By Lana Vawser
I had a very powerful dream recently and since pondering this dream, the Lord has been highlighting a few things to me.
The first thing was the “LIPS” of God’s people and what is on our lips. What we are confessing! What we are speaking over our lives, and the lives of others. The Lord is looking for INTEGRITY and PURITY in what we SPEAK!
The Lord showed me a cancer spreading through the body of Christ that is taking root on the lips of God’s people, because of what many speak over themselves and others. Where “death” has rested upon the lips of believers, it has hindered and caged the FAITH of believers. It has kept many of God’s people living LIMITED and with LIMITED FAITH and far from the revelation and truth of Matthew 19:26:
Jesus looked at them and said, “But what seems impossible to you is never impossible for God.” (The Passion Translation)
There is a CAGING that has happened in the body of Christ in this season. Many are not living free. Many are living contained. Many are living behind bars and unable to break free, and the Lord showed me in a lot of these circumstances it is because what has been SPOKEN OVER them by themselves and others.
The Lord spoke to me SO clearly this morning and He said “The cancer MUST COME OFF the lips of My people. They MUST come up higher in what they speak. They MUST get DEATH OFF THEIR LIPS!!!”
He then says to me “Luke 6:45”
“For the overflow of what has been stored in your heart will be seen by your fruit and heard in your words” (The Passion Translation)
I then hear the words so clearly booming from the heart of God “A revival and turning to the Word MUST OCCUR”
The atmosphere around me was full of the sense that a complacency had crept in, in many lives, where there was no longer a deep feasting upon the Word of God. The atmosphere was FULL of the invitation to go deeper in feasting upon the Word and IN THE WORD and FROM THE WORD, the Holy Spirit was going to do a DEEP WORK of cleaning out hearts. Things that had been stored in hearts in place of the Word of God, was being removed. There must be a repentance of unbelief and to move into agreement with what HE says.
I then heard the Lord say “PROPHETS, DECREE IT TO BE! PROPHETS, DECREE IT TO BE!” – there was such an urgency in my spirit for the prophets of His heart to be DECREEING a REVIVAL and RETURNING to the Word of God in the body of Christ. A deep mantle of intercession was falling upon the prophets to DECREE and CALL IN this revival and returning to the Word of God that would BREAK the cancer that has fallen upon many lips.
The transforming work of the Spirit of God through His Word was bringing healing, breakthrough and conviction to SPEAK as HE speaks. He will work DEEP on the heart, and we partner with Him, by being AWARE and INTENTIONAL in what we speak over ourselves and the lives of others.
There is an invitation to God’s people right now to “COME UP HIGHER” in what we speak!
The Lord showed me that in the revival, returning and going deeper into the Word, these CAGES are breaking.
A POWERFUL move of the Spirit of God is upon us right now, and He is preparing us for it, by dealing with the LIPS of His people. We MUST be speaking LIFE! We MUST have praise on our lips! We MUST be deep in the Word and this ‘cancer’ that has plagued the body of Christ, bringing such heartache, such death, such division, such pain, such containment is being BROKEN and CRUSHED. The people of God being transformed into people who shine and look like Jesus through what THEY SPEAK. That LOVE drips from their words. They are fully awake to the POWER contained in their words. Faith will RISE again to BELIEVE for greater things than ever before, to believe for the impossibilities to become possibilities in Jesus name.
In this dream, the Lord highlighted what was on the lips of God’s people, and He also highlighted the physical disease of cancer.
I saw the Holy Spirit CRASHING into the body of Christ like a tidal wave bringing EXPONENTIAL LEVEL of INCREASE in the HEALING OF CANCER.
The atmosphere in the dream was FULL of expectation and the building of momentum, a greater tipping point, the next level of seeing a move of the Spirit of God with greater force CRUSHING CANCER.
Where that word “cancer” has been on the lips of so many because they themselves or those they know and love have suffered from this horrid disease, where this ‘giant’ of cancer has run rampant through the body of Christ, there is about to be a greater move of the Spirit of God HEALING CANCER.
Cancer’s voice has been so loud screaming fear, death, destruction but the Lord is DECREEING a MIGHTY MOVE of His Spirit bringing HEALING to this disease. As one of my friend’s said “Cancer has been a GOLIATH almost in the body of Christ” – I felt the Lord say, that we are about to see the Holy Spirit knock Goliath down in greater increase than we have ever seen.This mighty move of God that is about to increase is going to CUT CANCER at the KNEES in the body of Christ more than we have EVER seen before.
The FAITH of God’s people is going to EXPONENTIALLY RISE as this mighty move of the Spirit of God against this insidious disease increases in momentum bringing FREEDOM and LIFE to God’s people.
The day I sat pondering this dream (Feb 4th), a friend sent me a photo, that was an advertisement of WORLD CANCER DAY (Feb 4th). On this advertisement were ribbons that you could buy to support cancer research – each type of cancer (breast, bowel etc) had a different colour. All I could see was a RAINBOW of COLOURS.
The promises of God falling upon the sick in this season, falling upon those with cancer and breaking its hold in Jesus name.
Instead the talk of “cancer” being often on the lips of God’s people, there is a great turning upon us, where the “TESTIMONY OF CANCER HEALED IN JESUS NAME” shall be on the lips of God’s people more than EVER before.


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  1. Thank You Lana for this timing revelation from God! I am 57 years and 1 wk before Thanksgiving I was diagnosed with Breast cancer in both breast, never seen by routine Mammogram due to dense tissues but a lump showed under my Right arm that started the more advanced testing. Long story short it got into my Right lymph nodes not Left. Surgeon was Chemo treatment before surgery to shrink the mass. It’s stage 2- Ct scan Neg, Bone scan Negative- Praise God. Therefore, just finished my 3rd treatment from 1st. Regimen
    I have been declaring over myself day and night that Cancer be dissolved, inJesus name. Also I declare healing scriptures over my self. It is a Goliath fight, God showed me in a dream.
    Be Blessed, love getting your emails…

  2. this i truly a true WORD as GOD had been speaking to me also about the cancers of the heart and spirit and our spoken wods during the time my husband had physical cancer we prayed for his healing and yes he did repent of things in hi heart and life and mad his peace with god and his family unfortunaetly died at 81yrs a few months ago but i know there is a cure for cancer and many are recieving the healing arleady but there is more
    thankyou Lana for sharing your life with us
    blessings and shalom

  3. Pastor Lana, Amen. I was just Declaring the word in the car and asking the Lord to release a wave of the Spirit over us..your word is so much on point. Thank you

  4. Yes, I welcome all the healing power of the Holy Spirit to touch all of us and everyone that we are concerned about mightily right now and every day with all the power of the Word of God bringing forth every good thing God has available in His absolute wisdom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I love this. Was surprised earlier this morning by this song for complete healing of 28 years of diabetes! Got to singing healing for our long time friend Harry: “No more diabetes for Harry. Nor more diabetes for Harry. No more diabetes!!” He has recovered completely the vision in his one eye in which he had been going blind(after 6 years treatment). Soon the other eye will be just as good as the other, with a bit more treatment! Yes Lord, thank you for dealing with the lips of Your people!! And thank You for the miracle healing of no more diabetes for Harry!!

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