Regarding the US election and the storm going on in the second heaven, it is increasing in intensity and will continue to increase as the days go on and it is attempting to distract the people of God. Do not be distracted! NOW more than ever people of God, LIFT UP YOUR EYES above the storm. Keep your eyes on Jesus!!! It’s time to SPEAK to the storm and decree and agree with what God is saying concerning the United States of America. I want to encourage you, lay aside your agenda and continue to seek the heart of God and what He is saying. Ask for His heart no matter what it costs you! Do not sit on your hands, it’s time to take your place and RISE UP and FIGHT! God is decreeing HIS VICTORY over the United States but as the people of God we must partner with His VICTORY!


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  1. The storm is really raging and getting worse, but I am putting all I can into looking at it like the Lord wants me to. Blessed is His Holy Name.

  2. These words are singing in my mind a LOT today…and it doesn’t really feel just “personal”…so I’ll share them!


    …these words just keep repeating…even when my thoughts on are something else.

    I’m so VERY EXCITED!!

    I feel so HOPE-FILLED!

  3. How encouraging. We keep trusting and partnering with GOD until the day is done. Believers in the US, we are with you in prayers.The glory of the Lord must cover the earth as the waters cover the sea.

  4. Thank you Lana. I feel very small. I do not know what the will of the Lord is for this country. I cannot see into the second heaven. I feel so vulnerable as we wait for whatever it is I can feel but cannot put an identy to it.
    I feast on your words and they are helpful and hopeful. Thanks again.

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