I keep hearing the Lord say "If you want it, you will be marked with My fire in this season. You will know and carry the fire of My presence and the fire of My love like never before!!! Unprecedented levels of encounter with Me are upon you!! Throw yourself all in!!! The hungry shall be fed!!!"


  1. Many will want it, but the price is quite high. Many will fall away because a misunderstood message or the message was understood in their confusion.
    Do you actually know what God’s message entails???

    • the price is full surrender to the Father, just say yes!!
      he is a good father who loves us and only has good in store He can be trusted completely

  2. Yes Lord yes my cry has been send me your fire. Burn up all the hay, the wood and the stubble. Consume me Lord until all that is left is You, none of me , all of You. Yes Lord send Your fire!!!!!

  3. Father bring forth the laborers who are “ALL” In with their very own “SOUL” so the FIRE can come upon them “POURED” into their bosom as is Christ Himself the FIRE of an “ALL” Consuming God body “SOUL” and Spirit. Be the Oil Lord Within these Vessels for “YOUR” Glory so the World will See and Believe Jesus Amen. Cut off the Merchants Lord of this worlds economy who have deceived the sheep saying Lord Lord we cast out demons in your name and yet they “KNOW” You “NOT!! They glory in shameful things propping up this world and it’s culture be it political economical or religious as it all comes Crashing down Hallelujah and Amen. Come Lord Jesus Come as we look and Await you from the Glory of the Spirit at work within our very own Souls as your own Refined as Gold in nature and the redeemed silver as is our very own souls made Pure as you the FIRE Is Pure Amen and Glory only Lord to you and the True Name above All Amen!

  4. Yes I want this, no where else to turn but you oh King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s, only you bring real love and real truth and real peace from your Kingdom. Please Let your Kingdom COME HERE ON EARTH!! LET YOUR WILL BE DONE. We ask for your intervention now. Humbly I ask for the Fire you give and Thank you for your gift.

  5. Amen!! This prophetic word is right on point! What I have been praying for. New wine and New oil! That One touch from the Lord!! I receive this outpouring of love and Holy Spirit fire, in Jesus Name!!

  6. Yes, I want it Lord, I receive your Words, hungry for more of you. Let your Presence be seen upon me, overshadow me with your abundance
    love, and Favor, Let your Glory, be seen upon me, everywhere I go, everything I touch, Shine brightly upon me, Greater Works, than you
    Father, is my desire as we walk together in unity. I love you evermore. Higher Praises lifted up unto thee. I exalt thee on high !!!!!

  7. Abba, FATHER I want to be marked by the fire IN THE SEASON AND EVERY SEASON. ALMIGHTY, your presence like never before. I want a praying spirit like I used to have. Gift of discernment. I want deeper revelations to Preached your word.

  8. Yes, Oh God…. I connect with this word and receive it with every fiber of my being. Bring the fire, Lord! I confess that I want it. Mark me with Your fire in this season, Lord so that I will know and carry the fire of Your presence and the fire of Your love like never before!!! I receive unprecedented levels of encounter with You, Father. They are upon me!! And I throw myself all in!!! I hunger to be fed in Jesus’ name!!!”

  9. I have seen not only power, but we the Prophets of Purity will be given the strength of His mighty words. These do not come without sacrifice, we have to speak the truth and know the “religious” among us will not want to hear the truth. He is not looking for half-way Christians, but those who are all in for Him.

    I have seen that He has also said the older ones must train the young ones how to walk and how to have greater faith.

    Therefore, we need to be marked with His fiery Sword of Truth to withstand all of the onslaught of incoming attacks from both man and spirit.

    My parents thought they named me, but God named me: Katherine Lynn (pure water)

  10. ABBA! Where can I go but to run into your holy fire- I stand upon the recent prophetic promise that You would burn off things IN me and things around me. That I am entering into a season of precision obedience. That You will grace me with precision hearing! I give everything that I am into your loving hands. I completely trust only You, my lord and Savior Jesus!

  11. I’m in! By faith! Burn, burn, burn! (a movie quote from Out of Africa when Karen’s coffee plantation barn burned down, requiring her to return to Denmark).

  12. Yes I want and receive all of Your Fire in this and every season. Thank you Lord. I am so greatfull for your love, peace and presence in my life. I reverence you always and forevermore. To the only wise God our Savior be glory, majesty, power and authority, through Jesus Christ our Lord, before all ages, now and forevermore!

  13. I keep hearing the Lord say “If you want it, you will be marked with My fire in this season. You will know and carry the fire of My presence and the fire of My love like never before!!! Unprecedented levels of encounter with Me are upon you!! Throw yourself all in!!! The hungry shall be fed!!!” Marked by His fire!!! I want it and I need it now! Thank you Jesus for this baptism of fire. Evelyn Williams

  14. OH!!! Lord in Heaven YOU KNOW HOW I need to feel peace..I for sure receive YOU PEACE FROM ANXIETY EACH and EVER DAY.. I for sure RECEIVE ALLLLLL that You have for me..I want/need to feel you I have been like this for so so long…went thru so much heartache breakdowns..YOU are MY LORD THAT HEALTH THEE. I thank You so much All Glory ..honor and praise to You..You are all in All. Healing is the children’s bread..Amen

  15. During times of prophetic worship, I have been telling the Lord that I’m “all in” and asking that He allow me to be a carrier of His glory–and to be marked by the FIRE of His presence!! So, I receive ALL that He has for me!! Amen!

  16. All in Lord!! I just heard about the fire of the Lord this morning while listening to a podcast. Second time here…confirmation
    …..totally all in!!!!


  18. Lord, make me ever more perceptive of the light of your hope. Fill me up til I overflow, I want more! I’m all in! Thank you in advance for breakthroughs all around me, popping like popcorn. Pop, pop, popping, breaking through. Your joy is my strength, and I will testify!
    In Jesus Name,

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