Recently as I sat with the Lord, I felt an urgency in the Spirit concerning Donald Trump. I felt the Lord sounding an alarm to the intercessors across the world to increase intercession for him.

I am an Australian, who loves the United States of America, and I have released this word simply as I heard it and as with other words I have released concerning Donald Trump, I am releasing them without agenda.

As you read this word I want to encourage you to read it with an open heart despite your political views, or opinion concerning Donald Trump, I encourage you to go to the Lord and simply just pray for him. Whether he becomes the next President of the United States of America or not, I believe the Lord is sounding an alarm that he needs increased intercession right now.

So as I sat with the Lord I heard the words "INTERCESSORS ARISE AND TRUMP THE ENEMY'S PLANS AGAINST TRUMP". Instantly I saw thousands upon thousands of intercessors responding to the call from His heart to go deeper into intercession for Donald Trump.

I was taken into a vision and I saw Jesus leading His intercessors that had responded to His call into this deep, dark, dungeon. Jesus lead them into this dark dungeon in the spirit and I saw a large wooden table and upon the table was large pieces of paper that had lots of writing and blueprints upon them. Jesus then turned to the intercessors and He said "These are assignments and attacks of the enemy against Donald Trump, TAKE AUTHORITY OVER THEM IN MY NAME!". I could not see any details but I knew in this encounter that the Lord was uncovering and foiling the plans of the enemy before they could even be put into action. There was a new level of discernment and insight the Lord was releasing in the spirit to His intercessors to release greater angelic protection to Trump. As the people of God prayed, I saw these attacks being foiled and the fire of God falling upon them, before they could even be put into action.

Whether Donald Trump becomes President or not, the Lord has been using him to shake things up, and I felt the heart of God today, that whether you agree with him, like him or not, that the Lord is highlighting the need for greater levels of intercession over him and into his life.


As I sat with the Lord on this word, I felt the atmosphere around me pregnant with encounter. I then heard the words "INTERCESSION will POSITION Donald Trump for an ENCOUNTER with ME!!".

Not only will the deeper level of intercession the Lord is calling His Church into regarding Trump, it will see plans and assignments of the enemy foiled in the spirit and greater angelic protection, but also position Donald Trump for an encounter with Jesus.

These are the days where discernment is really needed to hear and see what the Lord is saying and doing. Without agenda, we must seek the Lord's heart and what He is saying whether we agree or not.

Whatever the outcome of the election in November, I felt the Lord is raising an alarm in the Spirit to pray for Donald Trump to see VICTORY over the plans and assignments of the enemy before they are put into action.


I then heard the words 'wisdom will come upon My people concerning Trump." In the place of intercession the Lord is going to release greater wisdom to His people on how to pray and how to battle in the spirit. This wisdom that will be released from on high will defy natural understanding and logic, but as the heavenly wisdom is put into practise there will be victory in the Spirit.

The words then surrounded me 'Wisdom will come upon Trump'. I felt the Lord wants to release wisdom upon Trump. As I sat with the Lord, I had this moment where I had this sense that Donald Trump has been asking the Lord for wisdom like Solomon and the Lord is answering his prayers. I felt the Lord pursuing Trump to reveal His heart to him and wisdom would flow.

As the body of Christ, can we stand TOGETHER and respond to the Lord's invitation?

I'm in, I hope and pray you will join me,

Lana Vawser


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  1. An army of God’s warriors are rising up behind Pres Elect Trump. As we go forward our great God Jesus the King of Kings and Lord of Lords will fight as our ultimate commander in Chief and none can stand against such a great and awesome team as this. Let us all arise in prayer and deed and scatter ISIS, the elite, and the new world order of Lucifer. The enemy is on the run. David’s stone has hit the forehead of goliath and the Philistines are running from us and our awesome Jesus. Let’s go get’em.

  2. Wow! Wonderful confirmation! I am the last person to be saying anything about “politics” but I do hear from God. God dictated a letter to me for Mr. Trump on May 27, this exact day of your word! God is giving Him an invitation to work with Him. He is His man for the hour, because he’s got what it takes to take the enemy head-on and not back down. God is with Him! He showed me the enemies’ schemes and how they have eroded us from the inside-out, and what is needed to reverse the damage. It is a long-term plan, but you have to start somewhere. We didn’t get this way overnight, and we won’t get out of it overnight. But with God, anything is possible, if He has someone willing to partner with Him. Teamwork makes it happen! Amen, God is in control!!

