Hi Friends!

Lana and I have posted a short message about fake Facebook accounts pretending to be Lana and defrauding people of their money. Please, have a look.  


Be blessed

Kevin and Lana Vawser




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  1. I declare and decree like Jehoshaphat God has given you quietness in ALL sides

    I declare and decree NO gates of hell shall prevail against you

    I declare and decree you have GREAT success In EVERYTHING you put your hands to because God is with you

    I declare and decree whatever you ask in Jesus name He will do it to the Glory of God

    I declare and decree the Angels of God are being released to you and your family and you shall be strengthened by heaven’s arsenal

    I declare and decree EVERY attack is bound up by the blood of Jesus and ceases to exist FOREVER in Jesus matchless and mighty name. AMEN

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