By Lana Vawser


There have been pretty intense demonic assignments of witchcraft sent released against many of God’s people as they are crossing over THRESHOLDS into greater realms and manifestations of DESTINY! These assaults have come with torment and terror – especially over the mind. 


In that assault and assignment, the Lord is exposing strongholds of the heart and soul that these witchcraft assignments can come and take root and bring torment and despair. This week for many has felt like “the end”, like they can’t make it through, BUT GOD is breathing life, hope and strength back into you.


God is healing hearts and souls and removing the “landing pads” the enemy has found. As this deep healing and deliverance is taking place at deep levels, not only is any torment and despair the enemy has brought, is falling away, but the hand of the Lord is coming down and CRUSHING the witchcraft coming against His people. He is coming with a ROAR and to RESTORE! 


This is a very strategic week, the warfare has increased with significant force, but keep your eyes on Jesus, for the Lord your defender is fighting for you and you will be FREED and catapulted into a whole new realm of INCREASE of your DESTINY than you have ever imagined. 


God is serving the enemy a double whammy! Deliverance, healing, increase and promotion is breaking through into the lives of God’s people, catapulting them further than they have ever been with greater strength and stability in Jesus. 


Don’t believe the lie that breakthrough is further away than ever! That’s a lie! 


Nothing has changed! We are moving further into the breakthrough season than we ever have been. The enemy knows that and He is fortifying His people in Him to move forward in strength, boldness and power.  


You are standing on the landmine of breakthrough! What you have faced this week is being turned to a glorious explosion of breakthrough!!! The lie has been what you are walking will kill you, but the truth is with the resurrection, reviving power of Jesus, you are coming into life with greater INCREASE,  crossing over the threshold into a greater manifestation of your destiny! 



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LVM Update

Hi Friends!

Thank you for journeying with us, as we press in and listen for the Lord’s heart. We pray that you are blessed, and pressing in yourself to hear his heartbeat of love, hope and truth.

We have had some amazing times in our home state, the last couple of weeks. Our time in Miles, Outback Qld was really touching, with an amazing group of people, seeking God and hungering for revival in the middle of a harsh land. We came away inspired and blessed. Our time with Suzette Torti and Open Heaven Ministries was equally powerful, as we shared and heard on strategies for intercession, and standing in the authority we have to declare freedom and breakthrough.

We are looking forward to our next two weekends in Perth, at Urban Church and Paradox Church respectively. We love the beautiful people we’ve met there already and can’t wait to come back. For those in Perth interested in service times, please check out our itinerary page:

We are incredibly blessed and honored by all those who have sown into what we do. We never require a payment for any of Lana’s posts, but God has really provided for us in our stepping out and away from a 9-5 job into the faith-walk that is itinerant ministry.  Ten days ago, we were surprised that PayPal had suspended our account, as they realized (rightly) that we had forgotten to update them on a change in our ministry structure. For this time, many tried to sow but were knocked back, and monthly payments were skipped during this time. None the less, despite the interruption in the service, PayPal has been restored.

For those who feel led to re-submit their donation on PayPal, please feel free to look for the PayPal  button on our sowing page:

Again, we never require or expect a donation, but we do appreciate it, as it is a physical manifestation of the Lord’s provision in our lives.

We pray a blessing of peace, righteousness and justice over you. May mountains be brought low before you, and the Lord bring restoration and truth to every heart that has been tormented or confused. May your house know increase and joy.

Kevin and Lana Vawser



Hi, Friends!
We are so excited for this year. We have had a productive, but still somewhat restful time off, and are ready now to begin our itinerant ministry appointments.

We begin this weekend in Outback Queensland in a small town called Miles, for a mini-conference on Saturday and the Sunday morning service, then next week we are joining two amazing Australian Christian Forerunners; Suzette Torti and Rori Jensen for a conference on the Gold Coast (Qld), Feb 9-11.

Unfortunately, our host for the conference in Ormeau, February 11, has decided to reschedule the meetings, so we will keep you posted with more information as it comes.

Between Februaury18-26 we will be in  Perth at Urban Church (with Adam Thompson and Adrien Beale) and Paradox Church. For more information please check out our itinerary page:

For those who have been looking for a copy of Lana’s book; Desperately Deep, we have an update. Unfortunately, the publisher has closed its doors, and we are securing with them the raw files for Lana’s work so we can re-publish. We are told there are still a few copies around, but regular supply will take a few weeks to resume. We are talking with another publisher already, so we hope to have a re-finished product again soon. We do have some hard copies ourselves, which we will be taking with us to our meetings in Australia over the next few months.

