By Lana Vawser
Today I felt the Lord saying for those who are waiting for significant breakthrough and have recently received news or indication that looks like breakthrough is further away than ever.. I felt the Lord saying “THERE IS A BACKDOOR TO YOUR BREAKTHROUGH!!!”
The “news” and “situations” that are making things look like the breakthrough is further away, the things that are even in some cases looking “worse” in the natural… do not put your eyes on them as indicators of “breakthrough won’t happen”. Place your eyes on Jesus and know that there is a BACKDOOR to your BREAKTHROUGH.
He IS bringing breakthrough! He IS bringing increase! He IS performing the miraculous and impossibilities BOWING to the name of Jesus, He’s just bringing it about in a way that you don’t expect, but the OUTCOME and the DESTINATION of breakthrough is going to be be better than you could have EVER imagined.
The enemy is using many circumstances with many to whisper lies about God’s nature and faithfulness and that breakthrough is further away than ever, to cause many of you to retreat, but stand your ground, for the truth is, this backdoor of breakthrough is SO MUCH MORE GLORIOUS than you could have ever imagined, the breakthrough will come with greater waves and establishment of favour and promotion than you have ever experienced.
Where situations or the enemy is saying “You’re not going to make it”, hold onto the hand of Jesus, for He is decreeing as you trust Him, you’re going to come out of this stronger than ever.
Hold onto Jesus! You’re about to land on your feet!
There is going to be a SIGNIFICANT increase in visitations from Jesus in the night hours leading up and into Rosh Hashanah that will not only see significant breakthrough happen for MANY and a PROPELLING into a deeper level of encounter with Jesus but see Him release STRATEGY and BLUEPRINTS for this moving into Rosh Hashanah and the first 4 weeks into the “New Year”.
WORSHIP DURING THE DAY WILL PREPARE THE WAY – The STRATEGY and CLARITY that the Lord will be releasing in these visitations in the night hours will be SO NEW and like nothing many have ever seen before, SO unexpected but SO glorious, spend your waking hours in worship during the day to prepare your hearts for some of the greatest encounters with Jesus in the night hours.
I saw in these visitations from Jesus and the STRATEGY and BLUEPRINTS He was releasing were containing some SIGNIFICANT CHANGES. There will be SPECIFIC direction from Jesus on this next season and it will require some BIG changes in many areas, but these BIG changes although COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED, FOLLOW His leading, for they are setting you up for the greatest FRUITFULNESS, FAVOUR and INCREASE thus far. These big changes will require great trust in Jesus, these “change of directions” will require a new level of surrender, but it will NOT be burdensome. There will be great grace and peace, and an ease in your obedience to set you up to move into a season of ‘seven years of plenty’.
As we move in obedience to what He is saying and the changes and where He is leading, I saw vineyards upon vineyards of grapes..He is preparing everything to release the NEW WINE. He is setting you up for THE NEW. Even in the little things, the minute details you don’t understand, obey completely, follow His specifications and there will be a ‘thriving in your land’ in the changes and great fruitfulness and protection. In your obedience, and not compromising what He’s asking you to do, not cutting corners, there will be great protection of what He is growing quickly.
But ‘cutting corners’, ‘compromise’ or ‘lack of stewardship/integrity’ will bring in what looked to me like scorpions and locusts to come in and spoil the vines. Your obedience to Him is crucial in these changes. He has already made the way! He’s paved the way! It’s time to learn to “live out on the water”.
In these SIGNIFICANT UNEXPECTED CHANGES, even when you don’t understand why He’s asking you to do what He’s asking, He is setting you up not only to see your dreams with Him fulfilled but to hold and produce MORE than you could have EVER imagined.

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  1. Wow, I needed to hear that. It has been a while since I’ve heard anything from the Lord. I will be singing His praises for preparation.

  2. This has been a very rough week (internal battles and frustrations) with not being able to press past or breakthrough that is so close and yet seems so far n like I can taste it, it’s just on the other side. So frustrating in not where I want to be in my heart with the lord. I’m going to hold on with all I have also (seems like all I’ve been doing) and keep my eye on him, just focus on him. I’m waiting and waiting for it!

  3. You mentioned seeing vineyards upon vineyards of grapes and how God is preparing everything to release NEW WINE. Just this morning I was led to look into Jesus’ words, “new wine must be put into new wine skins.” Mat 9:17, Mark 2:22, Luke 5:38. All of the references also speaks of the disciples fasting when the bridegroom is away. I sense the Lord saying that if we want to be new wine skins, we must accept fasting as a way of life. Fasting is not just about abstaining from eating or drinking, but more about denying self, detoxing from the “delicacies of the world”, and being transformed by the renewing of our minds. This salvation of our souls creates new wine skins able to contain the NEW WINE.

  4. Lana, I love this, it is so full of hope for a glorious future. Years ago there was a Word going around about a back door blessing. Here it is again. It was that at your home, your Grandmas home or a family members home wouldn’t you go to the back door? Only people who aren’t family would go to the formal front door. We’re family, come to the back or side door.
    Bless you for your tenaciously going after the Lord for Words of love and hope, for us His Bride.
    We stand with you, love and friendship are eternal and He calls us His friends. Blessings upon you and all you intercede for and especially your loved ones. Pam Davis Thompson

  5. I had to come back because I believe this is a confirming word…of a dream I had, Although Im fighting this terrible cold,the ugly one is trying to scramble me up, but GOD!! ?????????????GLORY!!!

  6. Another timely directive from our King…blessings upon blessings, and thank You, Lana for your listening heart…This is EXACTLY where things have been at…and just this very week, as the enemy kept taunting, the Lord urged me to keep praising Him all day, and then began revealing His grace and guidance exponentially related to what seemed like impossible roadblocks to divine breakthroughs. JESUS NEVER FAILS!
    Shalom, Susan

  7. AMEN I recieve this word in jesus name, glory to god Amen. Im fighting this cold/bug…and I still trust jesus!

  8. I remember one of this days as I was praying and praying for you and prophet Manasseh Jordan for the daily devotional prophecies which are different but meaning the same thing always and very accurate to my situation and circumstance. The Holy Spirit said to me Lana Vawser is your spiritual mother and prophet Manasseh Jordan is your spiritual father, whatever you say I accept and agree. God bless you!

  9. My heart is overjoyed Lana, I had to come back and share. After I typed the prayed I went ti my Charles Spurgeon devotional which God has using to speak through directly for quite some time. It says this morning: “Partakers of the divine nature.” II Peter 1:4
    He answers before we ask, how good is our God!! I was so happy when I read it. :)))

  10. God of truth and fidelity (Isaiah 65:16) bless me, mine, and ours with Philippians 2:13 we pray now and always. Give us the excellence of Your servant Daniel, bravery of David, the heart of Enoch, the love of Jesus. We call upon the name of the LORD, save us from mediocrity and compromise…Your strength, Your character and heart in us we ask, seek, knock, and pray O LORD?
    If we ask according to Your will it shall be done. I John 5:14, John 15:7 in Jesus name we pray. Thank You LORD, we love You!
    Love you too sis! God bless you! xo

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