Lana Vawser 

A few weeks ago I had a vision and the Lord showed me many prophets are under pretty intense attack right now. The enemy is coming against them intensely because of the momentous breakthrough threshold that the Lord is leading them over. If that’s you, this word is for you.

I had a vision and I saw the prophets of God with huge books before them and they were writing what the Lord was saying to them personally, for the body of Christ and the world/nations. As they were writing their pens were filled with oil and I knew the Lord was saying that the words He was releasing through them was bringing HEALING. The Lord showed me that there was a significant increase of the healing anointing of God being released through many prophets right now, and the enemy is raging mad. As I continued to watch this vision, I saw a snake slither into their space and the snake began to coil itself around the books before them. As it coiled around the book, the tighter it got, the more opposition, battle and confusion/fog in hearing from God was taking place.

The Lord spoke to me in that moment and said “The spirit of leviathian is attacking My prophets and attempting to suffocate their promises, the rhema I am releasing through them and causing them to retreat because of the intensity of the suffocation. Now is the time to stand, not run in fear, not retreat. Now is the time to stand and hold onto My promises because there is exponential freedom and fulfillment upon them and My words through them.”

The Lord continued to speak:

“Many prophets are feeling the intensity of this opposition so much that they feel like they are going to die. Many are feeling like they are not going to make it and are beginning to retreat and run into caves like Elijah did. This is EXACTLY what the enemy wants. The enemy is screaming at so many prophets with fear, physical issues, fogginess in hearing from Me and deep discouragement, but I have decreed that there is EXPONENTIAL FREEDOM and FULFILLMENT upon them. I will NOT let them down. I cannot lie. I will move and am moving. I have heard their cries and I am coming in as Defender and I will make a way where there is no way. My power is going to be demonstrated and made manifest in the lives of My prophets being attacked so viciously, unlike they have seen before.”


“My prophets, many of you are hearing the enemy coming against you with threats and lies concerning you and your family, but I say unto you that you and your family are GREATLY protected. For the enemy is coming at you with his lies to steal your peace, to steal your joy, to steal your focus, to steal your strength, but know My precious prophets that I have seen, I have heard, and I have stationed angels to surround you and protect you and your family. For Psalm 91 is a great key and promise for you right now. 

“A thousand may fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near your dwelling place.” (Psalm 91:7)

“The enemy is working overtime to lock you down in fear. To suffocate faith and vision from you, but I will smash his efforts with My power and vindication. My justice is being brought forth. For you will walk in great peace, you will walk in great health, you will walk in great strength as these attacks of the enemy suddenly fall away. The enemy is attempting to blind you with his lies and fear, this foreboding and spirit of fear is attempting to keep you from your destiny, but it will NOT succeed. Put your trust in Me and My Word. Take Psalm 91 and KNOW that you and your families are greatly protected by My hand and My angelic hosts.”


“I have heard your cries and many of you have been crying out that breakthrough seems so far away. I say unto you “hold on! Things are going to suddenly turn around.” I know many of you are so battle weary, so discouraged, but know that My heart of love and encouragement is going to surround you, comfort you and empower you. I am sending the ravens to you! I am sending the ravens to you! I am sending the ravens to you! You will be provided for, you will be empowered and strengthened for the journey ahead. You will not be left caged in fear, trodden upon by the enemy and despaired. You will now rise 10 times stronger in the power of My Spirit than you have before. Hold on! Hold on! Things are going to SUDDENLY turn around. Many of you have felt like you have lost hope in My promises. The enemy is attempting to suffocate your faith and your hope, so be even more intentional in taking My promises and standing upon them refusing to move.” 


As I continued to sit with the Lord I saw many looking down at their promises and many were despaired and discouraged wondering what happened. What happened to what the Lord has spoken. As they sat reading, I saw this demonic spirit behind them whispering into their ears, lies and more lies. “God has let you down”, “You heard wrong”, “Nothing will ever change for you (breakthrough won’t happen)” when suddenly I heard the Lord decree:


In His decree I felt the power of God and His faithfulness. The atmosphere was full of the mighty decree and authority of God. Nothing has changed, His promises STILL remain. Things may not have turned out how or when you expected, but NOTHING has changed, God is STILL faithful and He is going to make a way where there seems to be no way. You will not be left ‘short changed’ but the justice, redemption and restoration of God is upon you and it will VIOLENTLY manifest. It’s not over! What God has said, what He has spoken will NOT return void. (verse)

The enemy has violently come against many of you, but now you shall see the VIOLENT recompense, redemption, restoration and justice of God upon your life that is going to send the enemy screaming in fear. Your victory is ALREADY assured in Christ. Your victory IS manifesting even if you don’t see it yet, the Lord is raising you up TRIUMPHANT! 


The Lord spoke again:

“Greater accuracy in hearing My heartbeat, discerning My voice and seeing where I am moving and discerning the times and seasons, is upon you. Where the enemy has come against you so relentlessly to cause distraction, pain and torment, I am now breaking that attack and ADDING greater increase of discerning My voice upon you. For My Word will open up to you like never before. You will see Me and My voice in My Word in greater ways than you ever have. You will see My heart of love in greater ways than you have before. For the attack of the enemy against you, as hard as it has been, as hot as the fire of opposition has been, it has ADDED to you. His assault and onslaught against you has positioned you to see Me, your Dread Champion, your Saviour, your Mighty Warrior, Your Defender, come to your aid in greater and more powerful ways than you have ever experienced and turn things around and release significant increase.”

“Where many of you have been hearing the taunts of the enemy over and over that has tormented you, I now decree that attack broken and a greater strength and conviction in knowing My voice and faith in what I speak. I decree upon you a double portion increase of accuracy in hearing from Me and living in a deeper place of authority and rest in My voice. What I have said WILL manifest! Get ready for keys! It’s going to rain keys! More and more and more keys! Your season of receiving the greatest amount of keys is upon you!”


I heard the Lord say:

“The enemy has attempted to sift you, break you and torment you, to crush you, but now you are rising out of the ashes by the power of My Spirit stronger than before and awakened to the power of My blood. The revelation of the power of My blood to cover, to heal, to forgive is upon you!”

I then saw many prophets taking communion and as they did there was great healing that was taking place. I watched as they took communion, remembering what Jesus did and thanking Him for His sacrifice, resurrection power was flowing into their bodies, minds and lives and bringing forth LIFE, LIFE, LIFE! A great alignment, breakthrough, shift, miraculous turnaround and healing was taking place. I could hear the song playing in the spirit over and over:

“NOTHING but the blood of Jesus” 

Prophets of God, if you have found yourself in the fire of major opposition lately, hold on! Don’t retreat. Do whatever you have to do to stand your ground. He hasn’t left you, He hasn’t failed you, He is with you and He is about to show Himself strong on your behalf. You WILL see the power of God manifest and significant turnaround take place. This vicious attack against you is breaking and the power of God is bringing the justice, restoration and recompense of God into your life in significant ways. 

You are moving with Jesus into SIGNIFICANT increase!