  3. Thank you so much, Lana! I will definitely increase my intercession for him! I believe he will be the 45th president. I believe Christians must pray for him and that he will be the most pliable in the Lords hands of al the last presidents since Ronald Reagan. He is a big ? But I know in my spirit that God has raised him up for His purposes at this time. He wasn’t my voice but I will vote for him and I will pray like never before for him! Thanks so much for putting this out to the intercessors!
    Vicki Anderson

  4. I will pray with you! Donald Trump is exposing all and telling the people exactly what is going on and some are listening and some are not! I will intercede per God’s instruction!

  5. I will because I believe that what you are saying is true! I am praying that God will turn his heart towards Him and work with it so thank Donald Trump will give God his life in total surrender. That he will be truly the mouthpiece for God!

  6. Yes to Heavenly wisdom and victory in the Spirit- Hallelujah!!!! I too stand with you Lana, in response to our Lord’s invitation, Amen!!! God bless, keep, protect, guide, use and save Donald Trump, his associates and their loved ones in Jesus name, Amen!!!

  7. I am for everything that you, Lana Vawsa, has said, because the Holy Spirit has been all along saying the same truth to me. Originally, the juxed polls of the liberals were trying to show the opposite of what has been happening poll-wise currently, but the Holy Spirit was speaking truth to millions of Christians in the U.S. and truth finally prevailed. All along the Holy Spirit has said that only Trump could attract enough Democrat votes to win for the Kingdom. But Satan is exploiting the anger by some Christians who were not listening and stubbornly have been trying to destroy the second Ester-like Trump.

  8. Thanks Lana! I know this to be true, God is saying to pray. I haven’t decided about the election in November, I am praying for Our Heavenly Father to move mightly in the United States and in The World. He Is God and I Believe it will happen in His time. Lana, I AM IN!

  9. Thank you for this word Lana. I am in! Interceding for Donald Trump. Amen and Amen

    Donald Trump is a man after God’s own heart!!! He is close to a well known prophetess and has been for a number of years!!!
    Rich Blessings to you Lana!!!

  11. Wow! Not in this depth, but I have felt the same urgency to pray for him awhile back. I am glad to have this reminder, thank you.

  12. Amen! Thank you Lana for listening to the Lord and careing about my country. I appreciate you. Trump has been my man from the beginning and I’m praying for him.

  13. Hebrews 12 v 11 is so awesome for us to claim and proclaim that Trump recieves this comfort from Our Most High King Jesus.

  14. I’m in, I’ll pray. Praise our lord Jesus Lana. I’m not too familiar with Donald Trump here in New Zealand but I did see my dad watching a quick clip of Donald Trump on Youtube a month ago. In that clip, there I saw some people wanting to get their hands on him and hurt him, in that moment the angry man was dragged out of the building to keep Trump safe. Gods for Trumps protection over Him from those who are Jealous for Gods will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven, God’s remnant will be delivered from anger against Trump and quick to forgive Just as God forgave us Those who just simply hate Him for the things He says and does would go from bad to worse. God’s people have come to a time where holding long accounts against Trump by what Hes said and done has been overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony. HALLELUJAH GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS TRUMP MAY HE NEVER CEASE TO PRAISE YOUR MIGHTY NAME LORD JESUS WE KNOW THAT WHEN YOU REVEAL YOURSELF TO HIM ITAL BE VICTORIOUS AND THE GREATEST RELATIONSHIP HE HAS EVER KNOWN, MAY WE ALL DO GREAT THINGS TOGETHER IN THE NEW JERUSALEM AND THE NEW HEAVENS AND EARTH WITH TRUMP IN JESUS NAME AMEN!!. We loose the Spirit of Truth upon Trump that Jesus Christ is Lord to the Glory of God the Father in Jesus Mighty Powerfull Awesome Holy Wonderful Majestic Beautifull Splenderous name Amen.

  15. I am with you. It also came to me yesterday that there are plans to hurt him physically. They want him out of the way. Thank you for confirming what the Lord gave to me.

