The Lord spoke to me today to re-release this word as it is pertinent for many in the body of Christ right now.


The Lord has been showing me for the last week or so the enemy targeting many NEW VISIONS right now with DISTRACTION.

The enemy is doing all he can to come against the NEW VISIONS that God is birthing, and I felt the Lord say that the NEW VISIONS He has released require intense focus. I kept hearing the words “Be intentional to keep your hand on the plough.” The Lord is uncovering the distractions that have been coming against many, and these distractions have come hard and fast against many new visions because the vision that the Lord is birthing through you is moving you into a whole new realm of revelation, encounter, increase, creativity and breakthrough for your life and for those that you will minister to.


There is something very SIGNIFICANT about this week for many regarding the NEW VISIONS that the Lord has released. You have faced distraction after distraction, opposition and a difficulty in pressing through and taking ground in the new vision, but the Lord spoke to be “THIS WEEK BE INTENTIONAL TO ENGAGE WITH ME AND THE VISION AGAIN.”

I saw specific breakthrough’s being released this week and the distractions being broken as you are INTENTIONAL to seek Jesus and ask Him to REFRESH THE VISION within you.

There MANY specific encounters with Jesus for many of you this week that is going to not only REFRESH the vision, there is a DIVINE REBOOT that will take place by His Spirit that is going to BREAK the power of the distractions coming against you.

Where there have been DISTRACTIONS, the Lord is going to give you even more NEW DIRECTIONS in the vision. Where many of you have felt DISCONNECTED with the vision, the encounters the Lord has for you this week is going to connect you SO DEEPLY with the heart of Jesus and His heart and what HE SEES in the vision He has given you, that FIRE OF PASSION and EXCITEMENT is going to refuel within you again. Doubt is going to fall off, and confusion is going to break.


The enemy has come strongly against these new visions attempting to bring SLUMBER upon many concerning these new visions because the Spirit of God is going to bring GREAT AWAKENING through the birthing of these new visions. The enemy has been attempting to bring SLUMBER upon you and the vision because the Lord is going to release AWAKENING through what He has asked you to put your hands to. The enemy has attempted to suck your strength through the slumber, but these encounters with Jesus that await you this week will bring a new strength within you, His strength and empowerment.

I see for many of you this week, you are going to step into HUGE BREAKTHROUGH in the NEW VISION that He has given you. Encounters with Jesus and in His Word are going to catapult you into a whole new realm of BREAKTHROUGH where you will meet the WINDS OF ACCELERATION and you will meet the breakthrough point of the “slipstream of grace” and you will see the anointing on the new vision increase. I prophesy that you will accomplish more in building the vision this week than all the weeks the enemy has attempted to hinder you with distraction. I see the Lord giving you DOUBLE RECOMPENSE for the trouble the enemy has caused you with the distractions he has continued to bring against you to distract you from the new vision.


“You can pass through His open gates with the password of praise. Come right into His presence with thanksgiving. Come bring your thank offering to Him and affectionately bless His beautiful name!” – Psalm 100:4 (The Passion Translation)

Be intentional to spend time in worship and praise of the Lord, enter His gates with thanksgiving. As you sit with the vision He has given you, as you sit in the vision He has given you, be intentional to worship and praise, because praise is going to break the haze many of you have been feeling as you encounter Him and affectionately bless His beautiful name.


The Lord showed me things that the enemy is attempting to bring against the new visions are about to break. The fire for pioneering is going to burn strongly again in many of you. The chains the enemy is attempting to put around the vision to keep it on the ground, and stop it from taking flight, I prophesy in the name of Jesus, you are going to see momentum this week, breakthrough of those chains, and the NEW VISIONS are going to GAIN FLIGHT this week, and your heart will be filled with GREAT JOY!!!!
Overflowing JOY in the new visions will bubble forth from within you as you move into breakthrough!

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