Do not be discouraged by the fire upon your process right now. There is a deep purging and purification to the heart taking place amongst believers that lean in with their YES to Him. 
This is a moment of accelerated purification and preparation as He refines with His fire. Anything not deeply rooted and grounded in Him is being shaken and moved, to make room for the new things that He is building. 
You are being extended and your capacity enlarged for the INCREASE OF VELOCITY that is about to land in your life. You are being strengthened, you are becoming bigger on the inside, you are becoming even deeper rooted into His love and your borders then extended.
Humility and purity is the vehicle in which His Spirit will release this INCREASE OF VELOCITY into and the marriage of these two things from the place of intimacy with Him, will see the power of His Spirit carry you further forward and more accelerated than you have ever been. 


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  1. I needed this tonight! Ive been feeling stuck in this internal struggle to go deeper still as you say and there are disappointments when it comes to desitiny that holds a a lot and a lot of pain and fear. I’m praying for breakthrough and strength and courage to keep going. Thanks Lana.

  2. Always a timely word…always a validation of what is in my life and spirit. Thank you for the price you have paid, and your YES to God! Continue to be exactly who He made you to be!