  16. I’m in, I’ll pray. Praise our lord Jesus Lana. I’m not too familiar with Donald Trump here in New Zealand but I did see my dad watching a quick clip of Donald Trump on Youtube a month ago. In that clip, there I saw some people wanting to get their hands on him and hurt him, in that moment the angry man was dragged out of the building to keep Trump safe. Gods for Trumps protection over Him from those who are Jealous for Gods will to be done on earth as it is in Heaven, God’s remnant will be delivered from anger against Trump and quick to forgive Just as God forgave us Those who just simply hate Him for the things He says and does would go from bad to worse. God’s people have come to a time where holding long accounts against Trump by what Hes said and done has been overcome by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony. HALLELUJAH GOD BLESS AMERICA.

    • Hi Lana, Thanks for share this great awesome news and give revelation to many Christians who may not able to hear or obedience to His voice. Just one thing to ask you is possible to take out Zaliseka picture from your website. God Blessings.

  17. Yes, prayer for Donald Trump!! Yes!! As I was sleeping last night, I heard the name of a product I had bought last week. The Lord was focusing on the first two letters of the two words naming the product. I used it once and had no need of it after that. I heard: Preparation Heaven. I sensed it was the Lord preparing in heaven!! In the Word of God, Jesus said, “I got to prepare a place for you.” After an interval of time I heard, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Heard that and listened again. This time it wasn’t received in the intellect. I felt it spoken to my heart from the Lord. Ohhh. Then heard these phrases from a hymn: “….I’m fixed upon it…some melodious sonnet.” Is that a hymn about creation? Stayed with Him. After some time, saw a movement inside of me….a prophetic act. I sensed my fingers touching keys. I saw my fingers touching notes creating a symphony. The keys and notes touched were a piano and also word notes and word keys creating a symphony of words and notes and keys.

    After reading Barbie Breathitt’s chart about the root causes for symptoms and diseases I was singing, “We are overcomers. We are overcomers. We are overcomers.”This dropped in my heart: “Keynote speakers.” The Lord had put key and note together from piano musice to bring the words ‘keynote speakers’.

  18. I’m finding that many in the body of Christ are not sure it’s “okay” to support Donald Trump because he does not fit the stereotype of a Christian. I’m releasing FREEDOM FROM A RELIGIOUS SPIRIT over the body in America… Break loose, rise up, break loose, rise up, break loose, rise up! It’s time for the church in America to BREAK FORTH INTO HER DESTINY.

  19. Lana, I am so very thankful for your obedience to share the Lord’s words to you with us… I am so appreciative receiving these words of encouragement and also direction. Thank you!

  20. Thank You Papa God for the love you have given many for America, for the watchmen You have established for her. As we release these prayers for Donald Trump, we also release prayers for the church in America (and everywhere) to come into unity. We thank you for the shaking and waking and the quaking that is going on right now in the body in the USA. LORD, we humble ourselves before You and THANK YOU for the beautiful work you are doing right now. We are full of GREAT HOPE in these days! I am in agreement with Lana and the others that have heard Your call to intercede for Donald Trump and the church in America. We will rise up into our destiny as a country in this most exciting season. And thank You that every plan and assignment against Donald Trump AND THIS COUNTRY is thwarted in Jesus Name. GOD BLESS AMERICA, land that I love. Stand beside her and guide her through the night with Your light from above.


    • He is God’s man in this moment… He has no idea what a man of destiny he is and that he has been chosen before time began for this moment in history. His heart is in the hands of the Lord.

  22. Yes Lana, i voted for Trump in the Primary’s and Agree with you for his safety, and for Wisdom to be poured out on him.
    Thank you

  23. Thank you for calling intercessors together. I have been seeing this for weeks and have told my prayer partners to pray for protection over Donald Trump, and his family.
    Blessings to you and yours.

  24. Praying in agreement for wisdom, discernment, revelation and the foiling of the enemy’s plans concerning Donald Trump. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Bravo Lana for being so faithful regardless of subject matter. It’s SO hard to do and yet, u do it anyway. I’m still in:)

  26. I am a US citizen……thank you for being courageous. …..for obeying God. I’ve been praying for Mr. Trump. He was not my first choice, nevertheless, I see how God has been using him to shake our Nation, and I want GOD’S WILL for our Nation . Please please pray for our Christian brothers and sisters…..we have had almost 8 years of UNGODLY ruling from our current administration……why??? Because instead of voting according to God’s will, many many voted to “make history”. May MANY indeed awaken to the CALL to pray for Mr. Trump!!!

