The Lord is going after disappointments in this season as many of His people have been weighed down by their pain and heaviness and keeping them stuck.

Today I had a vision where I saw the Lord going after DISAPPOINTMENT DOORS!!! Doors of opportunity, favour, breakthrough, and ministry areas where things haven't worked out, where there was a sudden 'stop', where a door suddenly closed, where there seemed to be a hindrance in momentum, or the enemy had come and caused division. I saw the Lord working in all these areas ESPECIALLY in the areas of dreams that the He had/has given to His people and called them into.

As I saw the Lord working in these areas I saw where the word DISAPPOINTMENT/S was written across the closed door, I saw the Lord with His love erase the word DISAPPOINTMENT/S and then with His beautiful blood, the blood of Jesus, He wrote the word "DESTINY".

Instantly I knew that doors that have closed for whatever reason, whether timing, opposition, trial, hurt, pain, miscommunication, WHATEVER the reason, the Lord was bringing healing and redemption.

I then started to hear the LOUDEST rumbling on the other side of these doors. It sounded like everything was moving, shaking and in my natural senses I thought "everything is falling apart". I then see the Lord turn to me and He says "In the natural, it may or may have sounded like things are falling apart, but if you listen with the ears of the Spirit, you will hear the sound of RE-ARRANGING, RE-ALIGNMENT for NEW ASSIGNMENTS. If you listen with ears of the Spirit, you will hear the SOUND OF THE NEW BREAKING THROUGH!!!!"

Instantly the door labelled "DESTINY" flung WIDE OPEN and I saw doors that looked like DOMINO'S and Jesus turned to me and said "A new level of acceleration is releasing a GREATER DOMINO effect".. The winds of acceleration landed on these doors and one after another after another doors began to fly open.

"Where disappointments took hold, where there was such deep heartache, loss and pain to the dreams, callings, assignments and opportunities for My people, I am bringing healing, but those disappointments will be like a drop in the ocean compared to the TIDAL WAVE of NEW and FRESH opportunities, ASSIGNMENTS, DIVINE APPOINTMENTS and FAVOUR that I am releasing. The RE-ALIGNMENTS are going to birth something completely brand new. There is DOUBLE UPON DOUBLE portions of increase and favour in these new appointments and assignments."


"My people are coming FULL CIRCLE!!! Back to these opportunities, doors and dreams that have now been filled with disappointments, to see these doors open WIDER than BEFORE.. with LOUDER divine appointments and greater breakthrough, provision and increase than for whatever reason what was stopped, hindered or stolen the first time round. The time is NOW! The time for greater levels of FULLNESS of these appointments, assignments and re-alignments is NOW!!!!"


As I looked through this door, I had not yet stepped through it, so much was happening. Destiny, the domino effect, God's people coming full circle, new alignments, re-alignments, new assignments, whirlwinds of acceleration, I noticed on the ground were mantles lying everywhere.

Mantles that have been laid down because of disappointment, pain, hurt and weariness. The Lord in this healing season and this orchestration of such a beautiful new season, He was inviting His people into a deeper encounters with His love that was AWAKENING and HEALING His people and seeing their mantles being picked up again all across the nations. Mantle after mantle being picked up again as God's people moved forward in wholeness. As these mantles were being picked up there was such a beautiful move of the Holy Spirit bringing wholeness and an accelerated work, He was "making up for lost time". I could then hear angels singing "Praise be to the God who redeems, restores, heals, delivers and makes all things right!!"


Jesus then looks at me and invites me to step in with the body of Christ into all He has planned and orchestrated. As I go to step through, the door becomes SO SO SMALL. It's TINY!!!! Before I can ask the Lord how we are going to get through this door I hear the words "It's time to go EVEN LOWER STILL"

1 Peter 5:6 begins to boom all around me:

"Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time"

Then straight after that, Luke 10:27:

"'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'"

It's a new level of surrender, it's a deeper level of intimacy, it's a deeper level of humility that will see God's people move forward into these glorious new doors of opportunity and destiny.

"I am bringing My people back to LOVE. Me, as the FIRST LOVE and from that place loving others well and the greatest positioning, awakening, alignments, assignments, breakthroughs, favour and increase will spring SUDDENLY forth.


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  1. Wow!!! Can’t for this to really manifest. There’s been so much disappointments I can hardly stand anymore

  2. I started to subscribe 1 1/2 years ago when our lives shattered and we couldn’t see our way forward. It was like every word you got where right into our situation.
    This last week has been such a disappointment and once again your words are speeking right into our hearts. Thank you!

  3. Such an amazing word. Spoken right to my heart and I receive it in Jesus name.
    Lord, I surrender all to You.
    Thank you Lana for your obedience and faithfulness to bring these words straight from the throne.

    • I should explain – it’s the laying down of the mantle – and the picking it up again, that’s hitting it for me. Also the “going lower” in humility…. Hallelujah! Great word!

  4. Wow,wow!!such an awesome word. Thanks Lana for sharing. I’m ready for my new season. You are such a beautiful blessing to the Kingdom of God.

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