By Lana Vawser

People of God, hold on, hold on, hold on for the Lord has dispatched angels of blessing to go before you and to bring recompense, restoration and increase back to you. Where the enemy has come and thought he plundered you, now the Lord has released these angelic hosts and they are going back to the enemy’s camp and they are taking the spoils and bringing back all that was stolen.

The enemy is being paid back for touching you. The enemy is being paid back for tormenting you. The enemy is being paid back for stealing, killing and destroying in your life. The enemy is being paid back for lying to you. The enemy is being paid back for attempting to kill you.
The Lord is rising in your DEFENSE! This past while has been SO dark for SO many, but I heard the Lord say today that the level of darkness you have experienced is because of the MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH that is being released in your life. It’s not something that the Lord is saying “is coming”, it’s something that is “upon you”.
There are going to be major demonstrations of increase, of the blessing of God, of recompense, redemption and restoration for you. The night has turned into day.
I saw these angelic hosts going up and down timelines and they were taking back EVERYTHING that was stolen to bring back to the people of God. I saw these angelic hosts even going back into generational lines and closing doors as the people of God interceded and stood in declaration upon the Word of God.
I saw the Lord pronouncing BLESSING over generational lines and a line in the sand being drawn that decreed “From this point on there will be blessing upon blessing.”
This morning the Lord spoke to me that there is a great battle on right now attempting to DISTRACT God’s people. Don’t look at the distraction. Keep standing upon the rhema Word the Lord gave you, for significant breakthrough and turnaround is upon you.
Where there has been a dark cloud of heaviness, the Lord is decreeing a CLOUD OF JOY!!!!!!
This isn’t just a new ‘season’ for many of you, it’s a ‘new era’. What you are moving into now, the land of blessing, increase, abundance, opportunities and destiny is NOTHING like you have ever experienced before.
The Lord spoke to me about June and I heard Him say “June, THE MONTH YOU WILL FEEL LIKE PINCHING YOURSELF”. The atmosphere around me was filled with JOY and the feeling of EXCEEDED EXPECTATIONS AND JOY!!!!
There is going to be SO MUCH JOY and BREAKTHROUGH in JOY that you will have the sense of “pinching yourself” because it feels surreal.. and I felt the Lord say…
There is going to EXTRAVAGANT JOY in JUNE as the blessing, increase, recompense, redemption, restoration, favour and abundance of provision of the Lord’s hand INCREASES on a level many have never experienced before.
I saw June like a beautiful rose that was OPENING UP and I heard the words “JUNE, THE MONTH OF THE DIVINE BLOOM”
SO MUCH is going to bloom IN YOU, THROUGH YOU and FOR YOU in June!!! The AROMA of Jesus, the ROSE OF SHARON is going to increase SO MUCH IN your life and THROUGH your life in June. A beautiful, deep, rich new, refreshing place of encounter with Jesus and place of DEEP intimacy.
I saw in June specifically, as God’s people really press in deeply into worship, increasing our time in worship, pressing deep in worship, I saw hooks that have been used to “trigger” God’s people into fear, torment, things used to hold them back, keep them on the ground, stopping them from flying, are SUDDENLY lifting off and the Lord will take His people HIGHER than they have ever been. Higher in their perspective, their freedom, their joy, their peace, their revelation of the Word and significant increase in favour.
Where these hooks have sucked the life out of many of God’s people, caused a deep weariness, a hopelessness of constantly being “pulled back” and a feeling of wanting to give up, these hooks will be removed ONCE AND FOR ALL and the Lord will give you greater HOPE, CLARITY, VISION, JOY, INSIGHT and WISDOM for the future than you have EVER had and to go FURTHER with Him than you ever DREAMED.
WORSHIP is a very STRATEGIC KEY to breakthrough always, but especially in JUNE. Worship Jesus! Worship Jesus!
JUNE – the month where you will feel like you are pinching yourself because of the amazing breakthrough, healing, joy, increase and abundance that He is releasing.
But remember what He said..


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  1. I thank the living God of heaven for this month of June. This is my month of my major breakthrough, BLESSINGS UPON BLESSINGS. I worship You, Yahweh.

  2. Thank you so much for this ward my son Caleb is very gifted in in music playing the piano I’m asking you to please send in prayer for him he has left God and is now involved in to drugs he is living on the streets refusing to get any help I believe this is a sign he is coming back to God I have been putting the ward off God over him .

  3. What a WORD! Thanks Lana for letting the Lord use you in my life as well as many others. June is very special to me …my birthday is on 6/6 !!! I’ve been expecting many things from my heavenly Father and I receive ALL that He has spoken thru you this morning.I’mbbubbling with Joy and I’m blooming!!!