    P.s Lana, NEVER fear what ANYONE may say against you!!! The TRUTH tends to be “offensive” ….and God’s prophets must stay TRUE to HIM ALONE. God bless you sister ♥

    • Please permit me to say this regarding the comment that people in the U.S. voted to make history: That may be true, but if that was not the will of Father there is no way it would have happened. We must be open to the will of Father no matter who he allows to be elected. As Christians let us look deep into our hearts and remain open. Blessings.

    • Esther- God has called you for such a time as this! SO AWESOME to see you living up to the name that HE gave you before HE formed you in your mother’s womb.
      Just AWESOME!
      Lana, I too, had many ‘better choices’ in mind but when you stepped up with that first TRIUMPH prophesy we (my husband & I) began praying for Trump according to God’s will… we’re now actually on board to vote for him!! What a MIGHTY, FUNNY God we serve!! His ways are definitely NOT our ways! Thank you for your faithfulness to speak exactly what HE puts on your heart!!!

  27. Thank you Lana, I commit to pray for Trump, I believe he is God’s man in this season.

  28. Lana: I received this from Ronnie and I agree with your that I will intercede
    for Donald Trump. I surround him with the Blood and The Name of Jesus, which is
    above every name and every knee will bow to that Name. Thank you dear Sister for your connection with our Heavenly Father’s Heart. Love, joy Kordos

  29. I am holding Donald Trump up before God as often as I can. Every day there’s a new battle against him, and while he holds himself well, he’s only human. I feel he has been called as a modern day Cyrus -Though he has not known God, God has chosen him and will hold his right hand to break through the bars of iron and gates of brass. He is a sign to God’s remnant that the time is drawing is arriving when they must begin to stand up in God’s New Spirit and enter the Promise Land that God revealed to them. The establishment – Christian or otherwise, will not be any more open to the remnant any more than it is Donald Trump, for their words will seem unorthodox and irreverent to many, though their hearts are most sincere. To those who don’t recognize God’s Spirit or anointing, Donald will be nothing more than an irritant and something to mock, but people need to be careful who they mock, for the Fear of the Lord – the Spirit that this generation has been missing, is descending again, and will hold people accountable for their thoughts, desires, words, and actions. Don’t mock things you don’t get, or can’t relate to, before you earnestly seek God, because God is about to do a New Thing in the Spirit, and it will not be understood any more than people readily understand Trump. Only those who seek God until they find Him will be able to discern what He’s really saying.

    • Thank you Lana for your word, spot on. Thank you Brenda for your words. I agree 100 percent and just what I have said too. I’m so glad you put Cyrus into the mix as I have been saying that and it seems so obvious. Our prayer is needed for Trump and family and the Christians who even now find our words irrelevant as well as unorthodox and irreverent. I pray their eyes will be opened by God soon so they can stand with us. Praise God as He moves into this New Thing in the Spirit — so exciting and blessed.

    • WOW Brenda- I confirm & agree! And yes, He’s doing a NEW THING! Interesting, the Lord has TOTALLY changed my & my husband’s hearts toward TRUMP and it’s truly supernatural how HE did it! And yes, I confirm what you’re saying about the Fear of the Lord! It’s the 7th Spirit of God… I just recently learned that they’re also the ‘candles’ in order on a menorah! I Believe the Lord is calling us to know and pray for each of these over ourselves and our families, so I’ll list them here:
      1)Wisdom 2) Understanding 3)Counsel 4) The HOLY SPIRIT that ignites the rest 5)Power 6) Knowledge 7) Fear of the LORD/Reverence

    • This is exactly what the Lord has shown to me and to others I know.
      Thank you for sharing it, as it encourages us and confirms what we hear.

  30. Thank you for all that you’ve said concerning Trump. I’ve seen Gods hand on Trump throughout much of the campaign. What you said is confirmation of what I have been sensing in my own spirit. I will join with you in intercession for Trump.


  31. I’m in!!! Standing in agreement and interceding for God’s plans and purposes for Trump. Praise God! God bless America!

    • I’m in! Donald Trump is wired to be bold, independent, and prideful. When he begins to be given wisdom and encounters with God, God’s strength will be made perfect in the Donald’s weaknesses. Glory to God, He’s got this!

  32. Thank you, Lana! Been feeling this more and more. God bless you for your beautiful words and spirit!

  33. Wow! Thank you Lana for your listening and obedient ear to the LORD.
    Yes of course we will pray for Trump! So exciting to see what our LORD will do here!
    much luv,

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