By Lana Vawser
Last night I had a dream and the Lord spoke very clearly and highlighted the word “FORTIFYING”.
FORTIFYING DEFINITION (and some synonyms): strengthen (a place) with defensive works so as to protect it against attack, strengthen, secure, protect, invigorate, strengthen, energize, enliven, liven up, animate, vitalize, rejuvenate, restore, revive, refresh. (
The Lord showed me specifically how He is FORTIFYING His people and what they carry, from the INSIDE OUT.
Many of you have been knocked around, tossed to and fro by attack and opposition that has come against you lately. There has been a strategic assignment of confusion sent against you to hinder your vision, and your clarity, especially in hearing and discerning what the Lord is saying. I declare over you TODAY that breaks in Jesus name.
The Lord is FORTIFYING YOU! He is using many things to FORTIFY you from the inside out right now. His goodness, love and extravagant kindness is FORTIFYING YOU. He is dealing with areas of the heart that have left you open to attack, mindsets that have not be renewed by His truth that have left you shaky and lacking strength, confidence and hope, He is HEALING YOU and bringing a NEW STRENGTH to you by the empowerment of His Spirit.
He is surrounding you as a wall of fire and His Glory will be in your midst. (Zechariah 2:5) He is fortifying your heart, your steps, and your roots in Him. This FORTIFYING WORK of His Spirit will leave you stronger than ever. Moving into a position of thriving, not just surviving. He is refreshing, revitalising and renewing you. He is restoring to you and restoring your steps in this fortification in any areas you have become shaky because of this onslaught.
You are coming out of this with an INCREASE being added to what you carry.
He is with you, He is in your midst. Many of these battles have been over your next step of destiny. He is fortifying your anointing and your identity in Him. He is fortifying your heart and your steps, you are literally crossing over into a whole new realm of intimacy with Him, trust in who He says He is, the revelation of His goodness and kindness, a new level of strength in Him and solidity in His truth and what He speaks. You are moving into a new realm of favour and increase. This onslaught has tried to knock your steps out of place, but He is fortifying you and your steps, and in this fortification, you are being catapulted into a greater realm of your destiny.
He is protecting you and fortifying you through the fire, and you’re coming out strong against opposition and attack to move into the divine surprises of destiny He has for you and birthed as the overcoming warrior that you are!


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  1. Thank you for your words this current word so encouraged me..
    Thank you again for your words from the Lord of past reading’s..
    These words Bless me and encourage me into a different understanding of what God is moving in and wants us to move in..
    Blessing’s always Cheryl A Griffin

  2. Thank you for this amazing word! It has helped me to see that what Abba has been speaking over me, by others is not merely repetitions, but a fortification of the anointing He has placed upon my hands for playing instruments and for healing , my voice for singing and prophesying. Already the limits have been removed and His power is manifesting in new ways
    Zechariah 2:5 has been a prominent verse for me since 2015.
    And new intimacy has been my utmost thoughts just this week.
    Thank You Lord

  3. Thank you so very much Lana! Your post was so encouraging!! And you posted on my birthday? I have been struggling with back pain for weeks and your post gave me encouragement, hope, and confirmation to believe and receive! ⚓ I pray that our Lord Jesus continue to bless you, Kevin, (Tell Kevin, keep posting too!?) & your son’s, as you both continue to guide, bless, build and encourage the body of Christ? In HIS LOVE, Lin Cline.

  4. Yes, Truth is setting my husband and I free. Glory to God for our breakthroughs. We love Jesus. I recently had Torment in sleep being awakened by loud scratchings at my bedside window. Fear was tremendous. After the Third night, I heard the voice at the window, say, ” I am wicked ” “Let me in” !!! I immediately said NO!!! and began praising Jesus and repeating his name. He gave me peace to fall asleep soundly. There is a Dark King and a Dark Horseman in the area and yesterday with the power of the Heavenly Hosts he was shredded right before our eyes in the sky. Thanks be to Jesus. All Honor Glory and Worship to our King of Kings, Jesus Christ. Yes I say I believe in his words and pray and fast in this Holy Week. Blessings to All!

  5. Amen…Thank You Prophetess…yes I have been experiencing all of the attacks you shared…but l receive the Word of the LORD.
    Thank You Heavenly Father for seeing, caring and fighting for Your children.
    Glory to God!!!

  6. praise the Lord He is setting us free and strengthening our souls, hearts and bodies. I receive this Grace from God at this Passover season. Thank you Lord cleanse me from the inside out, wash me with the Blood of Yeshua and pardon all my iniquities. Lord you are so good and gracious to us , your mercies are new every morning.
    I waited upon the Lord and He inclined His ear unto my cry for help.This is the day that the Lord has made I will REJOICE and b glad in this Word of the Lord and all the days of my life, The mouth of the Lord has spoken. I receive it in faith. I shall not die but live and declare the works of my God. AMEN,
    Thank you Lana God bless and have a Joyous Easter.

  7. Moving…beautiful…I see Jesus surrounding with His incomparable great favour and strength!!’ Oh, praise Him!!… Thank you for standing and listening and for sharing His heart so faithfully, warrior Lana! xo in Jesus…Shalom

  8. Sooo needed this. I keep saying to the Lord ” how do I do this, how do I get up, there have been so many blockages??? And now you post this. Bless you. Thankyou. Now to walk in it…

  9. I so treasure your prophetic words, Lana. They help me enormously, everything so accurate for this season. I know they are helping countless people. The Lord has helped me throw off some things that have entangled me for a long time. I feel strength coming, rushing back. All is as you have said, speaking for Him. God bless you. Thank you!

  10. Lana,

    I just want to say thank you for your words that are always so encouraging. I am hearing God more and more clearly in my own life. I absolutely look forward to your words every time they are posted. God uses you to encourage me every single post. I am thankful for you and pray for your encouragement, blessing and protection.


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