As I was going about my day today I heard the Lord say “This week will be a very significant week in your pioneering journey”

This is a very significant week to pay attention, very close attention to what the Lord is saying and what He is doing, for there is going to be deeper clarity and insight into the “next leg of your journey” released this week.

God is going to bring it into PLAIN SIGHT this week, what is ahead. There is a clearing that He is releasing this week and this clearing is two fold. It is a “clearing” in the sense of clarity for what is ‘just ahead’ of you, but there is also a “clearing” where the Lord is going to make it very clear this week what needs to be “let go of” and what needs to be “removed” to “make room” and make space for the next thing God will have you put your hands to.

Don’t rush ahead on the revelation He releases this week. Take time. Pay very close attention to what He says and pay attention to DETAIL. For the Lord is going to give DETAIL this week that is VERY important for the next leg of your journey. There will also be supernatural visitation in the night hours this week to confirm the steps before you. Keep a notepad beside your bed to write down the blueprint released to you.

The insight released this week is going to transform the landscape that is before you and that you are moving into. For many, this week is going to be a week of things finally ‘coming together’ and making sense of the pieces of revelation the Lord has been releasing. It is going to come together this week into a “full picture” that will release you in such deeper ways, into the broader picture of the assignment at hand. Your vision this week in the spirit will be broadened and you will receive panoramic insight.

Pay close attention with even more laser focus upon the Lord this week and what He is saying, because from this week, there is a major shift and change coming in the pioneering journey.