The Lord showed me that there is a resounding loud sound rising up from the body of Christ that is getting louder and it is the decree..


I heard the Lord’s whisper:

“The sound of VICTORY is getting louder. The earth is shaking with the RISING UP of the overcomers! Here they come! Here they come! The earth has been waiting for these ones! What the enemy did to attempt to break My people because of the empowerment of My Spirit has seen them arise now stronger than ever before. What the enemy has meant for their harm, I have come and turned for their good. (Genesis 50:20) The enemy has come in such intimidation, but now in the rising of these ones in strength in Me like never before, they are moving forward and major intimidation is coming upon the enemy camp.”

His voice thundered around me:

“What has once held My people down will NO LONGER hold them down. Watch My power! Watch My power! It’s time for My people to ARISE and SUBDUE!!!! Now is the time to SUBDUE! For so long the enemy has come and screamed in intimidation, fear and assault against many in the body of Christ that he has conquered, but the awakening of the CONQUERERS is here! The enemy has been defeated, he has been conquered by My death and resurrection, My victory, he has been overcome and in the arising of the conquerors now in greater ways than before shall he be reminded of his defeat as My people step into their victory and increase like never before.”


I watched as the chains of “battle weariness” were breaking off God’s people in an accelerated way. Where these chains have felt heavy and become heavier than before, I watched as Jesus was breaking off these chains. As these chains were breaking I hard His voice thundering..


Suddenly the vision shifted and I saw the enemy in a strategy room with his cohorts and through all the battles and all the onslaughts there was one main focus to stop God’s people from moving into the place of awakening to the revelation of their authority and victory in Christ and to hinder them from stepping into the new assignments upon them.
I watched as Jesus began to hand out these scrolls to His people. As these scrolls were received and unravelled where these new assignments were engraved, the scrolls suddenly turned into HUGE rivers.

“God has a constantly flowing river whose sparkling streamsbring joy and delight to his people. His river flows right through the city of God Most High, into his holy dwelling places.” (Psalm 46:4 – The Passion Translation)

These new assignments carry such refreshment of the Holy Spirit and such joy like never before in partnering with Jesus and what the Lord is doing in the earth. The way that the the Holy Spirit will be encountered in these new assignments will bring such joy and delight. The way the Holy Spirit moves through His people in these new assignments is going to be exponential.

The enemy has tried to break so many of God’s people leading up to these “new assignments” so God’s people don’t step into them, but the victory of God is manifesting and there is a great ‘entering into’ of these new assignments where the enemy will be sorry that he ever came against God’s people.

The way that the Lord will move through His people in these new assignments will bring such destruction to the enemys plans and see the Kingdom of God extended in such powerful ways and the Glory of the Lord revealed.

The vision then continued and these new assignments kept shifting from the river to a red carpet. When I asked the Lord what He was saying I heard Him say..

“In these new assignments I am releasing I am going to step in as the King of Glory (Psalm 27) and display My Glory and My breaker anointing like never before. I will release great pathways of favour for My people to see My Kingdom extended, My Glory to be revealed and My holiness and Majesty to be seen.”

The arising of the conquerors is increasing. The enemy tried to break many of God’s people, but the enemy has failed as God’s people are arising in the empowerment of the Spirit stronger than ever and stepping deeper into the revelation of their authority in Me taking on the new assignments being released.

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