the opportunities for). God had/has spoken to me about a huge “Goliath” that must be defeated, around me, & around the Body, surrounding my family & I. On new yrs eve, the enemy delivered a blow that makes it almost seen like(with man’s understanding) that all hope is gone, for this “Goliath” to be defeated. The next morning, God said, “I am doing a new thing….” [Isaiah 43:19].

  • Dan Drake

    …..the next day(Jan 2nd), I found out the “impossible with man” opportunity to be able to kill this “Goliath”. What a heartbreaking, & yet growing in the power of God, journey. I just want you to know that the whole article, & much of it’s wording, has been very encouraging as to what God has spoken to me prior, & has lifted me back up to complete faith in VICTORY over the now “impossible” situation, where the enemy had really tried to “kill” the promises, since Jan 2nd. Thankyou SO much for allowing the Spirit to lead you. Please be in prayer & agreement with me for great VICTORY & DEATH to this “Goliath” regarding my family & the much bigger picture in the Body of Christ, for the Glory of God, & the WHOLE Kingdom’s sake…