By Lana Vawser

There are some very “sudden changes of direction” upon many right now. Don’t fight the Lord’s leading of the shift in direction, go with it, even if you don’t understand.

Trust Him and trust His way!

He’s actually leading you to a bigger place of increase of promises fulfilled, but these “sudden changes of direction” require you laying down YOUR way, YOUR timing and YOUR agenda and fully embracing HIS.

Believe me, you won’t regret it! More joy, increase, fruitfulness, breakthrough and promotion awaits you in HIS WAY!!!


  1. I am so confused by the change in directions, but Lord, my will and desire is to trust You and to follow You! I thought maybe my Isaac was here, but once again I will lay me, my dreams, my desires down on the altar for you to fashion YOUR dream for my life. Let it be so in Jesus’ Name!

  2. LORD, my LIFE AND ALL – lead because I live to follow your lead that we by your Spirit will PLEASE OUR ABBA whom we adore. Ashwen

  3. I agree. The Lord has just set me on a surprise path to do audio recordings of my God’s Little Miracle Book series. I never would have dreamed that was His next step for me!

  4. This didn’t JUST bless me!!! It also blessed and CONFIRMED a word that someone else in the KINGDOM said yesterday!! I witnessed her speaking about a different direction that she felt the Lord was leading her!! Even canceling her conference!!!! GOD BLESS YOU Prophetess Lana and your ministry!!!!

  5. Yes and Amen to this word. Have been hearing the same thing and with it a need to surrender and cry out to
    go deeper and higher than ever thought of, hoped for, or imagined. God is moving mightily so we say So Be It!

  6. Father, I receive Your Word. I surrender my will to You. You have permission to have Your way. I pray that through your Grace, You will order and direct my steps and lead me in the path of righteousness for Your name sake.

  7. Thank you, sister Lana, for the word of encouragement. In agreement with you, I say yes to the LORD’S will and HIS way, in JESUS NAME! I have no higher priority than to find the FATHER in the secret place……HE is my agenda, AMEN! GOD bless you, richly, dear sister.

  8. Thank you Lana, I am already experiencing this. I knew a month ahead that the shift was coming, but waited on God’s timing, and it came SUDDENLY. I didn’t have words to explain why I was shifting. Holy Spirit said, “Tell them your season has ended!”

  9. Thank you Lord. I Surrender to your Way. Guide me, Lead Me. Expecting Geat and Beautiful things. Hold Me Close Lord. Momentum, Not Manufacture, in Jesus Name.Amen.

    • Hide yourself for a little while till His indignation shall pass.
      That scripture is what I heard in the spirit as I started praying for you, heart peace.
      The interpretation/understanding I received was a time myself when I felt I was being battered from all sides and I would find myself face down and sometimes even curled up in a ball on the floor at His feet praying and interceding for His mercy and His hand to touch me. I know that does not sound victorious and may not even seem to be very encouraging but it was the level of faith I had at the time just to trust Him that He would allow that (latest) onslaught to pass by me. Still praying for you, heartpeace… He is faithful and will cause you to stand before Him in righteousness.

  10. Praise King Jesus!! Thanks Lana Vawser for the prophetic word!!! I receive it in the Name of Jesus!!! may God bless you.

  11. Not my Way. But YAHWEH?
    Thank you. Lana for your ministry to our Lord Yahshua. Ps please pray for my total healing , serious Kidney damage ,High Blood Pressure and Heart rate .

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