  4. The Lord knows how much doubt and unbelief have been in my mind in the past month(s). I have been pursuing a deeper knowledge about the Holy Spirit and He feels very healing and real because it is so. I pray that the vision revealed by Lana will be in my life as it is in Heaven. Full claim- backs and restoration in my life of hope, divine and professional calling, real passion for Christ, favor in the job market, truthful divine connections in friendships and relationships, Salvation in my house, repentance of political leaders in my country, alignment of the doing with the being, and of the heart with the Spirit. Bless us all, Jesus. We touch your garment by agreeing with the words that the Holy Spirit revealed to our sister in Christ.

  5. Pastor, it’s definitely Supernatural times. For the past couple weeks I have been asking for the Aroma of Christ to be around me and my family. We are going through a court case for my last sister who was a victim of Femicide. The defense are stalling the proceedings but we are holding onto the Father for our Victory. I can’t wait for our next court date which is in June 20th to see the “tables turning” on the defence giving us total Victory. Thank you and God Richly Bless You.

  6. Dear Lana,

    I am writing to let you know how I have been touch by yor Friday message.i am in hospital and have spent many months on and off in here as a result of contracting a parasite from Thailand in 1988.
    This has been a difficult time for me but I have never given up hope that God has healed me at the crossroads the
    I have cried out to God many times over the years,have heard his voice ,been shown angels feathers reassuring me that my angel is with me .
    Your message Friday has shown me that what the evil one has stolen from me will be restored
    I have had many words given to me over the years and now I know the time has come theses words along with your message has restored my hope and I know I will go forth to complete my…

  7. Thank you Lana, been worshiping Jesus for years now and am pressing in, this prophecy is on point because I AM still expecting recompense & harvest breakthroughs since 2001! 🙁 Knowing that my Jesus is NO respecter of persons and my effective & fervent prayers are availing much.

  8. Let worship will bubble up like a fountain in your inner being, up from your spirit, out of your mouth as you declare His praise and the word of the Lord. As your worship, praise and declaration go up. His glory will come down and shower upon you. The divine exchange will take place. Your worship for His Glory showering upon you. Breakthrough, Breakthrough, Breakthrough out of His presence.

  9. Glory Hallelujah!!! I receive and believe this word in the mighty name of Jesus!!!!! I decree and declare it is so. Indeed Amen Amen

  10. At the very beginning of reading this message, I wanted to tell about the Rose of Sharon bush here. Of all the small bushes that made it through the winter, it was the Rose of Sharon that was disappointing to look at. It looked like it had not made it through the winter!! Two to three times, declarations were made over it to live and not die and declare the works of the Lord. The last time, it showed no buds and it was surprising to see what was stirring deep inside: how could this be, that there are no buds with the Word of God spoken over it? Surprisingly, the next time to look at it very carefully, the very tiniest of buds were on the dead looking branches!! Praise the Lord! And then scrolling down, there it is: the Rose of Sharon.

  11. Thank you Father, for the Awesome Month of June, finally it is
    upon me Now !!!! Glory, Hallelujah, Honor and Praises to the
    King. I Receive it Now !!!!!! Amen !!!!!! Powerful Rhema Word.

  12. Second distraction was Peter walking on the water, as long as he looked at Jesus straight ahead he was above the water but the distraction of waves, wind caused him to look down whereupon he ‘began to sink’. Third, was from an instance in my life where the ‘riches and cares’ of this world had choked His Word and I was sinking until I tossed everything aside and focused on Him, His Word, His Spirit and was labeled ‘crazy lunatic’ or insane or just plain ‘crazy’.
    Blessed by your work, keep seeking Him. It is so much closer now than when we first believed.
    Thomas Nodoubt

  13. Also, last night what He shared with me were 3 instances of ‘distractions’ in my life that He was reminding me about . One was from a book that He supernaturally placed in my possession. That book, ‘Of Monkeys and Dragons’. was a vision a friend had where she had to walk on this elevated path but there were dozens of monkeys screaming so loudly and they were ripping her flesh as she tried to walk through them, when the Spirit told her to look straight ahead and instantly, the screaming stopped and she began wondering what had caused them to stop screaming and had to look down to know why – instantly they began tearing her flesh and this time it was harder than before to look straight ahead- after that trial, next were fire-breath…

  14. Lana, I am continually amazed and blessed by how perfectly the Set-apart Spirit gives a word to you just in line with what He has shared with me personally in my exact situation. It makes me wonder about the Ezekiel 37 prophecy of dry bones and how they began to come together and then sinews and flesh upon the dry bones… my question to our Father is this, ”When I see these ‘connections’ in the flesh happening does that mean that man or woman is connected to me in the spirit ( and the picture I am trying to draw here is that of a skeleton of bones where you may be the femur and I may be the tibia as we are touching). ”
    Anyway, I believe that He is breathing His breath into us as you said in your word from today!!

  15. AMEN!!!I can’t wait. I’m expecting!!I’m expecting!!Hallelujah!Thank You Jesus!

  16. Hm… Roses…divine bloom. In disbelief, I discovered through my friend’s assessment, that the large rose bush had died. Completely. I have yet to see new shoots. I will keep looking.