We have had a big year already and it is only just beginning.  We just want to thank you all for listening to the Lord with us, and joining in on our times as we press in to hear what is on His heart.

We have some big journeys ahead of us this year, with our boys in tow. We thank you for your prayers, covering us for safe travel, and protection from all around. We are blessed by those who pray for us and can only thank you for such covering. We also want to thank you to those who sow into what we do. We have taken many big faith steps in this journey, as it would be impossible to minister as we do without the support of those who act so generously. We really do praise God for his faithfulness through those who are able to bless and support us in our journey each day. For each of you who sow and pray ask for abundant blessings that you too will reap a reward.

We would also like to wish everyone a blessed 2017, may the Lord continue to draw you closer to the secret place, where you too can partake in the joys and cries of His heart, and join us in sharing these things each day. May you all be blessed greatly and abundantly by Him!

Kevin and Lana Vawser




Happy new year!

We have been hard at work on our itinerary getting it ready for 2017. I just wanted to send a brief message to let you know that it is just about finished and ready for you to check out!
If you have sent us a message or invitation over the last few weeks and not seen a response I encourage you to re-send it. I was testing the website tonight and found there was an issue with our website, it was not sending the emails to us with your messages.
I have spent some time tonight mending it, and I am happy to say that it is now working again. Please feel free to re-send your messages and we we will be all too happy to respond as soon as we can.
Blessings and thanks
Kevin and Lana Vawser

Merry Christmas from Lana and Kevin Vawser

To all our friends who have journeyed with the Lord in 2016 we want to take this moment to wish you a Merry Christmas, and a happy 2017.

For so many of us this has been a rapid year of acceleration, and with acceleration comes the turbulence and change! We more than ever have leaned on the Lord for wisdom, guidance and protection in this time. We have journeyed away from full time work, into a massive faith-walk and adventure that has taken us into every state of Australia, and many states in USA. We are convinced that no matter what 2017 looks like, it will be a year of growth on what has begun in this last 12 months.

We want to encourage you that the Lord has some amazing divine surprises for His people in suddenlies before the end of 2016 and major “FINALLY” moments in 2017. The awe, sigh and relief of even greater breakthrough than you have ever seen. (Ephesians 3:20)

Our prayer for you is that you will encounter Jesus in new and fresh ways. May He continue to open your eyes to see Him, His goodness and love for you. May you be left in WIDE EYED WONDER of His majesty and Glory.

You ain’t seen nothing yet!!! Your BEST DAYS are ahead! Don’t lose hope, keep your eyes on the ONE who is the very PERFECT, PURE definition of hope.

We love you,

Kevin and Lana Vawser


By Lana Vawser
There has been SIGNIFICANT resistance and attack that many are facing this week. As I sat with the Lord through the STORM that has been happening in the spirit for many this week, I heard the Lord say “THE RESISTANCE IS ABOUT THE RELEASING RUSHING RECOMPENSE.”
RECOMPENSE: To compensate, repay, reimburse, reward for loss, harm or effort made (Definition taken from Google)
The body of Christ have entered into a MAJOR TRANSITION point seeing the RELEASING OF RUSHING RECOMPENSE. God is RESTORING, He is REPAYING His people and releasing divine REIMBURSEMENT for all the enemy has stolen, killed and destroyed.
This week in particular there has been SO MUCH activity in the spirit and I have seen the enemy really “upping his antics”, but the Lord wants us to pay him NO ATTENTION. Keep your eyes on Jesus and know that the RUSHING RELEASE of RECOMPENSE is CRASHING into your life.
Where the enemy has really trespassed, the Lord is giving you back double portions in your land of inheritance. You are going to “take back your land” in double portions.
I have really felt the Lord highlighting these last few days before 2016 comes to a close. Keep your eyes peeled, for there will be demonstrations that have already begun and will increase of significant RESTORATION, RECOMPENSE and the REIMBURSEMENT of heaven.
These attacks that have come against many of God’s people this week have been so hard and I saw LOTS of tears and struggle/grief and pain this week. I want to encourage you there is a TURNING ON THE MOURNING!!! EXPECT encounters with His heart that is going to release JOY, JOY, JOY!!!!!!
You will SEE through the LENS OF JOY!!!!!!
I decree over you where there has been tears of mourning, especially this week, your next set of tears will be tears of JOY in PROPORTIONS you have never experienced before as you seek the heart of Jesus. JOY is going to SUDDENLY manifest all around you.
I had a vision where I saw Jesus laughing with ALL the angels of heaven….. SUCH JOY!!!!!!!!!!!
The LAUGH OF THE VICTORIOUS ONE is manifesting in your life for all the enemy has put you through. The enemy is being reminded by Jesus and the people of God arising in the awakening of their authority that he has ALREADY LOST!!!!
I heard the Lord say “BE INTENTIONAL TO LAUGH LEADING UP TO THE CROSSOVER AND INTO 2017”. I watched the people of God all across the body of Christ, laughing, even when they didn’t feel like it and I saw the laughter releasing an IMPARTATION of joy, rising expectations of HOPE, prophetic insight being released and excitement for 2017.
You INTENTIONAL LAUGHTER leading into 2017 is bringing a SIGNIFICANT SHIFT in the Spirit, setting the stage for greater manifested victory in your life in 2017.
Let’s all join together with Jesus and the angels and LAUGH!!!!


