By Lana Vawser 

Fear is going to lose its legs in your life in 2017 as you are overwhelmed with the tidal wave of greater revelation of His LOVE and KINDNESS towards you. 

So many of you have been plagued with FEAR in 2016, but I feel Him DECREEING that 2017 will see greater manifested FREEDOM, FAVOUR and FERVENCY in your life. You will also flow DEEPER in hearing and experiencing the FREQUENCY of His heart. 

It’s so important that you do NOT MOVE from the place of seeking Him. 

There have been many tears in 2016 because of fear, but I decree over you that you shall cry many tears in 2017, but they will be tears of JOY. These tears of joy will flow because of the manifested revelation of His love and kindness in your life in explosive ways. 

FAVOUR and FREEDOM will be experienced in incredible ways in 2017 as you live surrendered and yielded. You will experience a greater ease in flowing in and hearing the frequency of His heart as you seek Him. 

The revelation of His nature and the beauty of who Jesus is will be seen so magnificently, you will be left undone and in awe, birthing a whole new ROAR out of you. Such deep radical transformation in your life, you will not recognise yourself as His transforming work is unravelled within you. 


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  1. I awoke Christmas Morning with the Word JOY on my heart! Then that nite I read your post! God is Wonderful! ” no good thing will He withhold to those who walk up rightly”!

  2. Thank you and God bless you Lana. What a marvelous sister in the Lord you are and thank you for speaking God’s heart to us, to me. I receive it. God has such a good, good plan for our lives, draw in closer body of Christ, let your intimate relationship with Papa show to a dark world. Merry Christmas, Jesus Christ is Lord!

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