I had an encounter with the Lord recently and I heard Him speaking over many who have received a word from the Lord recently and have had what seems like a “breakdown” over that word rather than a “breakthrough” and has left them feeling confused, discouraged, hurting and shaken.

The Lord spoke over these ones:


I began to see the Lord SPEAKING AGAIN over their hearts and souls. The thing that struck me was the Lord was not changing the subject. No matter what it looked like in the natural of the “breakdown” around the promise He had spoken, the promise still remained. Even when it looked impossible, even where there seemed to be rivers of ‘misunderstanding’ and ‘not understanding’ the Lord was speaking that He is the God of the impossible and the seeming “breakdown” of the promise in the natural did not take Him by surprise. His Word has not changed. His Word and His promise remains the same.

I felt so strongly that the Lord wanted to minister to these ones and encourage their hearts that He has not let them down and what He has spoken, STILL REMAINS.

The Lord showed me that where circumstance and the enemy is screaming “It’s broken, it’s a BREAKDOWN”, the Lord said that there may feel like there’s a “showdown” in the spirit between the falsities the enemy is speaking and his attempt to ‘lord his lies’ over many and their promise right now, but the Lord is saying that He is about to show Himself strong. He is going to show Himself as the God whose Word does NOT return void (Isaiah 55:11)

He is speaking the promise AGAIN. No matter what it looks like in the natural He is going to fulfil that which He has spoken and that the fire of His Word is coming upon you strongly, the fire of His presence is coming upon you mightily to FORTIFY the word that He has given you, even stronger and deeper within you than ever before.

The Lord says that in the natural it may look like a total “miscarriage of the promise” but the Lord is saying you are in a season of MONUMENTAL MIRACLES. The comfort of the Lord surrounds you powerfully and strongly, the empowerment of the Spirit is coming upon you to lift you up and get behind you and set you on your feet again. He is bringing you into days you have never dreamed of. The enemy may be screaming “miscarriage”, the enemy may be screaming “breakdown”, but the Lord is speaking MIRACLES. The Lord is speaking the greatest days of His power, to heal, to restore, to upgrade, to increase.

Some of you need to hear today, the Lord has not lied to you. The Lord is not a man that He should lie. (Numbers 23:19) The Lord is positioning you to partner with Him and a move His Spirit that is greater than you realise, and what the enemy meant for harm, the Lord is turning for your good (Genesis 50:20)

His Word and His presence as fire is coming upon you strongly to fortify you in a level of faith you have not walked in before. He is strengthening you in the Word like never before, to walk forward with a faith that sees beyond the natural and beyond the impossible and sees Him, the God of the impossible. The God who makes the impossible possible. (Matthew 19:26)

There is a supernatural strength that is coming upon you that is being released by the Spirit of God. The Lord is speaking over you that the “breakdown” of the promise has come to to try to “stop you” and tell you that you are being delayed, you are being hindered, but the Lord is speaking that you are entering a new day of running in the ease, grace, rest and acceleration of the slipstream of HIs Spirit into an incredible place of partnering with Him in extending the Kingdom. There is a new position the Lord has for you in this season, and not only are you going to step into the fulfilment of what He has spoken but with great increase. You are going to see the very area where the enemy has stolen from you, where he has brought death, breakdown, loss and theft, will be the very area where the Spirit of God is bringing forth a harvest to you and is going to minister powerfully through you to see others healed, saved, delivered and positioned.

Friend, it is not over. The Word of the Lord that has been so contended in your life, is going to be an area of such fulfilment of His promise, anointing, power and harvest. Do not withdraw, do not pull back, do not allow timidity, discouragement, despair or intimidation to take you out.

God is going to fulfil what He has spoken. He also has a new work for you to do. You will carry upon you the promise He has spoken in its fulfilment and also move into a new position, a new work that the Holy Spirit has for you to do. This is bigger than you think. Do not align with the narrative that says you are being taken out, delayed or broken down, align with what the Lord is speaking. He is empowering you not only to stand again, but to step into the new things that He has for you whilst carrying the harvest of what He has promised you.

It’s a new day! Don’t come off the wall!