By Lana Vawser
I heard the Lord say this morning “The year where everything changed”. I could feel the excitement in the atmosphere of the enormous shift that is taking place over the body of Christ right now. As we move into Rosh Hashanah at sundown here in Australia today, I believe that the Lord is making a decree of MAJOR CHANGE as we move into 5779. (New Jewish Year)
There have been whirlwinds sent to try and take you out, but now the Lord is releasing whirlwinds of ACCELERATION that are going to position you – SUDDENLY.
The changes that are taking place in the spirit are NOT something to fear. The enemy is using lies and fear to create a foreboding in many hearts of what the CHANGE looks like, but I want to encourage you the changes that are going to take place will be GOOD, they are greater manifestations of the destiny of the Lord for your life.
Don’t despise the uncomfortable feelings of stretching that are taking place right now. Don’t despise the feelings of pressure on either side, for in the midst of it all, everything you are walking through, you are being PREPARED for what you are being led into. There has been such an intense season of preparation for so many, and now the Lord is leading His people into the greater places of positioning and Kingdom alignment.
In the battles that many of you have faced in this season, especially lately, where you have continued to stand and now that you’ve done all to stand, you must keep standing (Ephesians 6) the Lord is using ALL things you have been and are walking through to FORTIFY YOU and INCREASE YOU for what is before you.
There has been a SIGNIFICANT BATTLE leading up to this threshold of crossing over into 5779, and now you shall begin to see in greater acceleration and manifestation WHY the battle has been so intense.
In a vision I saw the hand of the Lord moving pieces on a chessboard and as each piece was moved, there was a significant shaking that was taking place in the Spirit. The atmosphere was so full of the authority and decree of God.
Get ready to see some significant SOVEREIGN rearranging of His hand. He is going to set many in places for His Glory and Kingdom to be extended and NOTHING will be able to stop the divine positioning of God.
As this positioning of God takes place, guard your hearts. For the enemy would attempt to stir up offense or jealousy in hearts regarding the positioning of His hand.
I want to encourage you, continue to lean into Him. Stay close to His heart. Do not allow offense or jealousy to be stirred up, but KNOW that the positioning of God is PERFECT. Celebrate one another and pray for one another and do not entertain the lie of the enemy that you have “missed out”. The Lord is going to minister to many areas where the orphan spirit has taken hold in souls. He is going to heal those areas and awaken His people in greater ways to their identities in Him as a son and a daughter who is dearly loved.
The Lord spoke to me that there has been an intense MATURING of the saints that has been taking place in the battle that is going to continue to SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASE in this new season. Why? Because the Lord is wanting to MATURE His children so we can CARRY what He is releasing and STEWARD with purity, integrity and maturity the major move of God that is upon us. The earth is groaning for the mature sons and daughters of God to be revealed (Romans 8:22-24)
The King of Glory is about to come THROUGH YOU in glorious ways. His power and love is about to be manifested through your life in such stunning ways.
I had a vision of the body of Christ crossing over the threshold into the Hebraic Year 5779 and many were decreeing “NOW I KNOW WHY I AM ALIVE”.
Where there has been a deep searching for purpose within many in the body of Christ, you relationship with Jesus and the reality of living FOR HIM, to KNOW HIM and to MAKE HIM KNOWN is going to burn in you in greater ways than you have experienced before. As we cross over the threshold there will be greater FIRE IN YOUR BONES of the Word of God bringing awakening to your purpose in Christ. Your DESTINY in Jesus is going to COME ALIVE in greater ways. Such a SIGNIFICANT AWAKENING!
In the flames, in the fire, the Spirit of God is anchoring you deeper in Jesus, deeper in His Word and stronger in conviction of faith to stand upon what He says and what He reveals. The pressing HAS and IS preparing you to carry increase.
I hear the ROAR of the Lion of Judah in the Spirit. There is a ROAR OF JUSTICE that is being released right now by the Lord.
In the vision as I watched God’s people stepping over the threshold into 5779, as the crossover was taking place, I heard the ROAR of God SO loud.
SUDDENLY I saw angelic hosts flying with such speed towards God’s people. The wind of the Spirit blew so strongly and these angelic hosts were holding SPOILS.
I then heard the words:
I knew suddenly that there is an even greater shift taking place right now and the Lord releasing His ROAR of justice is bringing the SPOILS back to God’s people.
The Lord gave me a prophetic word in April about the enemy attempting to SPOIL but the Lord was decreeing that this was the season for the body of Christ to GATHER SPOILS ( – what is taking place is a SIGNIFICANT INCREASE upon what God has decreed. This IS your season to GATHER THE SPOILS. The enemy has been trying so hard to SPOIL this season for many, BUT GOD.. that IS the testimony and WILL be the testimony. BUT GOD!!!
“When Jehoshaphat and his people came to take their spoil, they found among them, in great numbers, goods, clothing, and precious things, which they took for themselves until they could carry no more. They were three days in taking the spoil, it was so much.” – 2 Chronicles 20:25
I decree over you today:
This is your season to gather the spoils from the camp of the enemy.
This is your season right now where you will see the JUSTICE of GOD released into your life in GREAT ACCELERATION.
This is your season right now of MAJOR suddenlies, turnarounds and miracles.
I heard the Lord say:
“The scales of My justice are being weighed in YOUR FAVOUR. This is the YEAR WHERE EVERYTHING CHANGES.”
As we now move into 5779, the Lord spoke to me that fasting is a key right now. There is SIGNIFICANT deliverance, breakthrough, and shifts that are going to take place as you FAST. This is an ESTHER season, such significant positioning, favour and promotion. In this crossover there will be GREAT momentous shifts and breakthroughs as you fast and set your face towards Jesus as a FLINT and watch what He will do.
In this vision I saw many of God’s people coming to the threshold of 5779 and they were so weighed down by things in the past and things that have taken place in this season. They were walking with HEAVY SHACKLES around their feet and I heard the Lord say “IT IS TIME TO BE RELEASED” and the ROAR of His justice sounded again. Suddenly I heard the Scripture from Exodus 14:13:
Moses answered the people, “Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the LORD will bring you today. The Egyptians you see today you will never see again.”
There is a MIGHTY deliverance upon you in the ROAR of His justice over your life. The places of bondage, of being caged, of oppression and torment, these places are being BROKEN, they are LOSING their hold by the ROAR of His justice over your life. His justice is releasing such significant deliverance, healing and breakthrough in your life, you will NO LONGER see those places that have kept you bound anymore. Those “landing strips” that the enemy has used for so long to hold you back, in the ROAR of God’s justice over you, there will be SUDDEN shifts.
“Who the Son sets free, is free indeed” (John 8:36)
You are FREE in Christ, and that FREEDOM that was purchased for you at Calvary is going to continue to SUDDENLY manifest in your life in this year where EVERYTHING CHANGED!
It’s time to be RELEASED!