The Lord showed me that there has been a ‘flare up’ in the second heaven against many in the last few weeks, where the things that God has spoken are about to come to pass, the promises and breakthrough, suddenly there has been a ‘flare up’ of these circumstances. The Lord showed me that expectation is a key right now to what you will experience. It is VERY important right now that you stay focused in faith. That you stay focused in expectant hope of the fulfilment of God’s Word in your life.
For the last few weeks the Lord has been speaking to me so much about His faithfulness. I have been singing ‘Great is thy faithfulness’ over and over, and have continued to hear Lamentations 3:22-23:
“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.”
Yes, the Lord is speaking here about His mercy and the fresh invitation we behold every morning into His mercies, what stood out to me SO strongly were the words ‘GREAT IS YOUR FAITHFULNESS’.
I heard the Lord say “From FLARE UP’S TO FAITHFULNESS”
Where there have been “FLARE UP’S” of the things in opposition to your promise in the last few weeks, the Lord is declaring that the shift is happening now and you shall now see the FAITHFULNESS of God demonstrated in the fulfilment of His Word in ways you have NEVER seen.
The Lord spoke to me again “No longer shall My people in these areas of the great flare up’s speak of the magnitude of the flare up’s, but they shall be overcome with My faithfulness and the demonstration of My faithfulness in their lives to bring that which I have spoken come to pass” (Isaiah 55:11)
I had a vision and saw a turning of tears. The tears that these ‘flare up’s’ have caused over and over and especially in the last few weeks, there shall now be TEARS OVER HIS FAITHFULNESS. I saw people all over the earth on their faces weeping before the Lord undone by the revelation and MANIFESTATION of His faithfulness. I saw people going about their day to day duties and weeping and weeping overcome by the revelation of His faithfulness and the second wind they have received in the manifestation of His Word in their lives and the magnitude of the demonstration of His faithfulness.
The Lord spoke to me that these ‘flare up’s’ have been so loud in the lives of many especially in the last few weeks it has almost become deafening how loud these flare up’s have screamed, but the Lord is declaring that the demonstration of His faithfulness is going to resound LOUDER than these flare up’s. These flare up’s are going to drown and bow to the name of Jesus and the faithfulness of Almighty God.
The battle from these ‘flare up’s’ is not just because of the Word of the Lord coming to pass in the lives of His people but there is a FRESH MANTLING that is taking place in the breaking through into the promises of God. This has been a MAJOR threshold that many of you have been battling over to crossover into because this is going to be one of the greatest areas of your ministry that has been ordained by the Lord.
Friends, I want you to hear this.
The VERY AREA that the enemy has come against you with these giants is because that is the VERY AREA God is releasing a new mantle upon you in the breakthrough to begin to partner with Him in new ways to bring breakthrough to others. There are new ministries being birthed right NOW in these breakthroughs that are going to commission many into their destiny in new ways and take many to a new level of anointing and new move of the Spirit of God within their ministries.
The voice of the Lord shook me as He thundered. “The areas where many of My people have had intense battles over their life with the one area where the giant won’t bow, not only will the giant now bow, but this will also be the area of the GREATEST MOVE of My Spirit that they have ever seen.”
“It’s OVER! It’s OVER! It’s OVER! The battle with this giant and its continual flare up’s is OVER! It’s time to move into what I have promised you. It’s time for you to move into a realm of seeing and experiencing My faithfulness in this barren, dry, dead area of your life in supernatural ways. It’s coming to life! My resurrection power is bringing it to life and this is the area where the birthing of these new mantles begin”