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LVM update

Hi Friends!
We are writing this from beautiful Melbourne town! We have had a full week here, mostly walking around this beautiful city, and getting ready for our time at Hope City Church on Sunday.
For those who are local we are going to be ministering on Sunday, 27th Nov, 10am (27 Lusher Rd Croydon). Lana had a blast there last year and we really are looking forward to it! We would love to see you there!
We also have a meeting planned in Surfer’s Paradise, December 10 at Surfcity Church. For more information about this event, and any coming up please have a look at our itinerary page:
We still have a few tickets available for Lana’s cruise conference in March-April 2017. For more information please visit our itinerary page (, or email heavenlycruises@gmail.comn or call. (US) 209-588-9565. Please be quick as time is VERY short before the ticket window closes.
We would love to encourage you to continue to keep the USA in prayer. Since the election there was a great deal of hatred and disunity showed by many, even here in Australia. We would love to encourage you as a church to continue to pray over the USA, for protection over Trump, and for unity over the nation; in the church, and among every demographic. The USA is a nation that would benefit for every prayer offered to the Lord, so please stand with us as we continue to intercede over that land.
Thank you all for your prayers for us too! We have traveled far on this journey, and we soon will journey back to our home state. We also would love to thank everyone who has blessed us in every way! We speak repeated blessings over you and your family!
Blessings and thanks to you all!!
Kevin and Lana Vawser

LVM quick update

Hi friends!
This is just a quick update from Lana Vawser Ministries.

It has been a hectic week, with turbulence and triumph. We are now moving quickly to prepare for our next events.

We had an amazing weekend in Hobart, Australia. Lana preached some incredible messages and there were some amazing times of ministry too. We have been home for two days, and tomorrow we jump in the car for the 800km south for this weekend’s meetings in Sydney. (Helensburgh). There we have been invited to host a prophetic workshop and Lana will be preaching on the Sunday AM service. For more information please have a look at our itinerary page (Link HERE)

From there we have a couple of weeks, and then to the Australian Prophetic Summit (Nov 3-5) (Kelvin Grove, Brisbane, Australia), soon after which we go on another road trip to Adelaide (Field of Dreams, Tuesday Nov 15) and to Hope City, (Nov 27).

We have updated the details for our event in Tamworth (2017) too.

For more information please check out our itinerary page:

We are so blessed by every one of you, and thankful for your emails too. We would like to continue to invite you all to post your short testimonies to our testimony page. I see so many emails full of amazing testimonies about how this ministry has impacted lives, and they are all so appreciated. There are many others, however who do not see these stories , and many are still hoping  for breakthrough, fighting disillusionment. The testimony page is here: (

Thank you all for being such a blessing too, your prayer support and financial seeds really make what we do possible, and we are so blessed and thankful for you all. May the Lord richly reward you for your heart to bless and support, with an abundant harvest for your work and prayer.

May you all draw near to Him, hearing His voice every day.

Blessings and thanks

Kevin and Lana Vawser


LVM update

Hi friends

It has been some time since we sent an update, so we thought it would be a good opportunity to do so.

