As I sat with the Lord to ask Him what was on His heart I instantly felt He wanted to speak to me about the United States of America. I then heard the words:

"UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, YOU ARE ENTERING NEW PAGE OF HISTORY!!!!!!! This is the declaration from My heart, and this is an invitation for My people to partner with My heart."

The atmosphere around me was filled with Isaiah 43:19 and the breaking forth and bursting forth of something COMPLETELY NEW!!!

"Behold, I will do something new, Now it will spring forth; Will you not be aware of it? I will even make a roadway in the wilderness, Rivers in the desert."

The sense surrounded me that there has been a SHAKING in the nation, but the Lord is RE-SHAPING. He is SIFTING and He is SHIFTING. There are groans of birth pains all across the United States of America, it is the signs and sounds of LIFE. It's the signs and sounds of the Lord rising up His people and LIFE being released across the nation DEFYING natural circumstances.


"It will require ears to hear and eyes to see to discern the new and what I am about to do!!"

The way God moves in this season in the USA is going to be surprisingly and possibly offending to many, and it will look completely NEW. It will require ears to hear and eyes to see and discern what He is doing. The way He is moving, who He is using and where He is moving is going to require a deeper level of trust and surrender to His ways and His timing, but the Lord is doing things in a completely NEW way, because of the NEW SEASON for the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA that is ABOUT TO BREAK THROUGH!!!!

Do not get caught up in the past. Do not look at the 'negatives' of what has happened in the past, for what the enemy has done up to this point in the United States is not an 'indication' of what this next season is going to look like. Get out of the box of the past, lean into His heart, hear His heartbeat for the NEW that is about to breakthrough.

Even in the glorious ways the Lord has moved in the past across the United States, rejoice! rejoice! rejoice! but KNOW that it is nothing compared to what He is about to do. (Isaiah 43:18)

"My people, can you believe that the greatest days are ahead? can you believe that the greatest days for My Church in the United States are before you, to see you arise and shine (Isaiah 60:1) and My Glory and fire of My love seen all across the nation? Can you believe? Do you perceive it?"



I then heard the words:

"I am going after the NEVERS in the nation!! I am going after the NEVERS in the nation. I am going after the "that will NEVER happen in this nation".. I am going after the NEVERS. I am turning the NEVERS to the NEXT. Areas of the next powerful move of My Spirit. Impossibilities in the nation are going to MEET ME, they are going to meet My power. My people, I have heard your cries, I have heard your prayers. It's time for the nation for the United States of America to RETURN TO ME. I am establishing invitation points, pathways and demonstrations of My goodness and power across the nation lifting the banner HIGH of My love, to see the nation return to Me. My KINDNESS is going to lead many to repentance. It's time! It's time! It's time! Continue to stand in the gap My people! Continue to stand in the gap! Continue to stand in repentance! Remember, I am the God of mercy!! I am working, I am moving, do not give up!!!!! I am moving powerfully behind the scenes in the nation and it's about to be SEEN."


As I am pondering upon all that I heard and saw, I then had a vision of clock hands on a clock speeding up and spinning round and round. The words then surround me "I am redeeming time.. acceleration in the nation."

I am then filled with the sense that the Lord is redeeming lost time and releasing acceleration into the nation. There is a stirring in my spirit of victory. There is a stirring in my spirit of triumph! That no matter how dark it looks, no matter what is going on around the nation, the Lord is making way for VICTORY. He is making way for TRIUMPH! As His people continue to stand and cry out, He is releasing restoration, recompense and vindication to His people that is overflowing into the nation and redeeming lost time caused by what the enemy has stolen/hindered. In these great winds of acceleration He is releasing there will be great breakthrough, great restructuring and great demonstrations of His Glory and the fire of His love that will see His Kingdom established in SUDDENLIES across the nation.

The words then surround me:

"I am restoring HONOUR to the nation of the United States of America!!"

"No longer will the nation be one that others look at and say "the nation is going UNDER"…. I decree this to be a nation of VICTORY and TRIUMPH!!"


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  1. Beautiful word from our Lord & coming Messiah King! Love how you lingered in His amazing presence until full ripeness!

    The Lord has been speaking to us also about the United States & time. He has shown 3-Stages of time. The 1st He called “9”, the 2nd “11”, and the 3rd “15”. These 3 stages suddenly appeared amidst darkness as God spoke each word (9 11 15). His Word was LIGHT…like stage lights! One-by-one they came & went. Upon each stage stood random, unknown, everyday people. Nothing pomp. No big orchestration. And they seemed unaware of why they were on stage, just suddenly found themselves in the spotlight, briefly.

