THE ENEMY HAS BROUGHT A FIRE UPON DREAMS GIVEN TO GOD’S PEOPLE BY THE LORD… BUT UPON THEM NOW IS GREATEST TURNING THAT HAS BEEN SEEN IN GOD-GIVEN DREAMS by Lana Vawser. There has been an incredible fire sent by the enemy to assault the God-given dreams and destiny of God’s people. The enemy has been coming against God’s people in different ways to attack the DREAMS God has given them. This has left many feeling disorientated, discouraged and confused. Many are feeling like they don’t know what God is saying anymore concerning their dreams. This assault against God-given dreams especially in relation to their destiny has been so fierce, that many have been left in a place of despair and confusion and a lie screaming at them “YOU MUST LOSE, SO YOU CAN GAIN!” This fire that the enemy has sent against God-given dreams has been a vicious assault that has been screaming at God’s people “You are doing things wrong”, “You are not doing things God’s way”, “You are about to lose your dream”, where the TRUTH IS, there is a SIGNIFICANT TURNING by the HAND OF GOD upon God-given dreams that have been hit with this assault of the enemy, to bring a SIGNIFICANT INCREASE. In the fire that the enemy sent against God-given dreams, the Lord has used to bring to the surface limitations, wrong beliefs of the heart, fears, insecurities and things that are going to hold God’s people back from moving into the significant increase that He is releasing. The Lord is SETTING YOU FREE IN YOUR GOD-GIVEN DREAM! That lie that’s screaming that God is about to pull the rug out from underneath you so you can get your breakthrough or get your dream, is NOT the Lord’s heart. The Lord is kind, He is gentle and He is releasing HIS fire, the fire of His love upon the dreams He has given you, the dreams in your heart, that is going to see the chains that have HELD YOUR HEART CAPTIVE IN YOUR DREAMS suddenly FALLING OFF. The chains that have held you captive IN the dream God has given you are about to SUDDENLY break off. I saw a GOLDEN FLAG that the Lord unravelled over His people and on the FLAG I saw the number 7. 7 being the number of completion and perfection. The place of captivity that you have been accustomed to living in for SO LONG is about to be no longer. The Lord is destroying its power. The fear that has kept you from flying, is being broken, and the Lord will gently nudge you out of the nest and you will FLY! I prophesy that many of you over the next seven days will have life-changing encounters with Jesus and His angelic hosts that are going to BREAK this season of ASSAULT against your God-given dreams that have stolen your joy, stolen your passion, stolen your vision, direction, hope, expectation of good and clarity. I saw INSTANT, OVERNIGHT encounters that will see a complete restoration. You will not only have joy, peace, vision, excitement, hope and SO MUCH EXCITEMENT for your God-given dream and what God is doing and about to do, you will have MORE than you have EVER had before. God is not tearing away your dream – He is ADDING TO IT! He wants you to LIVE IN YOUR DREAM WITH JOY! So He is stripping away the grave clothes in your heart that have kept you bound, and He is putting out the fire of the enemy. WATERFALL OF REVELATION THAT IS PUTTING OUT THE FIRE OF THE ENEMY AGAINST YOUR GOD-GIVEN DREAM I saw a SUDDEN, HUGE waterfall of REVELATION from the heart of God pouring out upon the lives of God’s people who have been in the middle of this fiery assault. In the huge, gushing, lifegiving waterfall there was CLARITY for the PRESENT, CLARITY for the FUTURE, impartations of JOY contained within the revelation that will see the supernatural refreshment of the Holy Spirit released into the hearts of God’s people. I saw the areas where the enemy had lit these fires within the dreams of God’s people and he was laughing and laughing. He kept pouring more and more fuel on his fire and his laugh was so deceived, it was a laugh that said “I’m winning.” As this waterfall poured out, it began to put out the fire that was coming against the God-given dreams of God’s people. I could hear the sizzling and fizzling out of the fire of the enemy. The enemy continued to laugh, because even though his fire had been extinguished, from his perspective all he could see was the areas where he thought he burnt away the God-given dreams. I saw Jesus bend down on the ground and He breathed upon the ground. SUDDENLY THERE WAS FLAMES OF FIRE SHOOTING OUT OF THE GROUND SUDDENLY out of nowhere I saw FLAMES OF FIRE bursting out of the ground, one after another after another, there were so many flames of fire all around, double the fire that was sent against them by the enemy. In the middle of these flames of fire, I