Last night I had a dream and I heard the Lord say “Many have lost their song, but in 2019 it shall not only be restored but resound louder than before.”

I then began to see CD’s all around and the sense was the sound was LOUD. 

As I have sat with the Lord and pondered this dream He spoke to me that this word is not only for worship leaders and those who sing but also for those in the body of Christ who feel they have lost their voice. Those who feel like circumstances, weariness, opposition, doubt, fear and many other things have stolen their song.

The Lord showed me a MAJOR restoration of the SONG of the Lord in His people being restored. The songs that the Lord has placed within His people are going to come forth again and louder than before. The beautiful melodies of His heart, the messages of His heart that He has imparted into each of His people that reveal His nature, His truth and His heart are going to resound LOUD. 

The “songs” that God has placed within many will come out in music, it will come out in writing, it will come out in so many different ways, but it is the SOUND of the Lord’s heart and His message in the hearts of His believers that will NO LONGER be muffled, lost or stolen. It’s being RESTORED to RESOUND LOUD!


I was struck in the dream by the CD’s and I knew in the dream that this represented many “recordings” for those who have been called and anointed to sing and to worship the Lord.

But in the dream there was another strong sense that I felt for those who don’t ‘sing’ as such but those who have lost their voice and their sound. 

I kept hearing the words over and over “It’s time to PUBLISH” and I felt the Lord saying that not only will the songs, sounds, and messages of His heart be restored within His people but NOW is the time to see these songs, sounds and messages PUBLISHED. The Lord is going to orchestrate many divine avenues to have the sounds, songs and messages of the Lord published and released into the world.

The Lord kept speaking:

“The enemy has worked hard to muffle the sound of many and to steal their voice, to steal their song, to steal the messages of My heart within them, but NOW My hand shall bring about an acceleration of publication and it is TIME for a NEW SOUND. It’s time for the NEW SOUNDS of My heart to arise. It’s time for the NEW SOUNDS of the NEW ERA to be released. Watch how I will move through My people in new and fresh ways. Watch how I will ignite new and fresh giftings within My people that they never knew they had. Watch as My sound comes out LOUD!!!!”

“The songs, sounds and messages of My heart that will be restored and released in 2019 will FLOW with the new wine of My heart. They will drip in My anointing more than ever before. They will carry the oil of My presence and weightiness of My Glory, carrying a sound of heaven that has not been heard before. The sound of intimacy with Me is going to RESOUND LOUDER than ever before.”

“It’s time for the NEW SOUNDS of the NEW ERA and NOW the songs of My heart, the messages of My heart are being restored in My people and they will RESOUND across the earth testifying to My goodness and My love. The new sounds of the new era to usher in a great harvest has arrived.”

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