Lana Vawser 
“You surround me with songs of deliverance” (Psalm 32:7) 
“Your joyous shouts of rescue release my breakthrough.” (Psalm 32:7B – The Passion Translation)
This morning I heard the Lord singing songs of deliverance over His people. His songs were surrounding them and breaking them out of places of intense limitation and being stuck. 
The Lord is fighting for you and He is releasing wave after wave after wave of His love, deliverance and peace into your situation that is going to break the heavy yokes. 
He is freeing you from the heavy yoke of false responsibility, oppression, despair, disappointment and bondage. It’s time to rise out of the ashes, it is time to come out of hiding! It is time to rise up and agree with Him! 
As He is singing these songs of deliverance over you, a FLOOD of restoration and release is crashing into your life. 
He is releasing waves upon waves of the revelation of His love into your life that will leave you undone! 
He hasn’t left you! He hasn’t forgotten! You are about to see how He has been working behind the scenes! Nothing can stand against Him or His songs of deliverance! Your clipped wings are being healed! 
No longer feeling defined by the limitations of things that have held you down! It is time child of God! Agree with Him! 
 Fly child of God, fly! 


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