By Lana Vawser

There is a great transition taking place right now in the body of Christ where the Lord is moving His people from any places of wondering what’s going on and feeling like they are wandering aimlessly without direction and in darkness, to a deeper place of living in wonder.
The Lord is quieting fears with His love. He is settling concerns, He is bringing clarity and releasing answers to questions that are melting confusion away.
There is a very strategic attack upon many of God’s people right now to bring them to a place of such confusion that there’s a temptation to entertain doubt, to lose direction because of this confusion and to hinder vision.
This strategic attack is coming against many of God’s people leaving many feeling like they are ‘stuck’ or ‘not moving’. This confusion has come against many ‘out of left field’, leaving many questioning what they have heard God say in the past. It has brought questions of whether what was even heard was the Lord, and now the fear and questioning of whether they are moving in obedience or not.
I want to encourage you, that the Lord is going to move in the VERY AREAS where this confusion has hit, the VERY AREAS where this fear has hit about whether you are ‘missing it’, disobeying, or stuck, and the Lord is going to MOVE and SPEAK SO CLEARLY in these areas and bring you to a DEEP PLACE of WONDER of who He is and His goodness.
Not only is He going to CONFIRM and REAFFIRM to you what He has said, that will bring great peace, and break off this assault of confusion, fear and attack on your peace, but open up greater revelation of His promises and plans in these very areas.
His goodness and His love that will be revealed to you through how He moves and what He speaks in the areas where you have been wondering and wandering is going to leave you undone in a place of joy filled WONDER of His goodness and His love.
This assault of confusion has come against you in the area that you are gaining ground in. The area that you are moving deeper into the awakening of your authority in, and the area where the Lord is moving and using you most powerfully.
This confusion is taunting many with “your stuck” and “missing it” but the Lord is decreeing as you continue to stand and press in, the exact opposite is true. You are MOVING, GAINING GROUND and OVERCOMING!
VERY SOON the things that have taunted you, harassed you, tormented you, confused you and left you in a place of grief, pain, wondering and wandering, will be a DISTANT MEMORY! You will KNOW THEM NO MORE! All you will know is the WONDER of who HE IS, His love, His goodness and kindness to you.
The area where this assault of confusion is hitting, where the confusion is attempting to poison you, the Lord is POSITIONING YOU to CATAPULT you, and releasing HIS FIRE to bring INCREASE to these areas.
The COMMON DENOMINATOR of this confusion attack right now, is that it is speaking about “SUBTRACTION”, where the Lord is decreeing and speaking “MULTIPLICATION” and “INCREASE”.
Be encouraged, where the confusion is shouting “SUBTRACTION” is taking place, the TRUE REALITY is, YOU ARE moving into the next realm of “MULTIPLICATION” and “INCREASE” in what He is doing IN YOU, THROUGH YOU, what He has FOR YOU and what He has CALLED YOU to.


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  2. To Encourage You All, as it did me! Today I saw a new plaque on a coworkers desk … it said “DREAM BIG”. I had just been speaking to someone earlier about our how God is reviving our dreams again.
    a few hours later i’m in the break room flipping channels and stop on a random channel. A commercial i had never seen before was ending, I saw the words “DREAM BIG” appear on the screen! Standing in Faith God will guide us through HIS Open Door for each of us! Father God Bless You Ms Lana! Much Much Love <3

  3. Testimony!
    A few hours ago today, we were an hour away from home in the city. At McDonald’s in Walmart a man collapsed in the line up near our seats! Two men got him up on a seat next to him. He was asked if he had eaten. at all today. He said no. Had opportunity to get my hand on his back and pray audibly but quietly, “Father, help. Holy Spirit come, help.” Soon after a lady was standing in the McDonald’s saying, “I’m a medic.” She knew what to do.

    We heard and saw the ambulance come while were walking to the car in the parking lot. Our grown on was with us and he said he had prayed too under his breath. We agreed together that he gets the help he needs. God hears and answers prayer! Praise the Lord! He is a good, good Father!

  4. This is exactly how I’ve been feeling for months and to some extent, years. So I do hope what is said here is true for me. I have felt very much like I’m lost in a dark jungle with all manner of traps and pitfalls around me, not knowing where I am going to be attacked next. It’s only knowing that God is ‘there’…somewhere, that keeps me going sometimes.

  5. Thank you for encouraging words.
    It’s all true.
    Blessings to you for accepting and responding to the comment. I Receive, In the name of Jesus your response.
    Standing on his words. Sometimes it’s nice to know others see and understand what God’s people are going through.
    Tomorrow will be a new day. Praise God.

  6. Another oh so powerful and strategic ‘arrow’ of the Lord that HITS THE MARK!!! Thank you so much for edifying His people…, precious prayer and Kingdom servant-warrior, Lana!! Shalom and blessings upon blessings…xo in Jesus

  7. 3 weeks ago I had a dream…I saw 2 loaves of “Wonder Bread” sitting on the kitchen counter…In the dream I was irritated at my mom for buying white bread because it has no nutritional value. end of dream.
    I ate wonder bread as a kid but had no knowledge that white bread wasn’t good for you, so the thoughts I had are from the way I think today.
    I have been searching for the meaning of this dream, and what you have posted here “Wonder” may have some connection. I am very encouraged, things are not going well for me at this time. Thank you very much Lana.

  8. You have expressed some of the exact words that I have spoken out in prayer to the Lord. Thank you for instilling hope….God Bless

    Kerry Mischka

  9. The TRUE REALITY IS INCREASE! Appointed time! Months ago, Father gave me 2 dreams like Joseph. In both i was tired at work. In one i saw a hallway, at the end, light broke through, an angel appeared. I awoke in my dream- thought i was awake it was SO REAL. Angel spoke in my right ear, “DO NOT GIVE UP ON GOD’S PROMISES.” Then i really awoke. The 2nd, I saw my job double in size, bars on the windows & doors. Suddenly 3 Graphic Designers i worked with 17 years ago, unlocked the prison door releasing me. Smiling they hugged me saying “Congratulations!” Past 2 days I’ve been flooded with Graphic Design work! Driving home, I told God i loved how He loved me. Check email, a company contacts me about a Full-time Graphic Design job!

  10. Thank you so much for your commitment to our LORD and SAVIOUR Jesus Christ. This devotional is what I needed to hear in this moments of reminded me of Hebrews 13:5 He will never leave us not forsake us. Amen

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