    The 3 stages ascended diagonally up & across the natural earth, left to right, SW to NE, across what I perceived as the USA. The 1st appeared upon a bowled out, depressed region that made me think of Grand Canyon. The 2nd sat center point in the heartland. The 3rd in the NE on the side of a mountain.

    As the curtain closed, God caused Shakespeare’s words to flow thru my mind “All the world’s a stage & all the people actors”. With that I knew there are several dimensions, US & global.

    A short time later, The Lord revealed a “Legend box” upon the Scroll of Time, calling it “A key for understanding”. He placed several “Keys” in it: “Draconian Key” & “LOVE Key”. He also introduced “Draco” & “Red Seal”.

    In the natural, The Lord led us to a mountain in Arizona to go up, stand upon a rock & boldly read, “Isaiah 60 & 61”! Proclaiming the Word from the mountain @ 7,000′!!

    Anyway God has shown me, He is doing mighty works! And His Body is answering the call to come up & proclaim the Good News & the year of The Lord!! HalleluYAH!!! We will take the land by the hand in love! And He will overcome the dragon by the Spirit of His Love, “Climb the mountain, spiritually!”

    Like The Lord said, March 5, 2016,
    “Focus now on ‘AliYAH’ & ‘Shavuot 22′”
    Blessings to all
    cj & Randy

  2. I could not resist responding again. While the Lord has had me focused on, and visiting Africa, my personal shift includes Australia. The church which is His body has no limitations in how He will create connections at the right time. IT IS TIME and the hands of His divine clock are accelerating. Lana’s words echo in my own heart and mind because together we are hearing His heart and knowing His mind. Australia is also experiencing the same. We need for all to understand that what we are seeing is the rising (Isaiah 60) of His house, His nation of kings and priests unto Himself, all across the earth. It so happens that a concentration of praying, mature saints are pressing in in the US, Australia. My heart has been to pray for those smaller, but distinct, fires in Europe and other places. Also, prayers for a refining of His house in Africa and other places. An infection of “Americanism” exists for so many. I mean that desire to have a “ministry” and a “church”. He is relentless to have our hearts completely that He might have that glorious bride He gave Himself for. Have no fear He WILL have her. Are we willing? Yes we are because He has desired us. It all comes from Him and returns to Him. Amen.

  3. Thank you Kevin and Lana, your unity and love show as you nurture the body of Christ in the divine. As a prophetic son, I and others in my small network have prayed over our country (United States of America) in ways that would sound far fetched by others but normal to us. Calling those things that are not as though they were, it surely is the time of ripe season for all of us now. The “timing” and “never” word could not be more accurate in their sweeping horizon for what will now be. What a thrill. Six years ago on Christmas the Lord, in worship, in large sounding base notes said “The world is going to know that there is a God!” And yes, the world will be shocked by the manifestations of His glory that we tearfully prayed all along. Beautifully, the Lord spoke these words eight years ago, “Dr. Karl, this next move from me has been fueled on the tears of the saints.” It’s coming. Three times in 27 years He has spoken to me intimately, “Your catapultation is coming.” I know others are tearfully needing the catapultation as well. And now He will re-arrange time through the angels and put time on our side, the side of the saints, who love Him and cry over Him. Thank God. God love you and bless you all, because the time we are living in truly is “for those who believe”.

  4. I am so excited for this word to come to pass, and so grateful to be living now to watch it happen! Thank you for posting this! My heart longs for these results.

  5. Lana, I work in a mental institution/Hospital in Salem Oregon, last night 5-20-2016 we were hit with a power outage, our hospital is made new so we have a great powerful backup generation process. This happened two or 3 times leaving us in Darkness. The 3 time it came back on the clock at Nursing station started to quickly spin the hands forward. One hour past, then it stop spinning fast, it went slow for 60 seconds, then Boom took off again hands spinning fast again to the next hour. Stop and go slow for 60 seconds. This went on for 12 or 24 hours. I’m not sure it was a strange night. As I seen this I said to God you are accelerating time. Then this my day off, and I sit right now and read this word from the LORD , God is speeding time up what a confirmation of this word HE gave you, Smile, Smile. Today I was standing by the sink washing my hands and God said to me ” this is what the LORD says” I said why did you say that to me? He then said ” because you are to say what the LORD says.” Blessings to you and the Family. Ttyl. BROTHER Bill salem, Oregon.

  6. Yes! Amen!! Hallelujah!!! Jesus the Christ is Lord of lords, King of kings, and King of glory! All hidden darkness is exposed and the enemy is ashes under our feet! There is no name above the Name of Christ Jesus, all authority and power is His and unmatchable, and our Father is the Father of glory! Let light and glory rise upon all! Arise and shine!

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