could see a ROSE and a SWORD. Jesus spoke: “You thought you were winning, you thought you gaining ground upon My people, but the fire of assault you have sent against My people in the dreams I have given them has just positioned them for greater increase of revelation of My love, a deeper level of divine romance with Me, and greater revelation of their authority to destroy your plans and assignments and remind you that you are defeated. The VERY AREAS you have assault My people, is the very area that they will release breakthrough upon breakthrough in their dreams I have given them, which will remind you every day, that you are already defeated.” As God’s people moved out into freedom and the increase God was releasing into their God-given dreams, I watched as the very fire that tried to kill their dreams, being used to set others free and it being sent back on the enemy to torment him with the truth that resounded “WE ARE VICTORIOUS!!” YOU HAVEN’T LOST TIME, YOU ARE ABOUT TO SEE THE POWER OF GOD ACCOMPLISH THROUGH YOU WHAT ONLY HE COULD DO Where many have been feeling like they have been delayed, or are feeling ‘behind’ because of this fiery assault they have been facing, they haven’t been able to put their hands properly to what God has placed before them because they feel like they are constantly in a place of fighting off this opposition. There is a REST coming to you! A REST in WORSHIP! A REST in the revelation of His love and a BREAKING of this assault. Where this assault has put up so many obstacles to stop you from “running with the vision” – the SUPERNATURAL WINDS of empowerment and acceleration of the Holy Spirit are now suddenly going to fall upon you to accomplish what would have taken a week, in 24 hours. The banner being raised proclaims “Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit says the Lord” (Zechariah 4:6) This intense shaking and fire that you have been walking, the Lord is not only healing your heart and setting you free in your God-given dreams, He is extending you and your tent pegs to carry more increase, provision, abundance, influence and favour than you have ever carried. Your God-given dream was shaken up to extend it and extend you because ANGELS OF INCREASE are landing now in your life proclaiming a season of INCREASED FAVOUR ON YOUR GOD-GIVEN DREAM like you have never imagined. AN ANGEL IS BEING SENT BEFORE YOU TO PROSPER YOUR WAY AND PROCLAIMING THE NEW SEASON OF BLESSING AND TRIUMPH WITHIN YOUR GOD-GIVEN DREAM I saw the Lord releasing an angel like the angel in Genesis 24 that went before Isaac’s servant to prosper his way, being sent into the body of Christ, into the lives of those who are following in God’s will and way in these God-given dreams that are proclaiming a new season of blessing, triumph and success. The abundance, the fruit, the peaches, the joy, the favour that will be found in this new season of your God-given dream will leave you on your face weeping in awe of His goodness and His love. Healing of hearts, that He is FOR YOU, He is working IN and FOR the dream He has given you and He is ADDING to you. Blessing will be ALL AROUND! “I LOVE THIS!!!” This fiery assault against the dreams that screamed “God is taking away your dreams” etc, is suddenly falling away and you are going to jump for joy in your God-given dreams, in the extension, in the place of flying, and where you thought you were going to lose, as God adds the increase, you will shout out “I LOVE THIS!!!” Don’t fear this season of change, God is adding to you and your God-given dreams and the forecast before you isn’t doom and gloom, but it is MORE JOY IN YOUR GOD-GIVEN DREAM than you EVER EXPERIENCED! **************************************************************************** SOW: To sow into this ministry please use the link below: https://lanavawser.com//sowing/ FACEBOOK: facebook.com/pages/Lana-Vawser/212479638795197
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    “In YOUR Presence, O LORD, I overflow with JOY – A L L T H E T I M E – because of Your great goodness and love that covers me, and takes be by my right hand and leads me forward.”

    I’m sure I read this post before, before stumbling upon it again today. But, TODAY, I R E A D this post…and tears are flowing down my cheeks. I confess that there are times, while reading this that I, like a puppy, tilt my head wonderingly to the side, because I simply don’t understand everything at this time. But I am learning. He is teaching me, ever-lovingly, to hear…to understand…and to allow what He is saying to my heart, to ignite me to mirror back to Him a love and a life that pleasures Him.”

    July 11, 2017 at 5:10 pm Reply

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