By Lana Vawser 
I had a vision at the start of the week where I saw angels being sent by the Lord into the earth and they were on specific assignment for the Lord.
I saw these angels landing on roofs of houses and as they did it was as if the roofs of the houses disappeared and they could see straight into these homes. As they peered into homes, I could see the wind of the Holy Spirit blowing all around. As the wind of the Spirit blew the atmosphere was PREGNANT with invitation.
I then heard the words “I AM LOOKING FOR HOUSEHOLDS THAT PRAY TO RELEASE AN UPGRADE!!!” – These angels were moving from house to house on the command of the Lord, looking for the HOUSEHOLDS that pray. It was then that I realised that these angelic hosts that had been sent by the Lord were ANGELS OF UPGRADE. They were looking for the households that pray to partner with the Holy Spirit in ministering to God’s people to release DIVINE UPGRADE.
I was struck with the urgency from the heart of the Lord for a DEEPER CALL to PRAYER in households. I felt the fear of the Lord in the weightiness to respond to the call of His heart. No matter what is going on in your home, be INTENTIONAL to PRAY. Whether you are the only believer, whether your whole house is saved, it’s time to REALLY PRAY!!!
The UPGRADE that is being released to individuals and households in this season is beyond expectation and the Lord is going to release strategy, healing and breakthrough AS YOU PRAY.
In August of this year, the Lord showed me a demonic spirit of chaos that was coming against God’s people and coming to really wreak havoc upon God’s people if it found an ‘entry point’.
CHAOS DEFINITION: complete disorder and confusion.
synonyms: disorder, disarray, disorganization, confusion, mayhem, bedlam, pandemonium, madness, havoc, turmoil, tumult, commotion, disruption, upheaval, furore, frenzy, uproar. (
I saw this demonic spirit rearing its ugly head again. It is attempting to wreak HAVOC in families and households, but don’t give up, for as you PRAY and continue to PRAY, it is going to BREAK, it is going to FLEE.
God is RESTORING families. He is HEALING marriages, bringing prodigals home and restoring JOY. He is bringing a TURNING in households, where households that were once in CHAOS, shall now be HAVEN’S OF PEACE and HIS PRESENCE. A place for DEEP ENCOUNTERS! I literally saw HOUSES with HUGE WELLS in the middle of the house, where PRAYER had DUG A WELL for refreshing, revival, recompense and restoration.
I saw “HOUSES OF PRAYER” (ministries) that were already established and some being birthed now, and I saw the WIND OF THE SPIRIT blow FIERCELY in and through them. I saw HIS GLORY COME in such WEIGHT, His MANIFESTED PRESENCE was tangible like had never been experienced and it was as if no one could move because His GLORY was SO HEAVY and RICH! I then heard the words “Houses of prayer you are about to experience a new mighty move of My Spirit that is UNPRECEDENTED! I will release to you greater insight, strategy and prophetic accuracy for the new season upon you!”
“I am REALLY ABOUT TO CRASH IN on HOUSES OF PRAYER in EXPONENTIAL WAYS! I am going to bring SUDDEN CHANGE, radical healing and keys from My Word that will UNLOCK families, towns, cities and nations ESPECIALLY in the areas that have been darkest and breakthrough has seemed far away. I am about to birth something completely new through HOUSES OF PRAYER that are crying out for My heart and My presence. My manifested JUSTICE, AUTHORITY and BREAKTHROUGH is about to be ROARED through the houses of prayer!!! My ROAR will be heard, ALL THROUGHOUT THE EARTH!!!! My FIRE is coming and increasing swiftly. My fire will draw people from NEAR and FAR. Houses of PRAYER you are about to be SET ALIGHT in ways you have never experienced, greater than has been seen before.””
“HOUSES OF PRAYER – You have REACHED A TIPPING POINT!!!!!! What you have been contending for, what you have been waiting for, what you have been seeking Me for, it’s being released NOW! The MOMENTUM is beginning to pick up!!! CHANGE is upon you! You shall know and experience My power like never before!!!”
“You cannot even ENVISION the PROVISION coming to you for the VISION!!!”


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  1. As if you knew what we are in sister. We have been praying and about to register a ministry with such a mandate houses of Prayer. This message is such an encouragement to us, we are one in Spirit. Shalom to you and your family.

  2. Thank you, Lana! Your word is so encouraging. Yesterday in church I was pinned to the floor for half an hour as the Lord showed me a HUGE vault door being opened. it was full of the blessings of heaven – the ‘greater things’ Jesus mentioned in John 14. I could not bear the GLORY I saw. He told me that the little children will access these things.
    We have a fledgling House of Prayer in our church and look forward to your word being fulfilled!

  3. Amen the Lord has been saying to me to listen only to Him… To follow His guidance intently and listen only to Him in these past days. From the fullness of being with Him in worship and prayer to decree those things and they will be established….. we have His Word!! Thank you Father for this word… For all those who are contending for their breakthrough I ask you to help them to press into the fullness of this time with you. I bind all distractions of the enemy . They are thwarted in Jesus name … may those who are seeking wisdom find it! for your word is truth and you liberally give it when we seek it. You are the breaker! the strategies are coming and we are open to hearing You Lord. quick to obey.

  4. Wow!!! My Lord Jesus!!! Just Friday afternoon and last night at 21:00pm South African time I prayed and ministered this exact Word to Joseph Saal in the Northern Parts of Cape Town…

    Thank you mighty Prophetess Lana.

    God bless you.

  5. O Papa! A mighty Hallelujah and Amen!!!!!!!!! Yes Father! Yes Jesus!!! Your Glory!!!!
    O Lana, I am superexcited! Jesus, I want more!!!! Love You Lord!!!??
    God bless you Princess!!! ??

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