By Lana Vawser

This word I felt was for those who have been in the "wings of the waiting" and have faced deep disappointment, trial, turbulence, opposition and darkness in the midst of their waiting.

I heard the Lord say "the WINDS of ACCELERATION are meeting you in the WINGS OF WAITING."

I felt the Lord’s heart so strongly for those who have been in the place of waiting and have wrestled with such deep darkness over the prophetic word and promise the Lord has given them. I saw many of these ones faithfully continuing to sow into others breakthrough amidst the deep pain, disappointment and opposition they have faced in the journey with their own promise.


I heard the Lord say "Faithful ones, as you have sowed into others breakthrough – DOUBLE is now coming to you!!!!"

I saw miraculous turnarounds. I saw overnight miracles. I saw acceleration in the breakthrough. I saw the REWARD of God falling upon the faithful. God is going to release upon you more than you have ever imagined, and it’s going to be glorious.


I heard the Lord say "It is going to be greater than you can imagine. Bigger than you have expected. Where you have faced pain and heartache, and continued to sow into others, now you will reap a reward DOUBLE what you have asked for."

"It’s TIME for your PROMISE TO ARRIVE! It is TIME for your PROMISE TO ARRIVE!!!! You will not be disappointed. You will not be left behind. You will not be overlooked. You will rise above now on the WINDS of acceleration as you have been in the wings of waiting. There is place of promises fulfilled within My heart that you are about to find, where you will see the banner of My faithfulness LIFTED HIGH!"


"Many of you have faced trial upon trial and storm upon storm, yet your hearts have remained towards Me. You have remained faithful to Me. You have lifted your hands in praise. You have poured out and poured out, remaining faithful to what I have asked of you, and you have moved My heart. You have moved My heart with your YES and your yieldedness. Now your heart shall be moved by the TABLE I HAVE SET BEFORE YOU. Not only shall you receive your hearts desire and promise but MORE than you have asked Me for. Anything the enemy meant for your harm, I have turned for your good and now you shall see the FRUIT of My turning. I am now about to demonstrate that I am the all knowing, all powerful God, and I am about to reveal My plans and do what only I can do. It’s time for your promise to arrive! I am about to reward your faithfulness, as you have sowed and sowed into others breakthrough, you are now about to enter a land of FULLNESS and OVERFLOWING HARVEST."

JOEL 2:21

I heard the Lord say Joel 2:21 "Don’t be afraid, my people. Be glad now and rejoice, for the LORD has done great things."

In Joel 2, the land had been devastated by locusts, but the Lord decrees a REVERSAL and RESTORATION.

I felt the Lord decreeing Joel 2:21 over you faithful ones, that your time of GLADNESS and REJOICING is upon you as you decree in the DOUBLE being released to you "THE LORD HAS DONE GREAT THINGS".

It’s your turn! Things are about to turn!


  1. As exciting as this word is I’m cautious. I’ve had so many false starts the past, oh, seventeen years (beginning in my early 20’s) that I feel like my heart is going to break if I hear or read another prophetic message like this and it doesn’t come to pass. The last almost four years have been the hardest of my life with many spiritual assaults (even spiritual attacks on my pets !), and I’m so weak emotionally and spiritually. I know that we are called to have faith even when we can’t see but right now I’m slightly bitter and my often response is “We’ll see.” and “I’ll believe it when I see it.”. I’m fighting off hardness of heart which is a dangerous place to be. Over the past couple of years I’ve read Lana’s prophetic messages and I’ve found them to be encouraging but this past year they make me upset. Many of the things that she talks about have NOT happened in my life and so I often see her prophetic messages as a dangling carrot and the enemy tells me that Lana is a lying prophet, etc.. But looking at the Lord and knowing that He is loving and kind I feel deep in my gut that when I hold Lana’s messages up to the light and love of Christ, they seem, to me, to match. And so, I keep reading them and hoping. I just pray to God that He does something by the end of this year because I’m at the end of my last straw or rather, thread. I can’t seem to make anything happen for myself and so many of my efforts to get things off the ground have failed and I look incredibly foolish to my family and friends. All I have left is God. And as I’ve learned so often, that is where God wants us to be and is the best place to be. And so I continue to hope even though it hurts so very much. God bless you, Lana. Keep up the good work! ( I mean it!). : )

  2. Praise the LORD !!! Thanks Lana I felt as if the LORD was speaking to me through you. I will wait for the promise in JESUS name.

  3. Yes, this is a right on time word for me. About a year and a half ago, the Holy Spirit revealed to me in a dream that Now is the Time for the Manifestation. I have drawn circles of prayer and praise around God’s Word and this spoken truth. Time has passed, the trials and difficulties have continued, an onslaught of heaviness continued to come upon me, in the wait. I sowed into my daughter’s breakthrough, and I witnessed God’s faithfulness as He has continues to unfold, blessing upon blessing in her life. There were times that I wondered and waited, what about what you’ve promised me, and how much longer, as I carried the gravity in the wait. I was led to your website today to read this truth. Double is my NOW portion!
    Thank you for your prophetic words of wisdom…

  4. I DECREE AND DECLARE this message I receive. I have gone through many trials and many, many days of crying. I am glad my breakthrough is here. God’s word is true.

