Lana Vawser

Recently I heard a strong and loud cry coming from the hearts of many of God’s people in their secret place with the Lord. They were crying out “Jesus, I don’t know what else to do to step into the breakthrough and promises you have for me.”

There was such an intense frustration, despair and disappointment bubbling up in the hearts of God’s people. The sense surrounded me so strongly that they have “tried everything”. They have done “they know all to do”. Every “avenue” has been tried and a deep frustration has entered their hearts, leaving a despair and a feeling of hopelessness that they didn’t think their promise manifested could feel any further away, and suddenly it has.

That’s when I heard the Lord reply “You are now entering the midnight zone where I, the God of wonders will meet you.”

The sense was so strong around me of the place where we face impossibility “head on” and the Lord spoke again “I have brought you to the place where I am your only option. I am going to be your hero! You have entered the midnight zone where I am your only option. You have come to the point of desperation where things need to change. Don’t despise the frustration you are feeling, because that place of frustration is the place of UPGRADE. It is the place of miracles. It’s the place where you are going to see Me move in power and leave you in wonder of who I am. Put your hope in Me! I will NOT fail you! I am about to do what only I can do. In this process I am dealing with more than just the area of breakthrough that you need, I am dealing with your heart. I am dealing with the strongholds within. I am healing the heart. I am healing the soul. I am healing the mind. Open up your hearts, this is your moment of your greatest transformational encounters in Me.”

Joshua 3:5 then resounded loudly around me:

Then Joshua said to the people, “Consecrate yourselves, for tomorrow the LORD will do wonders among you.”

He whispered again:

“I have brought you to the end of yourself. I have brought you to the place of the deepest rest of faith that you have ever experienced. In the brokenness before Me you are transitioning into the greatest upgrade and impartation and manifestation of faith in your life that you have walked in. It’s the place of REST. I am bringing you deeper into the faith rested life. The place of deeper trust in who I am. There is nothing you can do to “EARN” the breakthrough and “EARN” the miracle. I am breaking off these orphan mentalities. In the wrestle, in the pushing, in the struggle, I am purifying your heart from the wrong beliefs and removing the roots that are hindering you from walking in My truth. I am changing your perspective.”


I had a vision and I saw many of God’s people weeping in such a “dry and arid land”. These lands represented these areas where there has just not been ANY breakthrough but the continued culmination of things that shout “Breakthrough will never come. The weeping was SO loud and I heard the Lord speak again “I have collected every tear, I have cherished every cry and continue to bring comfort to My people and release hope to them that I am the God that has prepared for them, things that are greater than they have imagined. (1 Corinthians 2:9) These dry and arid lands are SUDDENLY shifting. (Psalm 84:6-8) Watch what I will do. Suddenly, I saw the breath of the Spirit begin to breathe over these dry and arid lands. It was the breath of REVIVAL. I heard Him speak again “I am bringing you My people, into a season of the greatest miracles you have ever seen”

I watched as God moved in power in so many different ways in the lives of His people, restoring hope and turning things around, MAJOR MIRACLES and His heart resounded “THIS IS NOT THE END, THIS IS YOUR GREATEST NEW BEGINNING.”

It’s in the place of rested trust in Him, ceasing from the striving, entering into this midnight zone, the greatest miracles you have ever seen will suddenly manifest. Someone needs to hear the truth today that He will not fail you. Hope will NOT disappoint you. (Romans 5:5)


I watched as the landscape changed. Miracles and the power of God manifested SO significantly the land was now branded with “THE ALMIGHTY GOD OF WONDERS WAS HERE”

The Lord whispered again: “These places of the greatest pain, the greatest despair, trauma and hopelessness, are becoming some of the greatest pillars of “stones of remembrance” in the lives of My people.” (Joshua 4)

These places of the deepest struggle, pain and heartache are the places of the greatest encounter with Jesus. Jesus is stepping in. The Holy Spirit is doing what only He can do. You coming to the “end of yourself” is actually one of your greatest gifts of this season, because you are going to see Him do what only He can do.

These places are becoming your pillars of remembrance where you will forever look back with thankfulness and gratitude of mighty deliverance and demonstrations of His power that you have ever seen testifying to His goodness and nature and  releasing hope and strength, not only to you but the generations to come.