Since our last update we have had a forced period of rest, after Lana had an infection that arose from a a long busy schedule and not enough down time. We have made the most of the last few weeks preparing and resting for the next period of ministry events that will take us into the end of the year.

We are excited to be coming to Hobart this weekend (Oct 15-16)!!  We love the Living Waters Church community deeply, and look forward to seeing them all again.  The week after we are in NSW (Helensburgh, The Sutherland Shire, Oct 22-23) and a week or so after then back in Queensland for the amazing Australian Prophetic Summit, hosted by Katherine Ruonala and Glory City Church (November 3-5). Later in November we are in Melbourne at Hope City Church (27/11). After then we may have more events in Brisbane, but we will keep you posted.

Next year is looking like a very big year. We have events planned in Cairns, Perth, Miles (QLD), and Towomba, and a couple of tours into USA. We have the South Pacific Cruise-Conference with Gary Beaton and Carolyn Billing in March 30 -April 9 , which also is very exciting and just happens to land on my (Kevin’s) birthday.

For more information please have a look at our website, although I will put some links at the bottom of this email.

We thank you all for your prayers and support. We have been so blessed by so many, emailing testimonies and encouragement, as well as sowing seeds financially which is also such a blessing too. We thank the Lord for everyone and the Lord uses so many people to bless us too.

May the Lord richly bless you, increase your foundation in Him, His word and life. May you all have amazing encounters, hearing His voice, going after His heart and being blessed with revelations of His wonder and ways. May you all prosper as your soul prospers.

Blessings to you all!


Kevin and Lana Vawser

For info on all upcoming events please have a look at our itinerary page:

For info on the Australian Prophetic Summit please visit:

For information about the cruise please see:|





By Lana Vawser
This morning the Lord was speaking to me about this season that we are in as the body of Christ and the “pressure” that many are feeling. The pressing and pressure feels like it has come in on “every side” and the Lord spoke to me that He is MAKING A WAY that is about to manifest in the natural where there will be a VISIBLE TURNING from “pressure on every side” to MIRACLES ON EVERY SIDE.
He then spoke to me that the PRESCRIPTION for the pressure is Psalm 66:5-6:
“Everyone will say: “COME AND SEE the INCREDIBLE things God has done; it will take your breath away! He multiplies miracles for His people! He made a highway going right through the Red Sea as the Hebrews passed through on dry ground, exploding with joyous excitement over the miracles of God” (The Passion Translation)
In this “pressure from every front and every side” the enemy has really been taking advantage of it all, stirring things up, coming with a SPECIFIC ASSIGNMENT to bring such a heaviness and oppression over God’s people to the point where they feel they cannot breathe under it all anymore. The enemy is on a rampage right now because of the manifestation about to burst forth of the miraculous conceptions of God in His people. The enemy is attempting to kill the “life” in the people of God, vision, hope, passion, hunger, excitement for the future…. but I declare over you today that the “LIFE” in you will not be killed, because HE, Jesus is the life in you, and HE cannot be overcome.
“Greater is He that is IN YOU than he that is in the world”
He is about to make a HIGHWAY right through your impossibility. You are about to PASS THROUGH on dry ground. You are not only about to miraculously PASS THROUGH, but you will move through UNTOUCHED!!! You will NOT be affected by the ‘surroundings’. You are moving through in the power of His Spirit and an angelic army surrounding you.
Not only is the Lord going to display His faithfulness LOUDLY through the MIRACLES He is about to perform in the area you have been contending for, and the areas the enemy is relentlessly hitting you, He is going to perform MULTIPLE MIRACLES!!!
There are SURPRISE MIRACLES that are about to take place for you. Not only will impossibilities be moved out of the way in Jesus name, but He is about to SURPRISE YOU with things that you NEVER thought could happen, He is about to make happen. There will also be abundant rivers of PROVISION flowing into your life, above and beyond just your “needs”. He is about to SURPRISE YOU with MULTIPLE MIRACLES!!!!!
Where many have felt like the Psalmist in Psalm 25:17:
“Turn to me, for my problems seem to be going from bad to worse”
You are about to experience His goodness demonstrated through MULTIPLE MIRACLES which will result in a significant turning, releasing LIFE, upon LIFE, upon LIFE! A domino effect of breakthrough, goodness and life releasing the relentless pressure!