  5. Hi Lana and family, I thankyou so so much and Praise God for
    “FAITHFUL ONES AS YOU HAVE SOWED INTO OTHERS BREAKTHROUGH – DOUBLE IS NOW COMING TO YOU!!!” I praise and thankyou for this, I’m in tears and tears of thankfulness, Joy and relief. Praise God.
    Godbless you and your family 100 fold.

  6. I can’t even tell you how time sensitive this word is in my life!!! I have been holding on with the little strength that I have left and need for this to be true for me now, not next year. Thank you for your faithfulness.

  7. Amen! I accept and receive this word for my life, in Jesus Mighty Name!!! Thank you for your faithfulness.

  8. Please pray for my family we need a miracle and I have sow faithfully in tears. Help in others breakthroughs and we need rent, water, electric, car loans and insurance all due. My husband was sick was off 2 days and I’m searching for work with college degrees. I am studying for real estate tests and need to pass and believing to pass. My faith is strong for God to come through. Really need prayers as I am one of the “faithful ones”. Decree acceleration in finances, restored relationships with Haley and Q, for my grandkids not to be divided in Jesus Name

  9. Only but you Lord, Only but you can do what only you can do. I receive your Words, for there is Power in the Anointing of your Words Spoken
    this day, very day, Sunday Oct.15,2017 I am overjoy in your words of truth, for I know this is the Harvest, It is a set time, for me to receive all
    your promises, the manifestations coming upon me. .Hallelujah !!!! Glory, Glory, Glory, Awesome Glory unto thee Father God. I have been in
    the Wings of Waiting for so long. Happy to Receive the Double Portion. Winds of Acceleration, are meeting me, in the Wings of Waiting. How
    Awesome is this. What a marvelous moment in time, to be on the Receiving end, for I have endured many trials, storms,of life, and have come
    forth unharmed. I thank you Father, for you have done Great and Mighty things, as I am Rejoicing in All your Goodness, for thou are a Faithful
    It is time !!!! Hallelujah !!! Double is Now Coming to me !!!!!!! Thank you Jesus !!!!! It is time for the Promise to Arrive !!!!!!!!!! Shouts of Joy,
    Joy, Joy, is Coming my way !!!! Yes, Yes, Yes, Hallelujah !!! I declare and decree it in Jesus name. Hallelujah !!!!!!! Thank you, Lana Vawser,
    for sharing the Father’s heart to his Faithful one’s in him. Be Blessed, as his Words has Blessed me tremendously. Amen and Amen !!!!

  10. I believe and received this Word deep into my spirit. The Lord has done great things. The Lord has done great things! God Bless you, Lana.

  11. Thank you Jesus, for all Your promises are Yes and Amen in You.
    I take this word and hold on to it to see that God’s word does not return empty but accomplish all it was sent out to do.
    God is faithful and so generous to us. Praise God.
    Thank you Lana for sharing this word with us.

  12. Thank you Lana for your inspiration. Since I’ve been following you I’ve prayed for and received a dream, a revelation and a vision. The dream I gave birth to twins. Yes double blessings confirmed! Then I was show incoming Nibiru with much discernment, and a 3 hour vision of the rapture, the tribulation, and a journey through heaven. I have never been so blessed! Praise the father and son! Thank Jesus!

  13. ABUNDANCE OF JOY; ABUNDANCE OF PROVISION… Yes it is time. Thank you Lana. I am in one hundred percent agreement with this word that our Father released through you and I believe the double is a Big Double… have been seeing double digit numbers many times a day for a few months now. Nearly every time I look at the time it is 11:11 or 18:18 etc. I also think it is Double Double Grace… been seeing 5555 MANY times lately… You are a blessing Lana.

  14. Another Rhema word from the Lord. I receive it in the name of Jesus.
    God Bless you Lana. Your words from the Lord continue to be confirmation!!!

  15. The presence of God is so thick upon this word. He is preparing a work like none before, and calling for us his people, his “faithful ones” to, call forth in such urgencey what he has yet to birth. Hallelujah.

  16. Thank you Father, thank you for Your Word and thank You for Your help in times of need. I needed to hear from you Father and You have spoken. Thank you Father for Your Word. Thank you Father for Your servant, your daughter Lana. She has lifted up our hands in times of need. Such an encouragement she has been to us, to me. Thank You Father, thank you for Your Word, I needed to hear Your Word.

  17. I receive this humbly in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Thank the Lord for his wonderful miracles! Thank the Lord for his unfailing heart and love towards us, the saints! Thank you Lord i will NOT be left behind! I will flow with the cloud! I will not miss the cloud! Amen! God have mercy on me for my short-comings and disobedience!

  18. Praise the Lord ! Thank you ??? I appreciate your post and sharing all these prophetic messages. I lift you up in prayer right now and may Gods will continue to be done in your life !

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