By Lana Vawser 
Recently I was driving along and I saw the numbers 202 on numberplates a few times in a matter of a minute.
Instantly I felt it was the Lord highlighting something. My sense straight away was that it was referring to a Scripture, particularly Psalms.
Psalm 20:2
“May supernatural help be sent from His sanctuary! May He support you from Zion’s fortress.”
The Lord has seen the cries of despair. He has seen the suffocation that pressure has put on many people. He has seen the battle weariness of His people. He has seen the intensity of the fiery battle that continues to press on in. He has seen the whisper of the accuser whispering his lies to God’s people in this season.
The Lord has heard the cries of the weary, the discouraged, the confused, the battle weary. He has heard the cries of those who continue to pour out and pour out and pour out, and continue to face pressing on every side without relief.
He has seen the tears, He has seen the heartache and the deep place of anguish many have been in, and He is SENDING SUPERNATURAL HELP!!!!!
He is lifting you up, He is supporting you and holding you and He is going to bring RELIEF.
There is a SUDDEN SHIFT of RELIEF coming in the RELEASES being released through encounters with Him!
There are some very strategic encounters with Jesus upon many right now that is going to bring a SUDDEN SHIFT, it is going to bring the RELIEF and RELEASE that is needed to catapult God’s people into a whole new level of breakthrough.



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  1. I can relate to these stories. I’ve been through so much in the last twenty years of my life.from deaths in my family to mental illness with one of my kids, and personal attacks on me. But that turnaround is coming very soon.I will always have my faith, even when it seems hopeless that’s when you have to keep the faith.

  2. can you help me somehow?
    my name and mailing address are as follows
    Ronald parker
    303 maple street
    corbin ky 40701
    what has happened with me. I know it had been a good period of time passed. but I still ache over it, my self esteem was not just damaged but it was ripped out of me because of a department-wide layoff. the whole thing is pretty asinine, our ceo should have had his head examined. but after the 911 incident he predicted a major nosedive with respect to financial health. so what was his knee-jerk response to brace himself against what he anticipated to be an unavoidable calamity. rip out 345 of us. this had nothing to do with my performance I can honestly say this

  3. I took a GIANT leap of faith in my life. And at 66 years old I not only crashed and burned..but almost literally lost my life. Plus I was viciously stolen from – both money and family. Everything that I pray for – my heart’s desire is constantly kept from me – in the most cruel way possible: Giving me faith that I will be answered, and then taking hope away..always keeping it at too far a distance. After 40 some years of this same scenario, I am tired, discouraged and don’t have the strength to believe in encouraging words from anyone anymore – even prophets. Sorry – but its the truth. I NEED divine intervention. Will SOMEONE hear the cry from my heart. Or will I be one who just fall through the cracks – unnoticed?

  4. This is exactly where I am today… Every word that you said spoke volumes to me as I cried out to God today…you gave words to my anquish!

    11 years of intense pain, strong fatigue, depression, constant pressures from all sides, losses, emotional and verbal attacks, and so much more…. Still waiting for my breakthrough. I know much has been necessary for the mantle God is giving me for this hour, but it’s been so hard to bear at times.

    Keep writing Lana, many times I have opened up your site to find the perfect words spoken to me at the precise times that I desperately needed to hang on and not give up or back down. Thank you!!!!

  5. THe Lord has been so good; He has even shown me changes for my physical body to sustain me during this time. Besides ‘highlighting’ words and phrases people say in conversations with me that are like illuminations… He has been waking me up to show me things like your post .. Just minutes after you posted it. I slept only afterwards . one thing ☆ I keep seeing OWLS everywhere I go since your word LOL


  7. I was also impressed that this is a Word for President Trump, VP Pence, and the God fearing Leaders who have been facing treacherous opposition in Washington DC. The telephone area code there is 202!!!! The Lord Jesus is Greater by far, and we plead His Precious Blood and Victory for the Turnaround to continue!

  8. Thank you!
    It 9 o’clock in the morning here. A beautiful Sabbath; the sun’s coming in the window, it’s quiet, and I’m sitting on the bed with my bible in my lap, open to Jeremiah 20:10-13 when I stopped and read your post.
    “whisper of the accuser whispering his lies to God’s people in this season.”
    The atmosphere has been very thick with God’s presence this past week, almost tangible, sweet and full of peace.
    The word of the LORD shall stand forever and not one letter go amiss or undone. Partnering with Him as He directs in certain ways, team work.
    Grateful for you and your obedience to our LORD Jesus Christ; what an encouragement, blessing, and confirmation to so many.

  9. Such wonderful word! Thank you for sharing Gods word Lana. What’s really awesome is I to have seen license plates that have seem to speak to my heart from the Lord. I often questioned myself like, am I being silly?, am I just reading too much into a license plate? Ha! But reading this made me think, no I’m not! When I was having health issues and going to a lot if doctors, I would see DRJ…on a ton of plates and I felt like he was telling me, he wanted to be my Doctor. Dr.Jesus! He speaks to us in very unique ways!

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