    The wild roses seem fine…

    Ironically, I feel almost happy about it. That flower bed needs…re-visioning.


  17. Hello Lana,you are such a blessing to the Body of Christ!I believe your prophetic gifting is razor sharp!We would love to host you in Regina Saskatchewan Canada as the Lord leads.God bless you and your family.

  18. Enormous – and various – transitions are upon us. Attacks on my husband’s health have been astonishing.

    If God BE for us, who can be against us? His purposes are going forward.

  19. In the natural, there is sudden movement. We’ve been “here” for 9 years (2008 was a doozie time in the Spirit as well!! wow.) We’ve catapulted into the need for various renos relating to water pipes, water main, water tanks and then a brother came alongside to do a full gut-job on the one bathroom in this house (which is not ours). It will be beautiful – and we are doing it because we believe strongly that the LORD is behind this. It is not for our benefit, but for someone else’s. Ironically, as a hidden away “hermit”, I suddenly have people coming out of the woodwork, focused on helping us – at no charge! – to get this house “ready”. This house means nothing to them. I believe we are about to catapult into something “new…

  20. …LORD.

    Other strange experiences of warfare on behalf of others ensued, and in the midst of that, more powerful disorienting onslaughts of the enemy.

    Needless to say, the LORD continued to prevail in my life as I yielded continually to Him. “Not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit, says the LORD.”

    Healing from these and other experiences have taken place incrementally, but I believe that this last Thursday was my full circle moment.

  21. During the 7 day turnaround, it ended on Thursday with the Person of the Holy Spirit gently drawing near as I took courage to receive Him. Yes, He is already living in my heart…but He knows the mystery that surrounds my life.
    My worship of God through writing blogs got strangely intercepted by man and the evil one. Where I assumed that only God could enter into my quiet places, I discovered that very strange things can happen.

    Understanding Godly authority, I submitted everything I was going through, to my amazing husband, who brought me together before the LORD in prayer. Chains were broken and I “worked out my salvation with fear and trembling.” I probed elements of the mystery, yet only quietly…and in relationship with the…

    GLORY TO GOD. I RECEIVE IT. THANK YOU JESUS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. ….Awesome God!! …Warrior Lana, this is so SO incredibly timely and the description of many of the Lord’s people feeling ‘hooks’ sucking the life out of them, …and such deep weariness.And ‘distractions’… But NOW….comes His sweet aroma, His great cloud of joy! It IS time to burst into bloom! (PRAISES!!! ) Thank You, dearest faithful, loving Jesus, our gracious mighty King… Shalom and xo in Him … 🙂

  24. Bless your heart mind and spirit. I recieve your message. All praises to the Most High God. Thank you thank you thank you.

  25. EXPECTATIONS HAVE BEEN COMING FOR YEARS. The Feast of Tabernacles will be released on Pentecost May 31st & this is the overflowing of God’s Goodness, starting in Jerusalem from Mt. Zion.
    I authored a book about 2017. 70th Pentecost—Holy Fire by Xulon Press.
    It is a 121 Year vision from the Beginning of the End Times 1896 to 2017.
    Every day will be Valentine’s Day from Heaven On Earth Here And Now.

  26. Love this Lana!! I heard very similar things regarding June! A month of “desires fulfilled” and to be careful of distractions!

    Love you my friend!


  28. Wanted to share this also, I saw 6868 today – Psalm 68
    God’s Majestic Power!
    Verse 35, “God, You are awe-inspiring in Your sanctuaries. The God of Israel gives power and strength to His people. May God be praised!”

  29. Confirmation upon Confirmation! Thank You Father! Father God Bless you Ms Lana! In a dream, i saw the enemy stealing – caught 3 people stealing from me. I demanded they put it all back. They laughed until i decreed In JESUS’ Name! They wept, returning it all, even what was in their pockets. Another recent dream, i was speaking to Joyce Meyer/Joan Hunter, both in 1 person – Joyce means “Joy” – Joan Means “Gift from God”. As we fellowshipped, night turned to daylight. Keep seeing 777 – Seven-fold, Divine Restitution, 555 – Abundant Grace, Favour and Abundance, 222 – Open Doors, 1212 – Divine Order. Seeing 14:14, Deliverance – Exodus 14:14, “The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.” And saw 2525 – 25 is Blessing <3

  30. This is so awesome and I already had a prophetic glimpse of confirmation. I am so excited as the lord speaks to me in dreams. BEfore I read this I did wake up with a beautiful dream of blue roses. I came to office and looked up the internet and it has so much meaning. Then how much more in the spiritual and more than that when I read “SO MUCH is going to bloom IN YOU, THROUGH YOU and FOR YOU in June!!! The AROMA of Jesus, the ROSE OF SHARON is going to increase SO MUCH IN your life and THROUGH your life in June. A beautiful, deep, rich new, refreshing place of encounter with Jesus and place of DEEP intimacy.” I have no word to express the accuracy of what you have decreed. Thanks! God bless

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