By Lana Vawser 

Ministering angels have been assigned to many as you transition over a threshold into next steps of destiny and a realm of increased favour, especially in new and unexpected areas. These ministering angels have been sent to you by the Lord to minister to you in the turbulence of transitioning across this these destiny thresholds. Keep leaning into Jesus, you are stepping through into something COMPLETELY NEW! 


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  1. Thank The LORD for The ministering Angelsl The Lord has spoken to me about this as well. HE said at the Appointed time, the end of the wilderness season, He will send them and I will see them.Looking forward to it!☺

  2. I also needed to hear this. I have been led by something and the more I opened up to it things have changed for me and I realized it’s a visitation for sure. Been reading Stan Robinson’s book Blessed Be Me There Is A God and his story of visitations really opened my mind and heart to what was happening.

  3. Amen. I have recently applied for a job that I believe is tied to my calling, working with disadvantaged children. I am waiting in anticipation to be called for an interview. I thank God He has sent His angels to see me into a new beginning. Please help me pray my way into the new job.

  4. Ministering angels to minister in the turbulence —- amen and glory!! Keep me leaning in to You, Lord Jesus. Shalom and God-sized blessings, dear Lana. We’re passing over into the ‘new’, alleluia!!

  5. Lana and Kevin,

    I will just miss you two in Rockwall. I live in Washington state and will be flying to Texas to stay in Rockwall. Unfortunately I’ll miss you by a few days. Would’ve loved to have attended the meetings there.

    I so appreciate the Angel word today. Just got off a SKPE call and prayed with a friend in regards to angelic visitation and interaction during transition. Your word just confirms and builds expectation within me. I had to smile and laugh a bit. Our Father is so fun in the way He speaks to us. Thank you. Have a ridiculously fun time with God while in Texas.


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