By Lana Vawser
There has been SIGNIFICANT resistance and attack that many are facing this week. As I sat with the Lord through the STORM that has been happening in the spirit for many this week, I heard the Lord say “THE RESISTANCE IS ABOUT THE RELEASING RUSHING RECOMPENSE.”
RECOMPENSE: To compensate, repay, reimburse, reward for loss, harm or effort made (Definition taken from Google)
The body of Christ have entered into a MAJOR TRANSITION point seeing the RELEASING OF RUSHING RECOMPENSE. God is RESTORING, He is REPAYING His people and releasing divine REIMBURSEMENT for all the enemy has stolen, killed and destroyed.
This week in particular there has been SO MUCH activity in the spirit and I have seen the enemy really “upping his antics”, but the Lord wants us to pay him NO ATTENTION. Keep your eyes on Jesus and know that the RUSHING RELEASE of RECOMPENSE is CRASHING into your life.
Where the enemy has really trespassed, the Lord is giving you back double portions in your land of inheritance. You are going to “take back your land” in double portions.
I have really felt the Lord highlighting these last few days before 2016 comes to a close. Keep your eyes peeled, for there will be demonstrations that have already begun and will increase of significant RESTORATION, RECOMPENSE and the REIMBURSEMENT of heaven.
These attacks that have come against many of God’s people this week have been so hard and I saw LOTS of tears and struggle/grief and pain this week. I want to encourage you there is a TURNING ON THE MOURNING!!! EXPECT encounters with His heart that is going to release JOY, JOY, JOY!!!!!!
You will SEE through the LENS OF JOY!!!!!!
I decree over you where there has been tears of mourning, especially this week, your next set of tears will be tears of JOY in PROPORTIONS you have never experienced before as you seek the heart of Jesus. JOY is going to SUDDENLY manifest all around you.
I had a vision where I saw Jesus laughing with ALL the angels of heaven….. SUCH JOY!!!!!!!!!!!
The LAUGH OF THE VICTORIOUS ONE is manifesting in your life for all the enemy has put you through. The enemy is being reminded by Jesus and the people of God arising in the awakening of their authority that he has ALREADY LOST!!!!
I heard the Lord say “BE INTENTIONAL TO LAUGH LEADING UP TO THE CROSSOVER AND INTO 2017”. I watched the people of God all across the body of Christ, laughing, even when they didn’t feel like it and I saw the laughter releasing an IMPARTATION of joy, rising expectations of HOPE, prophetic insight being released and excitement for 2017.
You INTENTIONAL LAUGHTER leading into 2017 is bringing a SIGNIFICANT SHIFT in the Spirit, setting the stage for greater manifested victory in your life in 2017.
Let’s all join together with Jesus and the angels and LAUGH!!!!


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  1. Your recent prophecies have told my story of being so weary and having years of hope deferred. Loss of health, loss of income, relationship with daughter needs restoring, starting a new business but not receiving favor from God, battling constant attacks are just part of what’s happening. You cannot imagine my excitement to read of Christmas miracles and gifts from God of restoration, provision, recompense for all that’s been stolen. I cried to the Lord to please not pass me by for I have waited so long and suffered much. And yet I sit here in tears for there are no suddenlies, no restorations, no recompense. I am in continual prayer, and even asked friends to pray your vision over me and my business, Please pray!!

  2. Spot On! I Receive this On Time Word! Thank You Father God!
    The Lord showed me a vision of the Whos holding hands, singing even after the grinch had stolen all they had (where i’m at right now). 15 mins later, i round the corner – written on a dry erase board was this new quote, “Maybe Christmas he thought, doesn’t come from a store, maybe Christmas perhaps, means a little bit more …the grinch” – I was filled with Peace & Joy. My eyes are fixed on The LORD. This week has exhausted me, but I will continue to sing Praises, count my Blessings and Thank the Lord for the Precious Gift of Christ. My Joy & Laughter will not be quenched. THE LORD IS WITH US.
    Thank You Precious Lady, Ms Lana, for another spot on Word. Thank You LORD! L<3ve

  3. MY WIFE was stricken with a stroke in 2006 when the surgeon got a stent stuck and knocked off plaque losing all vision to her left as her right vision lobe was destroyed and some motor control areas. she still needs a walker to move around and is in great continuous pain.
    I had a dream in 2012 concerning her:God in a dream was present with a healing angel. God said that he had sent his healing angel to staunch the flow of blood in her brain. The angel was kneeling beside my wife and asked God if he could restore the wound at this time. God answered and said no for this is for the glory of God. I took this to mean that there is an appointed time for her healing. So far nothing has happened although much prayer. Your message applies,

  4. Thank You Lana for this timely word! I so needed to hear this! I have been under such SEVERE ATTACK this week more than ever! Your prophetic words are so comforting to me!

  5. Lana, the enemy of our soul attacked me mentally with awful thoughts and imagination last night. After my quiet time this morning, I just laughed to the enemy before reading your prophecy. While laughing I said that God has the final say! God has the final say! Indeed, your prophetic words are timely during this major transition from the wilderness going to the promised land. Thank you and God bless you more.


  7. Amen & Amen, l received back a double portion in Jesus name Amen. Thank you woman of God for alluding the Holy Spirit to use as an encouragement to humanity.

  8. So encouraging. Facing some heavy duty stuff this last few days. We have momentsbof spontaneous laughter. The delight of joy right now. Praise God.

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